MOTM v Counties

  • Apologies for not doing one for HB, I got the sulks!

  • Season to date:

    Robinson 10
    Matich 10
    Ranger 9
    Goodhue 7
    Douglas 5
    Nock 4
    Kitto 4
    Gregory 3
    Moulds 1
    Rinakama 1
    R Wright 1
    Debrezceni 1
    Tua 1
    Hyland 1

  • Matiu, huge game, carted the ball up all day, while other players were getting knocked back, he was get to the gain line!
    Goodhue, really coming of age, helps make our lineout function too
    Kitto, directs things well

    Special mention to Douglas, Debreczeni, Gregory, Pryor.

    Huge ticker shown out there today, after Wednesdays embarrassing 2nd 40, that showed some real heart to be proud of.

  • @taniwharugby Ditto.

  • I gave Matiu my first vote because of his enormous work rate, But he got caught so many times with the ball on the ground and penalised, definitely a work on. You could blame the clean outs but he also doesn't release the ball back in a strong position. Pryor and Debreczeni had near their best games.

  • @northlandallday I can see what you are getting at (and ball placement is something we talk about in my sons U13 team) but I think given his carries were only to the gain line or just over, not like he was running away from his support, the cleaners needed to do better too (this is where we miss the work of Matich)

    That said, I can recall at least 3 occasions when we got turned over (unsure if were from his carry) where the ref got it wrong; 1 was where thier guy was over the player on the ground, not even attempting to steal the ball, just in a strong position, and the ref pinged us - this winds me up no end haha. Another couple they were def not supporting thier own weight without talking about ones where the ruck has formed and he let them attack and slow the ball.

    I don't think the ref had his best game, breakdowns were a bit messy (we got away with a couple I thought we'd get pinged for)

  • Matiu was our best in the pack - did get turned over a few times but as @Steven-Harris and @kev and I were thinking at the game, we were a bit slow at cleaning out. Goodhue was next best and I also thought Douglas and Moulds had big games too. In the backs Ranger was so destructive but counter balanced by some silly errors. For me Debreczeni again looked sharp - getting better every week. Would we have gone one or two steps further last season with JD at 10?

  • @chiefy07 I like that,JD has got a good ring to it,can’t disagree with anything you said.
    Was having a chat with George Konia after the game regarding Matt Wright,we all know he can do something amazing and in the main is quite a gutsy footballer but just his option taking is a real work on if we are to progress further in this comp.

  • @chiefy07 Ranger is a huge part of the good things we do, as well as being part of many of the not so good things too.

    But then he's always been a rocks and diamonds type of player, so you take the good with the bad as he will try things...

    @Steven-Harris any news on injuries? Robinson, Matich, Wright, Gregory, Tua, Jacobsen?

    Damn that's a long list of players who are all potential starters....

  • @steven-harris There were a few missed draw and pass opportunities. If we take those in the coming games we will be a real threat. Good that we created them - thought our structure and game plan was better than Counties.

  • @taniwharugby nothing at this stage,apparently Jacobson was still getting headaches late last week..I reckon Matich should be good to go had stiches to the head,from what I believed could have played against CM,Robinson from what I have been told had a dislocated shoulder and was 50/50 for this weekend,hard to know with Ross Wright and nothing on Scott Gregory at this time..
    Might have to some digging..?

  • Both Gregory and Straker are for this weekend,short term only,find out about Robinson and Jacobson tomorrow wether they are both good to go..!

  • @steven-harris what was Straker, head knock? What was Gregory, a shoulder/neck issue?

    Be great to get Robinson and Matich back.

    Assume Wright still no where to be seen?

    Who comes onto the bench for Straker, assuming Rinakama and Isi start, Atkins other bench prop.

  • @taniwharugby not too sure on the injuries,but being a week only in both cases,must be only minor..

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