Picking heavy stuff off the floor/creatine and other issues.

  • Hi everyone. I've not been around the Fern much recently due to that old work life balance thing. But now I've freed up some decent time for my self I joined a gym and have recently discovered, or rediscovered, how much I enjoy picking heavy stuff up.

    So here's what I'm doing;

    Routine A - Squat, Benchpress, Barbell Rows
    Routine B - Squat, Military Press, Deadlift

    Week 1 Mon - Routine A, Wed Routine B, Fri Routine A
    Week 2 Mon - B, Wed - A, Fri - B.

    Each exercise is based around 5 sets of 5 reps with as heavy as I can get on the bar and I add weight the next session after I complete 5x5 on each exercise.

    I do pull ups twice a week and dips once a week, when I feel like it.

    I'm starting after 16 years of relative inactivity and have been messing about with various routines and exercises for the past six weeks before settling on the above, it suits me. I do lots of stretching away from the gym and I swim twice a week for cardio as well as upping the pace whist walking the dog for an hour each day. I weigh 119kg at 185cm or, 18stones 10 pounds at six foot one inch. I could do with losing a pound or two or twenty.

    So that's about it, I'm hoping writing this down like some of you have will keep me going.

    One last question, have any of you taken creatine and what do you think of it if you have?

  • It sure is a great addiction to have and that is a proven routine you have there. Squatting 3 times a week is a bit of a challenge though, especially on the day when also deadlifting. I've seen some people drop the weights down for squats on that day and others drop it all together and replace with pullups.

    As for creatine, I use it and its one of the few supplements that is actually proven to work. Its cheap too so why not.

  • Hi JK, I'm working at around my bodyweight on the squats and deadlifts at the moment, 5 sets of 5 reps, but I think you are right in that it might prove too much to be deadlifting at the same session once I start upping the weight on both exercises, subbing pullups for the squat on those days will fit nicely - thanks for the tip.

    My back went into spasm a couple of years ago and I've been a little bit scared of it doing so again - I spent the best part of a week in bed that time - so I'm just easing my way through this at the moment, lots of stretching and low impact stuff like laps of the pool.

  • How do you find the pullups at 119kg mate?

    If you are struggling, I would suggest to try do as many as you can and then do weight assisted pullups to keep the volume there. eg, 2 or 3 at bodyweight and then weight assisted for another 9 or 10.

    Another option with the deadlifts is just to work up to 1 heavy set of 5reps. This is what they prescribe in both starting strength and the stronglifts 5x5 programme. Could be a good idea to preserve that back of yours too.

  • It is Mehdi's Stronglifts 5x5 programme that I'm basing my routine on. I'm currently doing 5 sets of deadlifts at bodyweight, but I think I might go down to one set and up the weight, like he recommends, once I'm confident that my lower back won't ping out and hit the wall behind me.

    As for the pull ups - well yes, it's tough going at my weight, but we've got an assisted pullup/dips machine at the gym which I'm using until my strength increases and my weight decreases - then you flip the platform back and do the exercises unaided.

    I'm benching 90kg for 5 sets of 5 and I'm pleased with that, considering how long I've been away from training. I set my goal at 100kg for the 5x5.
    I'd also like to weigh 100 kg - that will take a while though.

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