And back in Whangamata...

  • Still trucking along, life full of changes etc - painting now (commercial) 4 days an week and 1 day a week being a computer nerd.
    Have given up on the weight restricted classes bodybulding after last years nationals, it was NO fun getting down to 80.5 kilos.  So did the North harbour contest a wqeek later at 83.5 kilos looking a million bucks better and won the 40+ Physique class. 
    So that is now my goal - nationals Physique 40+.  Kissing any more overall national titles goodbye, but might be able to land a class title.  Change of focus from win win win to enjoy enjoy enjoy.  Had to remember why I do this sport, and feeling better for the mind shift.
    Weight now 97 kilos at 12.5% as I head into my first leandown since Harbour in October last year. 
    So getting to 2-4 percent should see me weighing in at around 86 odd kilos come the big show.  Can't wait!
    Left shoulder still gives me gyp for random reasons so some chest and shoulder days I am Mr Wimp, and others can go full throttle. 
    Started cardio for the first time since North Harbour tonight too - 25 minutes on the treadmill and then a 20 mimute row - 5388m, whcih put me on the top of our gym rowing ladder.  heh - first row for years, love it, when this BB lark is over I'll be back into rowing like a pig into shit.

  • Great to have ya back mate.
    Hows that bicep nowdays?

  • Rooted still. But just how it will be.

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