Fatbusting Mark S

  • Off and racing today:

    Weight = 136kgs (oh my god!)

    exercise walked home from work (5kms in 45mins)

    Food - spot on for the weight watchers diet (which I am loosely following).

  • How tall are you mate?  136k is a good way to keep your feet planted on this earth

  • 193cm

    I always had problems with getting my feet off the earth when I played 2nd row, that why I graduated to he front row  😁

  • the original Carl Hayman brand prop - big tall fucker!!

  • Day 2 and still going

    Am noticing the hunger but not unbearable.

    45mins exercise this morning

    Food consumption so far today:

    • 2 wheatbix plus milk
    • 2 oranges plus a banana
    • salad for lunch, only things with fat/suger were a small amount of cheese and a small bread roll

    Rest of food:

    • steak plus vegies and rice for dinner
    • yoghurt and small piece of cake for dessert
    • a couple of macadamias to top things off

    Still on track

    BTW - belly measurement today is 123cms

  • Day 3 report

    Easier day today than yesterday

    Exercise (walked to and from work) - 10kms

    2 wheat bix plus milk for breakie
    4 thin rice cakes plus vegiemite for brunhc
    Salad with bread and cheese for lunch
    Youghurt and Orange in arvo
    Fish cakes with hokien noodles for dinner.

    Absolutely stuffed now, but can squeeze in a couple of little bits of brie and a small fizen yoghurt for desert

  • Mark s , thats a great days eating , plenty of healthy food. If i could get more organised i would copy that. From a fellow tall prop (192) who never played in the 2nd row.

  • Thanks FBB - its easy at the moment while I am keen as and the wife is helping.

    Day 4

    walked to work 5kms per usual
    half jogged half walked home - jogging dammned near killed me but I reckon I got close to 3kms if I put all the bits and pieces together.  Am still sweating now 2 hours later.


    Usual breakie
    left over noodles with vegies for lunch
    yoghurt plus some rice cakes for snackes
    low fat curry with some rice for dinner
    Bourbon and coke right now

  • Days 5/6

    The first weekend

    Fairly low alcohol intake I think (10-12 standard drinks spread over the 3 days) and food was all very healthy except for a BBQ yesterday, which had beautiful pork rissole's in satay sauce and then a tiramasu for desert.  Any way lunch yesterday was my only lapse and I like to think it was ok as it was planned.

    No pure exercise over the weekend, but work my arse off on gettin the babies room ready (moving furniture around (including carrying the shit up and down 2 flights of stairs) and putting new furniture together) plus getting our place ship shape for yesterdays BBQ.  I was sweating the whole weekend if that helps.

    First weigh in tomorrow morning.

  • Day 7

    Tough day as trhe hunger never abated today, but got through.

    Exercise, 45 mins walk
    Food: wheatbix, milk, fruit, salad and lean meet and rice and vegies for dinner.

    Weghin in this morning, the scales stopped turning at 132kegs 👼  thats 4kilos in the first week.

    Also remeasured the gut, and strangley a got a higher measurement of 124cms (increase of 1cm).  The wife thinks my 123cm measurement from last week was dodgy so lets see.  I am not going to be happy if the belly is growing.

  • Day 8

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

    Yesterday started off well, health breakie & lunch.

    Then my post lunch exercise got cancelled due to work (should have done the exercise in the morning) and then had a work dinner on, which despite my best intentions, ended up being rather unhealthy.  The sweet sweet hollandaise sauce was loaded with fat and hard to resist when it smothered everything on my plate and the desert refused to be taken away uneaten.  Top it off with a bit of grog and yesterday was my worst day yet.

    Back on the horse today though, might try and do double exercise tonight to make up.

  • [quote name='mark_s']
    Then my post lunch exercise got cancelled due to work (should have done the exercise in the morning) and then had a work dinner on, which despite my best intentions, ended up being rather unhealthy.  The sweet sweet hollandaise sauce was loaded with fat and hard to resist when it smothered everything on my plate and the desert refused to be taken away uneaten.  Top it off with a bit of grog and yesterday was my worst day yet.

    Mate I reckon you've got to have a day/meal off every now and then. Dinner probably isn't the best one to do it of course, but I reckon if that sort of thing happens you take a fast walk around the block to help burn some of it while its still floating in your system.

  • Day 9

    Hard to do much better than today, 1 hour of exercise including 1.8 hill sprints (for anyone who has run up Moore park hill they will understand why it was 1.8, the friggin hill gets steeper the further you get up).


    2 Wheatbix plus milk for breakie
    Salad with some cheese and olives for lunch (note: I avoided temptation at the lunchtime leeting I attended)
    Three pieces of fruit, some raw nuts and a yoghurt for snakcs during the day

    Roasted vegies for dinner (with a sprinkling of olive oil only)

    Bunch of grapes for dessert

    I'm back baby!

  • Day 10

    usual breakie
    A few bits of fruit and yoghurt for snacks
    steak sambo for lunch
    Italian restaurant for dinner.  Veal paramasan plus some bruchetta

    1.25 hours of exercise in two separate sessions.

  • Days 11, 12 & 13

    Friday was a good day, plenty of exercise and health eating.Â

    Sat & Sun was a different story, had a belly full of beers at the tahs match and ate god knows what.  Was back at the footy stadium to watch the Soccer GF yesterday and I couldn't even look at a beer.  Main exercise was running around like an idiot when I was drunk and walking to and from the footy stadium.

    Back on the regime today, next weekend will also be tough with another tahs home game followed by a bucks night away up the coast.

  • Day 14

    Not much exercise today, still feeling the effects of the weekend and the heat was a killer.  SO I relied on health eating.


    Cereal and milk for breakie
    salad for lunch
    left over meet with vegie stir fry for dinner.

    Weigh in this morning saw the scales stop at 131kgs (1 less than last week) although that was after a tremedous dump, gut measurement is 124cms, which is unchanged from last week.  I don't thik we have the gut measurement thing working well yet.

  • 1kg is still one kg Mark. MvJ would take it  😁 And you've been exercising the house down.

    You said you walked to work above (5km) which in MvJ's monkey maths logic is about 50 minutes. Do you do this often? It know that is a fair way, but it sounds like an exercise routine made in heaven.

    My walk is about half that I would guess (25 minutes), but I've started to power walk both ways (without swinging my arms so I don't look like a complete raving cock).

    This was an idea suggested to me on this very forum-- by NTA no less I think  Now I do the walk in under 20 minutes. Whereas before it was doing absolutely fuck all for me, now I'm getting a work-out both there and back but without running, so I don't end up sweating too heavily. It's good for the legs, good for the heart, good for MvJ. The difference between walking and walking quickly is remarkable.

    So if you could do the power-walking thing either there or home every day, that'd be a good 40 minute workout (or 80 if you do it both ways) whereas previously it was just downtime. Plus, you'll get home earlier so you can hoe into a couple of beers and a meat pie before dinnerÂ

  • Gday MVJ

    Yep walking is a good way to get to/from work, saves money and is also quite relaxing.  It takes me 50mins door to door, the bus or train (from Zetland) takes me 30 mins door to door so its not really that much more time and it saves me say $5 a day in fares.

    I try and do it 8 times per week, but probably average say 6 times depending on weather and how busy I am at work.  I try and do it in a way that maximizes my sweating (we have showers at work), and that does include looking like a tool and swinging my arms around wildly.Â

    I have been doing it for about 2 years now so I can manage the distance fairly easily, even when I go to and from work in one day.  The conclusion from this is that my current weight stems mainly from my eating habits so I am focusing on that now while also trying to increase the exercise.Â

    I have started jogging part of the journey (last night I estimate that I was jogged 3.5km’s of the trip home) but its too hard on the knees to do it every day.  I have also started detouring via moore park once a week to build in a couple of hill sprints (now they are truly evil).

    Yesterday’s report

    Exercise:  jogged the majority of the way home (say 3.5kms) and maybe could have gone further!

    Food: Wheatbix for breakie, 3 yoghurts as snacks, salad for lunch and roast lamb and baked vegies for dinner.

  • Day 16

    Usual exercise, usual breakie, salad for lunch a yoghurt and a couple of bananas for snacks.  Homemade meat pies for dinner with vegies at the in laws place.  Resisted the father in law's attempt to force a beer down my throat.

  • Day 17

    Food was more of the usual with beef strogonoff for dinner.

    Walk to work and jogged most of the way home (reckon I would have passed the 4km mark in jogging mode). The jogging damm near killed me and caused me to cramp up at an infortunate time later on in the night whilst the wife was rewarding my weight loss efforts to date.

    With the tahs game to night followed by a bucks weekend I am likely to undo some of the good work this week.

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