Onwards and upwards - target 2012...

  • Right, so we're back into weights proper again, with food in the belly, and fire in the eyes.

    Yesterday chest, today chest pain! Low reps, high weights. Ease back into things, yeah right... Ness pumping out two reps at her bodyweight, great to see, wait until the strength comes back! I was up to BW pressing too +5kg, so cranked out I think about 4 at 90kg, was nice to be straining. Shoulder needs attention though, so have also have added in the rehab exercises that I am MEANT to do all the time...

    Today, legs. Tomorrow, wheelchair.

    Weight as you would have worked from the above, 85.8 kg. Feel fat as a house, but expect BF% would still not be much more than 5%. holding a lot of fluid still at the moment, but we're eating pretty clean again, Ness more than me, I have snuck in the odd cookie time cookie while she is not looking... But basically will be aiming to eat clean 6 days, and on the 7th, eat whatever ails you!!

    That is all - target now BOP NABBA comp, 2012...

  • Amazing that you can 'feel' fat as a house at 5%BF Bart but I guess it must feel that way compared to what you have been use to it recent times.

    What are your aims for 2012? Gonna keep at around the same weight or are you planning to put in some mass? What is the date of the BOP comp?

  • Yeah, it is weird, a real mind fuck at this time after being lean for 8 weeks - much harder on Ness (women) than on me (blokes), as we just don't really care! But the fluid'll come off and all will be well.

    I weighed in at WEllington ripped to shreads at 76.9. My max weight can be 80.5 so that gives me 4.6 (?) kilos of muscle that can go on, so it's all about building mass - shoulders, traps, lat width, chest, arms. Basically upper body (want to enlarge the T. Also the tear drop in my legs, I would like that to be more pronounced, but that's just getting picky - legs can look after themselves, but will be punished with some heavy weights though, looking forward to that, LOVE heavy squats etc.

    Dates are not out yet for next year - roughly the same as this year though, they try and keep the comps in much the same order, so, August 20ish.

  • [QUOTE]International Athletic Class featured the contest between Rick Ujfalussy who has gained the reputation for presenting a hard, well balanced body and Jason Bartley whose forte is razor sharp definition. Rick came in good shape but perhaps a tad short of his best and Jason got on stage with [I]more cuts on his legs than a barrel of broken glass[/I].
    [I]Although the size of his quads wasn’t matched by his upper body[/I], throwing his symmetry off, the total package compensated for that.[/QUOTE]

    that about sums it up methinks - upper body!! that broken glass made me laugh though, wait 'till next year boys!!

  • cardio this morning, rowing machine for the first time in a loooong time. Enjoyed it, 20 minutes and 5076 metres, so not earth shattering stuff, but just rowing for 20 minutes a good effort I reckon. Think I'll make a challenge board for the Gym, keep me motivated, and motivate others too. Maybe do a 2000m and a 20 minute board.

    body sore all over from chest on Monday and Legs yesterday. Just easing back into it. Uh huh.

  • [quote name='BartMan']I weighed in at WEllington ripped to shreads at 76.9. My max weight can be 80.5 so that gives me 4.6 (?) kilos of muscle that can go on, so it's all about building mass - shoulders, traps, lat width, chest, arms. Basically upper body (want to enlarge the T.[/QUOTE]

    mate, that's 3.6kg. Anyway, good luck!

  • thank you - still, lots of muscle to add, talk about a lazy bastard (me), how do I manage to get out of bed in the morning!


    A photo from north Harbour, my first ever decent side chest pose... If I'd looked like this in Cebu I would have won the bloody show. I didn't, so I didn't!

    Today was shoulders day, by myself as Ness away with horse that is doing the foal thing today! Good workout, sore now, loving lifting at the moment.

  • What exercises do you do on shoulder days bart?

  • shoulder press of some sort (smith, DB, BB, whatever) lat raises, bent over cable rears, one arm lat raises, shrugs and cable upright rows. Seems like heaps, but low reps so not too long a work out.

  • Sounds good actually. I always seem to run out of ideas for shoulders - only really do a press, lat raises, shrugs and the cable row although I use to get a bit of a click in the shoulder from upright rows but since I widened my grip its alot better.

  • same on that uypright row - sort of, wrist used to click - so I widened grip, now sweet.

    Sunday, great arm workout (was meant to be Saturday, but Ness catching up on a back workout). Anyway, triceps and biceps, smashed to pieces, was good, great pump, very enjoyable workout.

    This morning - chest. Low reps, heavy weights, shoulder still surviving. only times I feel it is on the shoulder press movements, bench press and flies. Not pain, just that niggle that I am sure we all know so well! Is getting better though I am sure (in my head maybe), the rehab exercises working maybe?!

    Anyway, good workout this morning, sore body from last weeks workouts still, but loving being back in the flow of things at last.

    And in a happy coincidence (kind of), today is the first day of our eating completely off the place again. So no more Cookie Time cookies as I walk past the diary, or carrot cake with the coffee at lunchtime! Sunday's now become the target of the week, when we will have the cookies and cakes and whatever tickles out fancies. Why a happy coincidence? Because it means my weight did not get up to 90kg!! 89.1 this morning! Thought it would be a good idea to see what it was on the first day of the first week of clean eating! Will weigh in again on Wednesday and Friday. Keep me on the straight and narrow!

  • This request may be a pain in the ar$e, but would you mind posting what you eat each meal, each day. The diet is one areaI really struggle in. Cheers

  • If I told you, I would have to kill you. and basically it would only be effective if you were the same BW as me, trained the same as me, and well, were ME...!!

    A good nutritionist is what you need so you can geed an eating plan made to suit you, your training and your lifestyle!! Fork out a few dollars and you'll be better off for it I am sure.

  • I LOVE SQUATS. Up to 150 kilos today, then single leg extensions, hammy curls, stiff legged deadlifts and smith machine calf raises to finish the body off in a complete manner!!

    I will though, have to lift my game if I want to keep in the picture with Ness. She pounding out at almost double her BW, so I';; have to get up to 180 odd kilos.... Could probably do a few reps at that weight at the moment if I didn't go so deep, but aim this off season is to keep my form and depth constant - so no matter what weight I squat, I am going to go to the normal depth. no bludging and cheating myself!!

    Single leg extensions are pretty good too - I was having to stack a million dumbells on the extension machien to get enough weight, with single legs it's all good with just the weight stack, and there are a few spare plates still...

    Hammy curls, almost at the end of the weight stack thing too, for the first time ever, all good.

    Stiff legged deadlifts. Our legs are so whacked by the time we get to these they are the hardest that I have had to do for ages. used to be quite an easy 'stretching' exercise. now she's all hands on deck as the quads and calves come into play too!

    Then the calf raises. Again with these I have always only really played at lifting weights, or not done them at all. Stacking on the weight now, and really feeling them.

    So at the moment much more intense workouts than for a long time. Loving it.

    Ness went and did a boxing class at the gym last night too, not my thing, so I threw in a cardio session - ten minutes cycle, 20 minute row and a 15 minute treadmill to finish, and then stretches. All good, 5374m on the rowing machine too, six second heart beat check at 17 - 170 odd beats per minute - at the end of the row. Forgot the pain that rowing can give you, and the head space you need to be in to just keep rowing through it, but the memories are flooding back!

  • cardio today - treadmill walk and then a row. Into the 20 minute bursts at the moment, cranked out to 5387, that's pretty much maxed out for now - 14 metres or so more than Monday's row, and there ain't nothing left in the tank. So now it's just a matter of the fitness starting to get better. Next row target 5400, thank that'll be Sunday unless we do a spin session. SO will be two and sometimes three rows a week in the off season, really loving getting back on the concept 2. Might have to give the 2k a nudge, I'm picking I won't be sub 7 anymore, but will try really hard - last time I popped out a 2k I managed to sub 7 though, 6:59.something. fell off the rower!

  • oh, and 89.1 on Monday morning, 2 days of eating clean, 87.6kg this morning, 1.5kg of fluid flushed from the system, and literally I reckon, I have been pissing for NZ over the last two days, water intake not increased, but the download is mad!!

  • I've asked the wife for a decent set of scales for at home for my birthday Bart so I can do regular and consistent weigh-ins like you. Funny how it takes a while to come out of ya. I probably consume 2 litres or so whilst working out (maybe more?) and then at least 1 on the way home and then don't seem to need to start the relief until a good hour or 2 later and from then its every 15mins or so and I haven't even drunk a whole lot more!

    Btw, fished with a guy yesterday whos big in to his power lifting. Runs Coast Barbell up on hibiscus coast. HUGE unit. Hes prob 6ft4 and about 145-150kg. Big bugger and eats like a horse. On 6000 calories a day and whilst out fishing he had 2 litres of flavoured milk, 1.5ltr coke, 3 cans of chicken, 2 protein bars, a shitload of water plus whatever else I didnt see go in. Obviously now low in the body fat but seems dam strong. Think said his combined lifts were about 700kg and I think that was in the suit so not raw. BEAST

  • I am joining this group. I started exercising again, after the tummy went a little over the belt. Basically I dont want to look like a body-builder, just want to lose the excess fat, tone nicely.

    I walk/jog 5km a day now. I work out with dumbbells and mix it with a bit of pilates to take some strain of my back. Exercises that I feel are working for me.

    Problem comes in here: What to eat? I switched a few things, but the bad one is I still get that glass of Coke in home. Will read your stuff and check in here regularly.

    Will also go check my lenght vs body weight vs Body Fat in the week.

  • Welcome Allyphint - start a thread mate as its a good way of tracking your progress.

    The old glass of coke....is that the high octane stuff or diet or coke zero? I use to be a heavy coke drinker and cut back to the diet one which I hardly ever drink now anyway but find the high octance stuff (as well as coke zero) way too sweet for my liking. Coke zero could be an easy transition for ya and I understand its not quite as bad for ya.

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