Damn lies and statistics - SR NZ Conf so far

  • Noticed something interesting in the NZ derby games so far this year.

    Apart from the Blues the other four teams are winning at home and losing away (with one exception being the Crusaders win over the Chiefs in the Tron)

    When you look at the margins in the games the Chiefs are winning derbies by the least points difference and losing by the most.
    Canes look to be erratic.They are winning by the biggest margin and losing by the second biggest.
    Highlanders own the middle ground being third in each category.

    Although failing miserably with no derby wins, surprisingly the Blues are second to the Crusaders in the margin of their losses.

    Now the lies part. Blues still have to playing the two highest winning margin teams away and the Crusaders only have home games left.

    If the pattern continues the Chiefs will get over the Canes and lose to the Highlanders.

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