Watching Super Rugby on watch ESPN in US

  • Are any ferners in the US having any success with this app? I am totally failing to find games over the last few weeks.

  • What problems are you having. I had to sign up for ESPN + which is 50 bucks a year or 5 bucks a month. From there you go to watch then scroll down until you hit a list of sports. Select rugby and should be good. It used to come as part of my Spectrun package but ESPN decided to create a new channel for obvious reasons. Does this help?

  • I just tried to play past events and it said there was an error. Might have to contact ESPN to find out why.

  • ESPN had me reload the app and now I am able to watch past games. So you might want to uninstall, install and sign in and see if that works assuming you have purchased the ESPN + package. Don’t download the ESPN + app though. Apparently the app is not available to be played through an xbox yet although the chick I was speaking too was 50/50 so I will check it out later to see if I can play it on the Xbox.

  • @broughie

    OK I will delete and relaod and see what happens, thanks. I cant see past games at the moment but will let you know.

  • I have been using ESPN+ on the amazon firestick, and its been working fine for Super games. They are advertising they are showing the test, don't see it in the international folder just yet but hoping it populates soon.

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