Southern Cross App

  • Is this the worst app, ever? You. Only use it every once in a while. Easy to make a claim, but you pay for this ease later. Eventually you'll get an update that your claim has been assessed. But can you find out the result when you hit on the notification and go into the app? Nooooo, don't be silly. You then have to log into My Southern Cross, seems every time from scratch. So I can never recall my password. Easiky reset? Noooooo. Grab the membership card for your policy number, then enter a verification code, then change password and finally, you're in! Check the claim result now? Nooooo. Can't find that. Don't be silly. Last comms date back to November 2019! What a pack of fuckwits.

  • Hehe I was thinking "oooh this looks interesting". Oh it's about an insurance company.

  • @shark Yep, it's the most useless commercial one I've seen.

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