MOTM v Southland

  • Pick your 3

  • Am sure it goes without saying, but when we are having a decent season is that the MOTM points are shared among a higher number of players, whereas when we have a poor season the points are usually concentrated with less players.

    After Manawatu: Matich 5, KItto 3, Hyland 1

    Robinson 10
    Matich 9
    Ranger 9
    Goodhue 7
    Nock 4
    Kitto 4
    Moulds 1
    Rinakama 1
    R Wright 1
    Debrezceni 1
    Tua 1
    Hyland 1

  • Decided to go with forwards - in particular the runners. Matich, Murray, Pryor. Kara is A less obvious choice but like the work Kara does when he runs. He is really skilful if error prone. Thought Rinakama and Tu’ungafasi were strong, Nock an Gregory were good as well.

  • @kev the pace and line Kara ran when Douglas ran in his first try was superb.

    Immense talent, but feel he pushes things too much for my liking

  • @taniwharugby it’s an interesting discussion with Kara. And I understand opinions both ways. Close in I think he gets penalised too often. But out wide and running he creates so much. In this game I thought he was pretty good. First time he ran, he took the ball and ran a beautiful angle in and then stepped out to make the pass, but the ball was knocked down by tackler. Don’t mind that, it was really good play. Next time, he burst onto blind and put Matich away for try. Really creative. He has pace and is athletic. With him it’s just about getting the mix right and not pushing pass too much.

    If you don’t have creative players (physical presence, pace, athleticism, skill) you end up with nothing.

    Thought Southland created not much although they had plenty of ball. Whereas we have been relatively creative this year through physicality on defence and attack. If we can get Nock running, Gregory offering some spark, with Ranger, then Kara will really come into his own running support lines out wide. We need these guys to provide and match the energy you see in the current performances by Waikato.

  • @kev I agree with that, as I said, just frustrating some of those 50/50s he throws, that probably are more like 60/40s and we lose possession, which he does over and over, if they come off they are brilliant.

    Reckon he is more naturally gifted than his brother, but he lacks the accuracy of Dan.

    THe way he plays I would expect him to thrive in an environment surrounded by higher skiled players, but he still makes similar errors, so still think he needs to rein it in a bit.

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