Bok critical after armed robbery.

  • NEWS: South Africa has been rocked by the news that one of their 1995 World Cup winning squad has been shot in an armed robbery and is in critical condition.

    Naka Drotske, who played in one game during South Africa’s 1995 campaign and played 26 Tests in total, was with another former Springbok, Os du Randt, when they were reportedly attacked by four men. Du Randt was not injured.

    The South African Rugby Union reacted to the news on Twitter.

    “Our thoughts are with former #Springboks Naka Drotske and Os du Randt and their families, who were the victims of a robbery near Pretoria last night. Naka was shot and is currently in critical condition in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

    SARU spokesperson De Jongh Borchardt gave his reaction: “When something like this happens to any South African it is sad and we wish Naka a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with their families.”

    The 47-year-old Drotske is a former London Irish player, playing for the club between 2001 and 2003.

    He also coached the Free State Cheetahs between 2007 and 2015.

    The Cheetahs tweeted: “Free State Rugby is very shocked by the news. Naka and Os are two of our legendary players, coaches and friends and we keep them in our thoughts and prayers. We wish Naka a speedy recovery and wish the families involved all the best in this difficult time.”

    Cheetahs CEO Harold Verster spoke about the incident to Sport24 and said that Drotske attempted to shield a group – including women and children – from the attackers when he was shot.

    “From what we hear it is stable and they think it is okay,” he said.

    “I had a chat with Os this morning. He is okay. He said it was like a war zone with shots going off everywhere … he said it was chaos.

    “We’re just totally shocked and we hope that Naka will recover and that Os is okay … they are friends and legends of the region.”

  • Reports that two suspects have been arrested. Sentence them to be left alone in a room with big Os I say!

  • Hope you're ok Naka.

    Maybe I'm reading into things a bit but I wonder if the Rugby World rally around him like they did for Gareth Thomas, personally I think getting punched is a bit less severe than getting shot three times but that's only my opinion.

  • Gee, this is awful news. I hope Naka pulls through and makes a swift recovery. I hope the shits who did this get their just deserves.

  • I'll always remember Naka Drotske for scoring the first try in a test against us after I had looked at the odds in the TAB, saw his name and specifically scoffed as I'd never heard of him and bet on someone else ... being a hooker his odds were quite good ...

    Best of luck big fella

  • More on the incident. The attackers turned up with guns at a family party. Naka and Os used their Rugby skills to protect their families and fight back. Showing the same courage off the park that they always showed on it.

    Naka shot three times. Big blood loss. In a stable condition.

  • @sparky said in Bok critical after armed robbery.:

    In a stable condition.

    Well that is great.

  • “He’s doing much better this morning but he’s still in the intensive care unit and they’ve put him in isolation so that he can’t attract bacteria,” Tinus Drotské on his brother.

    The robbers left with nothing. Naka Drotské and Os Du Randt are heroes.

  • I was rewatching a highlight reel of Os Du Randt. What a player he was! Amazing run and offload to set up Naka Drotske at 03:00.

  • If you are going to take out those two blokes, you'd better take an elephant gun with you. Os is one of my favourite Boks of all time.

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