Great APPs for Training

  • OK, most of us now have an iphone or android capable phone. I would be interested in any APPs you guys use to help your training. I have found a great one if you are into HIIT (Tabata) training. It is called GYMBOSS and it is free.

    Add yours here

  • That's a peach thanks mate!!

  • SixPack App is another that's out there. It's free as well.
    Lose It! is not a bad one for tracking your calorie budget and daily consumption. And that's free as well.

  • My current two free Android training apps:

    CardioTrainer - Track by GPS distances done outside on cardio activity, which for me nowadays is mostly the 50+KM I walk a week to/from work. Get to upload it and compare your weekly/absolute distances against the rest of the world.
    JEFIT - A weight training app, where you track your routines & stats. I find that because I plan my routines more, and set a timer on rest, I slack off much less.

  • Apps I currently have

    Crossfit - gives WOD. You can post your times etc

    Beep Test - best app

    1RepMax - bit of fun

    100 pushup - good app to track pushup ability and provides training tips for improving

    FitnessPro - has a heap of different weight exercises that explains good form technique etc

    iCross WOD - workout ideas

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