MOTM v Waikato....

  • Pick your 0, 1, 2 or 3....

    After Counties: Matiu 5, Goodhue 3, Debreczeni 1

    Robinson 10
    Matich 10
    Goodhue 10
    Ranger 9
    Douglas 5
    Matiu 5
    Nock 4
    Kitto 4
    Gregory 3
    Debreczeni 2
    Moulds 1
    Rinakama 1
    R Wright 1
    Tua 1
    Hyland 1

  • Hahaha! Pass...

  • Just trying to think of someone who looked really good when we ran out onto the feild..!,

  • @steven-harris haha are a few guys who still stood up, but TBF there were just huge lapses by almost everyone, we would spend good periods attacking, drop the ball, they score, pass it to them, they score, and if they didnt score, they'd almost score, then we might turn it over, then we'd turn it back over and they'd score.

    One of the most disappointing and bizaare games I can recall (that includes the nightmare 2nd spell v HB the other week)

    Expect we will be rolling out a 2nd string team next week (not willingly) for a match that means little bar getting a bit of confidence back before we face Waikato again.

    But 71, wow... 🤯

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