RWC exercise

  • Like a drinking game...

    Every lineout or scrum, you have to do a minimum of 10 pushups, or keep going until the ball gets put in.

    Mixes up your routine of sitting on your arse watching rugby and getting fit

  • Note: 28 mins into watching USA v Russia, I can barely get thru 5 now!

  • I like it. What other triggers could there be? 5 burpees for every up-and-under, 10 sit ups for every time the ref says "use it!", holding a plank position while waiting for Jonny Wilkinson to go through his pre-kick routine (feel the burn on that one)...

  • I'm on the cycle through the games - or at least for 40 minutes!

    I rowed on a concept 2 for a one day international once. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, might do that again one day!

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