Training hoodies etc

  • Well I woke this morning thinking "Fuarrk glad I wasnt in the gym at 6am!" as it was pretty dam chilling (for March anyway).

    Got me thinking about training gear for winter eg long pans and hoodies etc and that I do recall last year I struggled to get really warm during a few of my gym sessions. My gym cranks the fans big time (even in winter!) and if you stand in front of one of them you will get the chill.

    For some parts of my workout (usually the latter part) I have no real issue staying warm as they are high intensity and I will be full on action (super sets, minimal rest etc) but for the early parts where I am doing heavier lifts (say squats, deads, bench etc) where I need 2-3mins rest between the heavy sets I can see myself losing alot of body temp etc.

    Anyway, keen to get a decent training hoodie for the winter - is there anything specific to look out for to ensure decent range of movement etc vs a bog standard hoodie? I thought I remembered Bart having one or two for sale either on here or on trademe last year???

  • Bog standard hoodies are fine pal although this is coming from someone who has been known to do weights in a suit on occasion if I can't be fucked training. Funny looks are avoided by the fact the gym is a weight bench set up in the garage.

  • [indent=1]Bog standard is what I train in / with over winter. Also have a few of those cotton long sleeve thermal type things that I wear too, and jsut plain old fashioned sweat shirt or two also. Stink though, as winter is when we get lean, and is also when we cover up because its bloody cold! I always train in shorts though, always have.[/indent]

  • Sweet. Cant really imagine squatting in any sort of long pants....just wouldnt be right.

    Will pick up a couple of hoodies from the warehouse next time in there. Will stink em up good through winter.

    Hey Bart its funny how true bodybuilders lean up in winter for those comps in Aug/Sept etc whereas the beach bunnie types (like myself) try lean up a couple months later for summer etc

  • You can also look at some compression gear. I have skins leggings and they are good in the winter.

  • saw a half decent hoody there yesterday - green with some 'sports' print on the front - Michagan State or some such - one of those types anyway - certainly didn't look like a warehouse top!!!!

    Compression pants - funny, I heard from some bloke who sells skins that wearing these things while training etc is pret much a waste of time, but they promote it as they get wrecked when rugby players wear them to training. I wear my long legging compression pants when leaning down to bed and after my evening shower on leg days.

    I will sometimes wear rugby socks in the morning when it is really really cold, running out of them now though!!

  • Moving into colder weather, I am starting to think about a running hoodie. You don't still have any of those ones I seem to remember you were selling for fundraising your trip do you Bart?

  • I have a gray marl one with Raisey's branding , sleevless, size XS. When I say XS though, it fit me snugly 9not skin tight) when I weigh in at 80kg. But too snugly to use, so it has been tried on once by this ex prop!!

    speaking of hoodies - saw some nice ones too at Rebel the other day - sleevless.

  • Thanks Bart - don't think I really want one that is too tight for early morning runs. Will check out Rebel.


  • Sleeveless would be all good. I'm prob only just too big for that one of yours too Bart.

    Saw them warehouse ones and look pretty styley for $30!

  • yeah, sleevless is good, and yes, was most impressed by ware-whare!

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