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    @Nogusta Interesting stuff. I'd like to see us pick up a good kicking option on the wing too, especially if the player is also good in the air.

    I know this is the Blues thread, but by god the Aucklanders kicked well last year. Kickers all over the backline and very effective at it. Blues could learn from that

    Maybe bring Tai Lavea in to have a hand with our backline in the future? He's pretty new to the pro ranks, so it might be a year too early for him, but the way he remolded that Auckland backline was pretty impressive. The backline was creative, skillful and very organized. I didn't think that was possible.

  • @Chris Are you serious? He's awful, thank fuck Auckland got rid of him.

  • @African-Monkey Yeah I am he's been good I hear with the Crusaders ( when he's gotten on the field and off it)and they Rate him not sure why he wasn't good with Auckland.Maybe the environment cause he has impressed in the Crusaders setup.

  • @African-Monkey he grew as a player for NOrthland last year, scrummaging was poor at the start but got better as the season wore on and was a good ball carrier and defender.

  • @Tim

    Cameron Suafoa is another

    He played blindside last night and was one of the better performers. Waimana Reidlinger Kapa was very good at 8.
    Suafoa is being courted by Canterbury and the Crusaders. They flying him down next week for a look around.

  • @Chris If he's impressed, then why do they prefer that Sumner journeyman George Bower ahead of him? Wouldn't they invest in him a bit more and have him ahead of guys like Bower at the very least and maybe even competing with Harry Allan for a look in at LH? Even with Franks gone next year he's still gonna be miles down the pecking order.

    This more or less belongs in the Crusaders thread but oh well haha.

  • @Nogusta Do you know who else played for Auckland or Harbour?

  • @African-Monkey Yeah it does They Like Bower as he played both sides of the Scrum.I think they see potential in Isi enough for a contract I am not 100% sure.But don't be surprised if they keep him.

  • @Nogusta Do you Rate Suafoa he seems to be a big unit.

  • And what about Taulani (Counties Steelers) ? He is a big unit too.

  • Why is Christie being touted as "returning home." Dude was born in Scotland. Manu will be a loss for the Chiefs if he moves back north.

  • @Yeetyaah it's just typical Blues PR spin finding a way to put a positive spin on things

    "if we say this shit player is returning home people might not be so angry"

  • @Yeetyaah said in Blues 2019:

    Why is Christie being touted as "returning home." Dude was born in Scotland. Manu will be a loss for the Chiefs if he moves back north.

    Not a big one, he was essentially surpassed by Nankinvall.

  • @Yeetyaah Christie hails from the Scottish part of Pukekohe. 🙂

    Will he play for C-M too?

  • @Yeetyaah said in Blues 2019:

    Why is Christie being touted as "returning home." Dude was born in Scotland. Manu will be a loss for the Chiefs if he moves back north.

    I think because in the article on the Blues website, they refer to him as a "former St Kent's pivot". 🙄

  • Enough has happened in the last 10 months to believe Mackinnon is indeed proving to be a Mikhael Gorbachev figure ushering an era of Glasnost, with the most notable thawing being an agreement that Auckland's Mitre 10 Cup team can train at the Blues Alexandra Park headquarters this season.

  • Blues U18's (made up of 50 players from 16 different schools throughout the Blues region)

    Tu'ukalikali Vaipulu - Aorere College
    Viliame Vailea - Aorere College
    Finau Halafihi - Auckland Grammar
    Josh Fusitua - Auckland Grammar
    Sosaia Moala - Auckland Grammar
    Rylee Samuela - Auckland Grammar
    Troy Hona - Bay of Islands
    Jordan Hutchings - Dargaville
    Kitiona Vai - DeLa Salle
    Wallace Sititi - DeLaSalle
    Sofai Maka - DeLaSalle
    Theo Van Der Mei - Kaitaia
    Ray Su'a - Kelston
    Sam Howling - Kelston
    Tuuaga Ioane - Kelston
    Lenny Soseu - Kelston
    Leandro Vakatini - Kings College
    Levi Uluakiahoia - Kings College
    Israel Utunuku - Kings College
    James Brown - Kings College
    Dayton Iobu - Kings College
    Aidan Morgan - Kings College
    Meihana Grindlay - Kings College
    DJ (Dillon) Moon - MAGS
    Quinton Nichols - MAGS
    Rory Taylor - Rosmini
    Peter Neli - Sacred Heart
    Jadin Kingi - Sacred Heart
    Jackson Wiggins - Sacred Heart
    Corey Kellow - Sacred Heart
    Sean Weir - Sacred Heart
    Blake Makiri - Sacred Heart
    Brian Lealiiafano - Sacred Heart
    Scott Puni - St Kentigerns
    Tiaan Tauakipulu - St Kentigerns
    Alan Craig - St Kentigerns
    Lopeti Faifua - St Kentigerns
    Cam Church - St Kentigerns
    Jona Matacewa - St Kentigerns
    Naryan Strickland - St Peters College
    Ajay Faleafaga - St Peters College
    Semisi Tapa - St Peters College
    Malipolo Manukia - St Peters College
    Jericho Asi - St Peters College
    Alfred Nonu - Tangaroa
    David Toia-Hafoka - Westlake
    Finau Paea - Westlake
    Chlayton Frans - Westlake
    Jordan Dwight - Whangarei
    Javarne Porter - Whangarei

    Saturday 13th July vs Chiefs U18– St Paul’s Collegiate, Hamilton KO 12.30pm
    Sunday 14th July vs Hurricanes U18 – Owen Delany Park, Taupo KO 1.30pm

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