Pewdiepie vs T-series - A new level of corporate insanity

  • Figure this could be worth its own thread as could have some implications in the online world.

    For those familiar with this battle the latest news is that a high court in India has instructed youtube to take down Pewdiepie's 2 music videos which poke fun at the T-series corporation.

    For those over the age of 25 these names probably don't mean anything but they are kind of important in the modern online world so here's a brief run down.

    Pewdiepie is the most subscribed person on Youtube. Young Swedish bloke with about 93 million subscribers. He mostly does videos on games and reviewing memes. Because of his popularity he's a fond target of increasingly 'desperate for clicks' media outlets who try and label him as a alt-right nazi indoctrinating kids into white supremacy and hitler idolisation...anyone who has watched his videos (as in millions of people) know this is a completely bollocks charge further proving the failure of existing media. Sadly corporations are a little slower to understand that media is literally trash so following attacks on Pewdiepie there has been a removal of ad revenue on youtube for pewdiepie as well as youtube distancing themselves from their former poster boy.

    T-series is an Indian corporate entity which hosts a number of Bollywood music videos..they too are on about 93 million subscribers.

    Over the last few months users started to notice T-series mysteriously catching up in sub count to Pewdiepie. There are conspiracies that youtube is helping them out as they move toward a more sanitised (and boring as hell) corporate rather than creator model but the reality is this is most likely due to an increasing number of Indian citizens getting onto high speed connections and joining the youtube community.

    Anyway this spawned a pretty funny meme about saving all that used to be good about Youtube (ie creators). Pewdiepie is the hero, T-series is the evil corporation. Cue lots of jokes about it and in October Pewdiepie released a music diss video full of funny references from a number of his 'meme reviews' about the also happened to be an extremely catchy song and has garnered over 179 million views (but didn't trend in certain countries because...)

    This resulted in a big push from Pewdiepie fans subscribing to him putting him further ahead. Over the next few months the lead dwindled and T-series finally overtook the sub-count. The end of the fun you would think...not quite.

    Pewdiepie anticipating the eventual loss got a couple mates in and they made a 'Congratulations' music video for T-Series full again of funny memes and quite a bit of dissing about T-series dodgy past and also a revelation that they had tried to sue him for defamation. Again the video was funny and terribly catchy and has garnered over 73 million views in less than 2 weeks (again with it mysteriously not trending in certain countries)

    That brings us today where it is now being reported that T-series corporation unable to take a joke are now trying to get Pewdiepie shut down...will Youtube bend to their will or will they back one of the people who helped make youtube great in the first place?

  • Isn't he joining a new blockchain site called D-live ?

    Youtube seem to dislike him, they cut him out of last years end of year video and only featured his chair.

    Chrome have disabled dissenter too, weirdly Kiwi farms is back online in New Zealand now .

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