Result, and on track for Oz

  • Cracking weekend at the INBA Natural BB in Auckland.

    Ness and some other fat ugly chick (nah, not really, another wicked body), finished tied for first. This is the chick that beat her last month in Auckland. So good result there - and she was aiming at this show, while Ness is a week out from peaking.

    I won the Novice men Physique, and apparently went close to the overall against some BIG bugger. Beat a bloke that I thought have won the Auckland comp from last month in my novice section though, so stoked with that.

    So all good and things in the right places for next weekends Aussie assault!!

  • awesome! great effort by Ness to tie even though she wasn't peaking for that comp and that must have been primo taking out Novice Men. Sounds like the groundwork has been laid for the Oz invasion. Hope the rest of the prep goes well!

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