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  • So with the all clear from the surgeon on ripping into the weights for the bicep, it was time to [i][b]step onto the scales[/b][/i]... And yes it was as scary as that, my thoughts were in bold italic too when I decided it was time to get back on the super clean eating wagon.

    The results were not as bad as I feared, but still worse than I wanted (aren't they always)?

    Anyway, first weigh in.

    [b]Tuesday 2nd October: 91.4 kilos 14.7%BF[/b]

    Workout this morning chest and biceps, followed by 20 minutes on stationary cycle as I waited for Ness to finish her cardio.

    [b]Biceps: [/b]Not to increase weights by more than 20% a week. The loading of the tendon is good for repair etc, but don't overdo!
    Alternate DB curl: 3 sets 10 reps 10kg.
    One arm cable curl: 3 sets 12 reps 6kg.

    She's two weeks out from Nationals, and at each of the last weigh ins with nutritionist has been gaining muscle. UNheard of at this stage of lean down. So she off the weights, cardio-ing up a storm for the next two weeks as she tries to hammer off the last 1.7kg. She's down to 8 odd percent BF, and looking in the condition she was at BOP a few months ago, better even. So stress levels on the home front are certainly higher than normal, just hope the scales come to the party in the next day or three.

  • Welcome back as a full timer mate!!

  • Yeah JK, no hiding now...

    Legs day today, still doing the programmes as per trainier for Ness's rip up for nationals, so supersets with first set heavy and low reps, 2nd lighter and lots, It hurts in a good way. Wacked out last set of squats at 140 with plenty of room to spare on the poundage - 8 reps. Saw our trainer the other week (as opposed to nutritionist) at his gym for a workout, and he reckons my legs have grown, whcih is not really a good thing! But now I';ll be able to rip into upper body with no fears, hopefully it'll catch up....!! and the bicep!!

  • spin this morning, my second class as an instructor, no hiding when you're at the front of the class, but bonus bond, when you get knackered you can down tempo the class!!! But sweating like Mike Tyson at the end, time flies when you're getting ready to que changes and checking the stopwatch and listening to the music etc! Got another one tonight too, a beginners class. Yeah Right, Mountains, here we come... Picking up the slack as Ness runs out of energy pre Nationals, so only a couple more weeks left as instructor Bart!

  • 89.7 and 12.9% BF. Struggling to avoid the 'treats', but managing most of the time...

    Training going great guns, new programme, and new mind set now that have all clear to train on bicep. First deadlifts this morning - 120kg, 4 sets of 6. Felt OK on bicep, so will crap the weight up next week.

    Otherwise, all systems go...

  • Fark 12.9% body fat after that long off...still lower than me!

  • off training, still was eating [mostly] to plan!!!

  • LOVING it. Training hard again, heavy weights, low reps, oh oh oh...!!

    Chest today, incline press, 10, 8, 6, 6 reps. Up to 35kg dbs for the last 2 sets, probably got a little left in the tank there. Pause at the bottom too on this programme, so got to be doing something to the chest - one of my weak areas. Smith bench after that, chest already slammed, 10, 6, 4, 4, finishing last two sets there on 100kg, then a bunch of standing cable fly things.

    Biceps to follow, in the incline bench and cables. Up to 15kg DBs, so arm coming right, just want it to bloody GROW!!!

    that is all from bicep tear recovery central.

    almost all - Ness competed at Nationals 2 weeks ago, won open figure tall, her first national title, and then at the weekend just gone did the over 40s figure at North harbour and placed second, in pretty much a plain wrong call, but that's the way it goes in this mad sport. But one good thing about that, Ness WAS going to lay off the weights for a while and have a bit of a relax - do a boot camp in fact. First thing she did was txt our trainier and say, "fuck boot camp, give me some heavy weights".... all good!

  • This may be a silly question - but how are you measuring body fat?

  • Hey Booboo, got a set of those flash scales that measure BF and water content of body. Is good as a guide only though - I have found that they usually measure about 3% more than when I get caliper measures from nutritionist. So that is good!!

    Today legs day, SMASHED. Super set on leg press and then extensions, drop setted. so 6 heavy reps, then 15 lighter, then onto extensions and same again. Wondering how the walking will be going in a few hours!! Loving having Ness back.

  • Boom shanka - spin today, Ness taking the class so I was back with the masses and almost killed myself I reckon. Was a great class, legs smashed from yesterday, so will be drilled tomorrow, hope I can walk!!!!

    that is all.

    Must get myself back onto those scales, although they can be a curse and a blessing!

  • shoulders like boulders. If training stays like this for the next few months at any rate. lat raises supersetted with cable lat raises, arnold presses (I have never done those before, LOVE em), bent over cable thingies, and smith machine shrugs to finish off. Shoulders sore already, and don't talk to me about legs, ouch!

  • Mean as mate. Like those Arnie presses too - get a good range of movement from them

  • chest big enough to eat off. If it's a small meal that is...

    Chest today, enjoying the DB incline press. Did it second up today after the Smith presses (meant to do it this way, but Smith machine being used the last couple of weeks). Anyway, managed to press the 36kilos DBs. They suck though as they are those big rubber jubber jobbies, and they almost bounce when they hit at the top of the press. All good though.

    We're doing a ride around Rotorua next Sunday I think it is, 42 odd K. That'll be my first ride for the 'season'. Got a bike on the weekend from a mate, was 'rusitng away' in his sisters garage, a Canondale something or other, looks cool, about circa 1990s, so I'll be a retro rider. Still light as a feather. Just wonder how many drugs I'm meant to take to be a tour de France rider....!!

  • another leg demolition job this morning. chest demo'd from yesterday, legs were still a little wobbly from Saturday Deadlifts. All Good though, can't wait until we start cycling too...

    Ness going to be getting two leg workouts a week shortly, so my double day will probably be chest or shoulders, along with of course biceps, as I have the bay bicep on the right arm...!!

    Tomorrow, Shoulders like boulders day, I can't wait, more arnold presses, might up the weight a bit too, glided through my 6s last week.

    Weight, no idea, might check it out tomorrow after the gym if I remember!

  • Bugger, forgot to weigh in this morning, feeling leaner though, so that's half the battle, bugger the scales!

    Arnold press - upped to 27kg DBs for the last set of 6, 25s for the other 3 sets. Loving it, 2 more weeks I think on this programme.

    And on this fine summer day, that is all.

  • 90.4 and 12.6%.

    BUgger, still wanted to be below that 90 mark as per last weigh in, BF% down .3 though, so that means lean mass added, not blubber.

    Looks like I'll have to lower the calories to start that long haul back to competition weight... (80.5)...

    A half a spin class today, and bicep work, along with 'cross eyed leg press'... Half the class as gym put out a spin bike with cleats for me, and my cleats didn't match, so wandered off and did a few bicep exercises before wandering back into the class and jumping onto a spare bike of someone who did not turn up!

    Cross eyed leg press. Single leg press, but your foot goes to the OPPOSITE foot plate - up near the top. Ugly exercise, you won't be piling on the weight as the pressure on your crooked body is pretty ugly. Targets the outer sweep of your quad though, and also gets into the glutes.

    Don' know the real name of the exercise, but that name seems to fit, aim for one foot plate and get the other...!!

  • so the Mrs cycled to Waihi yesterday, I drove over, parked the car and started cycling back to Whangamata to meet her. So she got a 30k cycle, and I ended up with a 20k cycle. Got little warm up for the Rotorua ccycle thing we're going to do this Sunday, 42 k around the lake.

    TOday's gym was back day, nice one, Dead lifts, back a bit sore from the cycle I guess, so didn't go as heavy as usual, and instead of pulldowns, threw in some wide grip pullups, and managed them OK, only five before the bicep on the inside elbow would tell me to fark off, but a start. Last rep on each would hang and hold with arms at right angle from shoudlers in a half pullup. So getting strength back, slowly!

  • Round the Lakes cycle in Rotorua today, one lap, 42 odd K. Rode with Ness and we did it in about 1:28. Great fun, heard one crash behind us, saw an almost bike v camper van head on, but otherwise pretty unscathed. Not a very hilly course, which was almost disappointing, as when there were hills, we just monstered them - Whangamata great training for that, it was like the other riders were on a treadmill going backwards!! Loved it. Looking forward to next time we do another short course, will head at on my tod next time and see how fast I can go, was well within myself on this one!

    Ness is hammered though in bed asleep not feeling the flashest. Lots of sun and fun though, Ness 12th chick overall in the 42k, not a bad effort for one training ride last week Whangamata to waihi, 28k!!

  • Ouch and not ouch. Visit to nutritionist today, and my first weigh in / measure since a loooooong time ago - probably pre the June 30 Waikato show in 2012. Anyway, [b]weight was 92.5[/b], and [b]bodyfat 10.7[/b]. So weight more than I would have wanted, but thanks to the carb up for the cycle in the weekend we'd both be holding fluid at the moment (Ness's weight was up too, but this morning was down a couple of KG)! Lean body mass is 82.5 kg, so that is 2 kilos over what I need to weigh in at on competition days. So interesting facts and figures.

    Where to from here? Well back on the bandwagon, no more cookie times for me! Apart from on treat days which will now be a weekly event, as opposed to whenever the hell I feel like it... So first target is to get below 90 and into the mid 80s so when the lean down comes along in few months I'm not having to do it hard!

    Training today was legs, last one before we start our new programme where Ness does legs twice a week, and I crank chest / biceps through two workouts a week. Bring it on, can't wait. Over.

  • shoulders today once again, and was awesomely awesome. Current workout rocks, pity it ends this week, although I expect next week will rock just as much...!

    Day 2 of eating cleaner than a clean bean. Feeling good!

  • 25k bike ride this evening, did 3 laps of the óld pub road'' in Whanga. about a 7k loop, each loop 14 minutes, second and 3rd a little faster then the previous laps. good fun, few nice hills to test the legs.

  • spin this morning. Cracker class, legs already smashed to pieces by last nights ride and the previous days weights and probably still Sundays 42 ride. AT any rate, all systems go, and now tonight for the 2nd chest session of the week - starting the new programme's regime a week early - exciting times.

    Weight this monring on scales 89.9, yay, 3 days clean eating and the scales come down. At the same time stupid scales, had my BF% at 14.9, so even when you take the 3 off, puts me at 11.9, as opposed to the calipers 10.7! But really, who cares, feeling tighter, all systems are go!

  • Are those stupid scales similar to what I was using Bart? Like stand on em and it magically reads body fat %.

    If theres a common discrepancy to calipers then that gives me a bit of comfort as I think I'm a couple of % lower than what it tells me. Not that those numbers mean alot to me but just out of interest

  • yup thse are the ones - mine vary up to 2 or 3 percent a day (it depends how hydrated you are), when I weight myself lots I found in the past. Usually about 3 percent though above what the calipers tell me I have found. That is until I'm hitting my comp weight, then I think it's pretty sport on!

  • SO THursday last was 2nd chest day - wicked, felt puffed up like a blower fish at the end. Then on Friday was back day, another good - strapped onto the rop for seated rows (using a rope at the moment instead of handles), and with the grip not giving away and fingers not killing you over the last few reps, MUCH better results and back killed.

    Theeeeen, Saturday Ness did her second legs, I did a treadmill / cycle bore 40 minute gig.

    Sunday, the big one, cycled to Waihi and back. Those hill are killer on the way over. 4k for the hardest climb, the other 2 'big' climbs 1.5. But they're nothing compared to the 4! Coming back, a breeze in comparison. Total ride after adding on
    the old pub road' at then end just over 70k in just around 3 hours. Our half of the Taupo ride should be a breeze after that....

    This morning first day of the new programme, chest day, and K-Pow. Awesome 0 Dazza out done himself once again. Dumbell press drop sets. 6 reps, then 8 reps, then 12 reps, a killer, and if I thought I had been puffed up after last Thursday, this time I about 2000PSI in each pec!!

    then some DB preacher curls, tough on the dodgy arm, but managing through it, followed by some cable curls. And that, was that,

  • legs today, and a short attack - Ness having two leg workouts a week, this one more focussed on quads, second one more on hamstrings. Anyway, smith machine squats to start, normal stance, 8, 6,6,6. Was cool, heavy weights, and slow reps, amazing how much slower you go when the weight is guided. Then single atlernate extensions, DB hamsting curls, and seated calf raises. All hard and heavy. loverly stuff.

  • a few good days training behind us since last Tuesday I Think it was. Second chest / biceps again left me puffed up like a overloaded puffer fish, love it. Gotta be growing. Weighted in aagain last week, 90.8, so up a KG and BF still the same. She's going to be a hard row to hoe when it comes to getting weight back down for comps. Or enter physique and get my arse kicked. Decisions!

    Did a cycle yesterday, last big one before my half of the lake taupo ride. Went to Tairua and up PUmpkin Hill past Tairua. total of 90 odd kilometres by the end of the ride, very tired, and very hungry at the end of it!! All good though, Taupo should now not kick our arse...!

  • Sounds like doing well there Bart.

    What are the weight cutoffs for the classes?

  • Well, still ticking along - weights, walking, cycling...

    Taupo - did the first two legs in 2:52, and then waited for Ness to arrive. She arrived, and promptly said, "shall we do another leg". Unfortunately my bike was easy to get off the racks, so the answer was OK! So we ended up doing 116k, great fun, and would have gone on and done the whole thing but ran out of food! I got some mean quad cramps going up some mother hill at 57k, but a water station at the top saved me - drunk and refilled bottles like mad, ate food, and was fine from then on in. If I get into this more in the future need to learn about fueling body more!

    Weights all good, enjoying, hard work, business as usual.

    Exciting news, some local NZ TV programme is needing bodybuilding extras for some episode, so Ness is going to be on stage, while I am going to be a bodybuilding muscle geek in background! I don't even know what it's called - will find out details, filming mid December, we need to be there for a couple of days, should be a bit of a giggle! I expect a spin off programme within months at the very least...

    JK - weight cut offs - it's a height to weight thing. Take your height in cm, minus 100, plus 2. (or just take off 98!) so 178.5 height means I can be 80.5kg. If you were 200 you'd be 102kg etc.

  • holy shit. 90.2kg and 8.5% BF. so that's all good and all bad all at the same time! 80.5kg competition weight seems a looong way away at the moment. Might have to be at negative BF%... Is that dead?

  • No - it just means part of you can't exist in the physical world

  • Turning in to a beast Bart!

  • just numbers JK - I feel 'normal' for want of a better word - I certainly don't feel that lean!! But I'll bloody take it!

  • Have you read Total Recall from Arnold? Gives some good highlights (some old, some new) about his bodybuilding days in the beginning. Interesting reading his explanation of his mindset, and how he approached training.

    Kind of crazy how much he was fitting into a day (real estate business, a degree spread out over multiple colleges because of his visa, training, working at the gym, mail order business, etc, etc, etc). He was a machine.

  • [quote name='Kirwan' timestamp='1354673958' post='330883']
    Have you read Total Recall from Arnold? Gives some good highlights (some old, some new) about his bodybuilding days in the beginning. Interesting reading his explanation of his mindset, and how he approached training.

    [b]Kind of crazy how much he was fitting into a day[/b] (real estate business, a degree spread out over multiple colleges because of his visa, training, working at the gym, mail order business, etc, etc, etc). He was a machine.

    Obviously no time for acting classes.

  • [quote name='MN5' timestamp='1354679146' post='330915']
    Obviously no time for acting classes.

    Actually, wrong, as he was doing that too. He's no Marlon Brando, sure, but even what he did is not easy to do.

  • It's pretty amazing what you can fit in when you alarm shrills in your ear at 5:10 each morning...!!!! Even when you get up at 6, you've had a sleep in!!

  • Especially with this much daylight. I should be up in the mountains hiking... was picture bloody perfect at 5.30 this morning for a coffee and some oats right here:

  • first decent pump in my biceps today at lunchtime - doing the second chest / bicep workout of the week. Fitting it in through lunch hour as after work Ness has a Xmas do at her work. But a decent bloody pump, was almost frightening!!

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