2019 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

  • From HBRU Facebook:

    The Hawke's Bay Under 19 coaches are pleased to name their initial Training Squad for 2019, congratulation to all those named below. 
    Please note more players to be added as required while the squad also includes U20s Front Rowers as per the NZ Rugby U19 Tournament Rules.


  • There's an U16s trial on Sunday, 23 June 2019 (they call it a "Probables v Possibles Trial"). Kick off is 10.30am at Clive RFC. It's the 2nd trial day. The first was held last Sunday, 16 June.

    After this trial, 50 players will be selected to attend at an U16s camp at Lindisfarne College, 10-13 July.

    This is the list of invited players:

    Bradley Campbell ST. John's College
    Oliver Gardiner ST. John's College
    Kere Penetito ST. John's College
    Dylan Wind CHBC
    Rylee Ward HBHS
    Rakai Karaitiana HBHS
    Cooper Flanders HBHS
    Kobe Deacon HBHS
    Avian Rihia HBHS
    A One Lolofie HBHS
    Donny Godinet HBHS
    Mefi Tupou HBHS
    Troydyn Bird HBHS
    Manahi Goulton HBHS
    Vikta Tevita HBHS
    Lewis Andrews HBHS
    Fraser Taurima-Heperi HBHS
    Tomasi Naicegulevu HBHS *
    Naverone Te Riini HBHS
    Phillip Panapa-King HBHS
    Hoera Stephenson HBHS
    Alex Dickey HBHS *
    Josh Rautahi HBHS
    Bryson Pakoti-Crawford HBHS
    JB Thompsom Taradale HS?
    Hugo Quiros Lindisfarne College
    Tuawhio Porima Lindisfarne College
    Corban Watson Lindisfarne College
    Kingshouse Tupuola Lindisfarne College
    Lansen Randell Lindisfarne College
    Adam Akuhata Lindisfarne College
    Tino Savea Lindisfarne College
    Jasper Wallace Lindisfarne College
    Felix Paul Lindisfarne College
    Ben White Lindisfarne College
    Grayson Hesketh Lindisfarne College
    Matawhero Wakefield-SciaScia Lindisfarne College
    Tom Druzianic Lindisfarne College
    Angus Johnson Havelock North High
    Buster Johnson Havelock North High *
    Kaitiaki Broughton NBHS
    Gus Brown NBHS
    Nicholas Ennor NBHS
    Lawson Gilles NBHS
    Rakai Henare NBHS
    Reece Henderson NBHS
    Jock Kilmister NBHS
    Bethel Leutele Malasia NBHS
    Gilgal Leutele Malasia NBHS
    William Marsden NBHS *
    Afa Moleli NBHS
    Jahdyn Moulder NBHS
    Max Ratcliffe NBHS
    Jehmial Ross NBHS
    Bradley Roys-Smith NBHS
    Tyler Teikamata NBHS
    Wesley Tuivanu NBHS
    Mark Vaimoli NBHS
    Faafetai Osooso Onasemu William Colenso College
    Kaihau Pasikala Wairoa College
    Keiran Luke Te Aute College
    Koroheke Tonga Te Aute College

    I've bolded the name of Cooper Flanders. So he's still an U16 player and already plays 1st XV for Hastings. One to watch for the future. Other Hastings 1st XV players from last Saturday's game on the list are Mefi Tupou (the try scoring wing), Phillip Panapa-King, Manahi Goulton, Fraser Taurima-Heperi and Donny Godinet. I also see the names of - I assume - the brothers Leutele Malasia, Jock Kilmister, Rakai Henare and Nick Ennor, who played for Napier 1st XV, last Saturday.

  • From Facebook:

    The following group of players are invited to attend the 2019 U16's Camp held at Lindisfarne, 10-12 July.
    2019 HBRU Under 16s Camp Squad
    Props: Jasper Wallace, Naverone Te Riini, Avian Rihia, Rakai Karaitiana, Reece Henderson, Lewis Andrews, Josh Rautahi, 
    Hookers: Manahi Goulton, Jock Kilmister, Aone Lolofie, William Robinson*
    n/a: Felix Paul, Vikta Tevita
    Locks: Dylan Wind, Olly Gardner, Tom Druzianic, Faafetai Ososo, Ben White, Nick Ennor 
    Lock/Loosies: Fraser Taurima-Heperi, Gus Brown, Lansen Randell, 
    Flankers: Gilgal Malasia, Cooper Flanders, Kingshouse Tupuola, Hugo Quiros, Max Ratcliffe, 
    No.8s: Buster Johnson, Rakai Henare, Kaihau Pasikala 
    n/a: Tino Savea
    Halfbacks: Piripi Panapa-King, Bradley Campbell, Jehmial Ross, Bryson Pakoti-Crawford, Zedekiah Awa
    First Five-Eighth: Hoera Stephenson, Afa Moleli, Kobe Deacon 
    Midfield: Kere Penitito, Tomasi Naicegulevu, Matawhero Wakefield-Sciascia, Koroheke Tonga, Keiran Luke, Donovan Godinet, Kaitiaki Broughton 
    Wingers: Tuawhio Porima, Corban Watson, Angus Johnson, Grayson Hesketh, Bethel Malasia, Mefi Tupou, Alex Dickie, 
    Fullbacks: Troydyn Bird, Jahdyn Moulder, Sam Kanthanavong, Tamati Te Pou

  • Also from FB (U14 players):

    Congratulations to the following boys who have been listed to attend a second trial on Sunday 30th June at Tareha Reserve Taradale 10am.
    Paea Pulu, Ryan Tantrum (St Johns) 
    Monte Timu, Jack Hamilton, Tama Heather, Lochie Guerin, Ollie Barham, Will Herrick (Lindisfarne)
    William Rawcliffe (HNHS)
    Joshua Augustine, Gabriel Bryan, Te Aotaki Edmonds, Telea Faumui, Jack Irvine, Hunter Kinney, Richard Magele, Brodie Potts, Levi Robinson, Juan Ross, Joel Russell, Samuelu Sa'u, Tasman Soanai Oeti, Ricco Tran, Eduart Tremain, Tyler Vette, Kyan Ward, Calvin Orouke (NBHS)
    Iosefa Sa (William Colenso)
    Aidan Flack (Central HB)
    D'Angelo Etika, Daniel Toala, James Harper, Kyan Lowe, Malachi Keefe, Manaia Hauiti, Oscar Ritchie, Phortre Taea-Gurnick, Preston Whatarau, Reef Luxford, Riley Dennison, Schalk Fourie, Sovereign Staples, Tali Ioasa, Taufa Kaufononga, Xavier Dunn, Misi Salanoa Scott, Josh Houlton (HBHS)
    D'kree Rua, Tama Hall, Maika Graham, Ngarangi Hokianga (Te Aute)

    By the way, in that list, are a Tremain (is he a brother from Will?), Daniel Toala (a lock and Danny's younger brother) and Kyan Lowe (Karl's eldest son, a wing IIRC)

  • Be interesting to see what opponents the HBRU can get for this Under 14 team considering about 13 provinces so far have scrapped rep teams below Under 16 level. Last year this team played Under 14 teams from Manawatu and Waikato.

    May well be the last year the HBRU operates this Under 14 team.

  • @Number-10 as far as I am aware, Northland still have thiers, as do Taranaki I think?

    Am thinking next year it will likely be nationwide that NZR will just make a directive.

  • @Number-10 @taniwharugby Manawatu have U13 trials this week, so I assume they'll be able to field an U14 team again this year.

  • @Stargazer said in 2019 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby:

    so I assume they'll be able to field an U14 team again this year.

    Northland had trials for thier inter-provincial tournament about 6 weeks ago, much earlier than normal, I wonder if it was in order to get everything underway before someone could can it?

    Have to assume Roller MIlls is in doubt this year though with the teams out.

  • @taniwharugby What age bracket is Roller Mills?

  • @Stargazer at intermediate, U13, weight restricted too, last year was Under 57kg.

  • Thus far, I've seen several provinces still holding u13 or u14 trials. At least, Hawke's Bay (U14), Manawatu (U13), Wanganui (U14), Thames Valley (U14) and Poverty Bay (U14). Don't know about other provinces, but whatever happens next year, they will have teams to play against this year.

  • @Stargazer NOrthland have thier sub-Union provincial U13 tournament over the school holidays, form that the Roller MIlls team is usually named (we also have one boy from our U14 team trialling in the U13 open weight team this weekend too) I have a mate who's son has been selected for the Waikato U13 team, so assume they must still be doing it.

    I'd be surprised if NZR dont pull the plug from the top for next year.

  • Hawke's Bay players selected for the Hurricanes U17 and U18 development programmes (including the Hurricanes U18 camp in Napier in July):

    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Daemon Brough
    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Caleb Turner
    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Ethan Martin
    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Iafeta Ma'a
    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Jacob Dorward
    Hawkes Bay, Under 17, Zinzan Ropitini
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Mosese Fineanganofo, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Jeremiah Tuitaua, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Emil Crichton, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Julian Goerke, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Connor Wadley, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Charlie Varcoe, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Latrell Ah Kiong, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Joeli Rauca, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Jordan Thompson-Dunn, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Andrew Hayward, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Mercedes Hodge, Hastings BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Jayden Walker, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Jacob Ward, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Frank Lochore, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Angus Kilmister, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Henry Williams, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Jayden Stok, Napier BHS
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Treyah Kingi-Taukamo, St Kentigerns
    Hawkes Bay, Under 18, Hugh Taylor, Wairoa College

    After the U18 camp in Napier, a Hurricanes Under 18 team will be selected to play a Blues Under 18 team in Taupo. I've seen no date or kick-off time.

    Eidt: good to see that St Kent's poach from Napier BHS, Treyah Kingi-Taukamo, is selected for the Hurricanes U18 and not the Blues U18.

  • @Stargazer Edu is Simons son - Will’s cousin .
    You will find amongst all these HB boys are related one way or another lol ☺

  • @Number-10

    I think they should cut a lot of these rep teams and just let the boys enjoy their rugby for the season . Finding too many boys are feeling the pressure , too early then quitting . Some of our greatest Rugby players started in their last years at high school , or at Colts level.

  • Yep, be interesting see what occurs next year as regards under-age teams.

    When the NZR secondary schools report was released in February, the NZR sent a letter out to the provinces that in their (NZR) opinion under age rep teams should start at under 17 level. All age grades below this should be catered for by development programmes.

  • 2019 HB U16A's Squad.

    Avian Rihia {HBHS}, Reece Henderson {NBHS}, Rakai-Paaka Karaitiana {HBHS}, Manahi Goulton {HBHS}, Jock Kilmister {NBHS}, Nick Ennor {NBHS}, Ben White {LFC}, Gus Brown {NBHS}, Fraser Taurima- Heperi {HBHS}, Rakai Henare {NBHS}, Max Ratcliffe {NBHS}, Kaihau Pasikala {Wairoa}, Gilgal Malasia (vc) {NBHS}, Cooper Flanders (c) {HBHS}

    Phillip Panapa-King {HBHS}, Bradley Campbell {SJC}, Hoera Stephenson {HBHS}, Afa Moleli {NBHS}, Tomasi Naicegulevu {HBHS}, Kere Penitito {SJC}, Donovan Godinet (vc) {HBHS}, Mefi Tupou {HBHS}, Grayson Hesketh {LFC}, Corban Watson {LFC}, Bethel Malasia {NBHS}

    This year the HB 16A's will be led by Cooper Flanders from Hastings Boys High. He'll be admirably assisted by 2 players with huge potential, Gilgal Malasia at Napier Boys High and Donovan Godinet from Hastings Boys.

    2019 HB 16s Development Squad

    Jasper Wallace {LFC}, Naverone Te Riini {HBHS}, Josh Rautahi {HBHS}, Jono Kilsby {LFC}, Aone Lolofie {HBHS}, Felix Paul {LFC}, Vikta Tevita {HBHS}, Dylan Wind {CHB}, Olly Gardner {SJC}, Lansen Randell {LFC}, Kingshouse Tupuola {LFC}, Hugo Quiros {LFC}, Tino Savea {LFC}, plus 1 to be added.

    Bryson Pakoti-Crawford {HBHS}, Zedekiah Awa {HBHS}, Koby Deacon {HBHS}, Troydyn Bird {HBHS}, Koroheke Tonga {Te Aute}, Keiran Luke {Te Aute}, Kaitiaki Broughton {NBHS}, Bryson Ioane {HBHS}, Tuawhio Porima {LFC}, Alex Dickie {HBHS}, Tyler Teikamata {NBHS}, Tamati Te Pou {HBHS}, Jahdyn Moulder {NBHS}

  • 2019 Hawke’s Bay U14 team

    Joshua Augustine, Ollie Barham, Te Aotaki Edmonds, D'Angelo Etika, Telea Faumui, Aidan Flack, Maika Graham, Manaia Hauiti, Tama Heather, Ngarangi Hokianga, Tali Ioasa, Jack Irvine (Captain),Taufa Kaufononga, Malachi Keefe, Levi Robinson, Juan Ross, Joel Russell, Sovereign Staples, Phortre Taea-Gurnick, Monte Timu (Vice Captain), Kyan Ward, Preston Whatarau

    Three games this year:
    v Manawatu in Napier on 14 September
    v HB u15 coed in Napier on 21 September
    v Manawatu in Palmerston North on 28 September

  • Is this the Ross Shield Tournament Team?

  • @Higgins No, it isn't. This is the Hawke's Bay rep team. The initial trialists are nominated by their school.

    This is from the HBU14 FB page:

    Hi guys, with the season due to start any day now, the coaching/management team have already been out and about watching preseason games, training's and trials at schools. 
    The schools will soon put together a list of nominated players to attend trials, the dates are still yet to be announced.
    From there we will select a group of around 35 boys to attend a 3 day camp at Lindisfarne during the July school holidays. This camp will allow the selectors to pick a squad for the 2019 season.

    The Ross Shield tournament is usually held in the last week of September. At the end, they name a tournament team, the Hawke's Bay Ross Shield team, that plays one or two games in October.

    The Ross Shield tournament is for players who are U14, have not passed year 14 and, I think, have to weigh under 57kg.

    All the participating teams hold trials, too, obviously.

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