Zombies Run iphone/ipod app

  • Not sure if I should be posting this here, or in the Offtopic\App thread.

    I having been having lots of fun with this - it is an app that tells you a story about a zombie apocalypse. You basically are a survivor in a small settlement, going out for runs for supplies. The more supplies you get, it unlocks different missions and tells you a story about yourself and the apocalypse.

    From a usability point of view, it is really well designed. You start the app when you head off on your run. It intesperses the story between whatever playlist you select. At random points, you pick up supplies, and a voice tells you over the music what you have just picked up. No interaction with the app is required while running.

    At certain times, the zombies get close, and there is nothing like the groans of the undead getting louder to get you to pick up your pace for 1 minute to outdistance them!

    When you finish your run, you can see what items you have picked up in, and see the base and its upgrades through the app.\

    I have found it to be a good motivational tool - I'm incredibly unfit, just trying to get into shape following a broken ankle. Since Christmas I have only been going out once a week but this makes me want to go out every day.

    Currently this is only available for iDevices, but the publisher has promised an Android version in the spring.


    Some screenshots from within game...



  • way cool, love it. A cycling one would be good for the Mrs!!

  • I'm sure you can use this for cycling.

    However saying that. I am not sure how safe it would be trying to speed up when the zombies attack (which seems to only be only for 1 minute every 20-30 minutes).

    My missus is thinking of using it on the treadmill - it has an experimental accelerometer function that you can use instead of the GPS. It recognizes your movements on the treadmill and translates that into speed and distance.

  • be bloody hard if you were in the middle of a big climb!!

  • Will defo download this, looks great thanks for the heads up.

    BTW.. it took you 8 mins to run 60 metres? I think your the only person in the world slower than me.

  • Yeah something like that is RIGHT up my alley despite basically being a non runner. I fucken love Zombie movies and have already planned a trip over the rimutakas should the unthinkable happen and we get invaded. Rapa folk have an average of about 5 firearms per household so my plan is to hold up there and wait for the cavalry to come and save us.

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