Fatbusting: Fester's Log

  • Hi all, I saw this and decided to hop on the wagon as I too need to lose weight.

    Start: 6'3", 128.6 kg (ugh), 32% body fat

    Goal: 106 kg, 10-13% body fat

    ETA: 1 January, 2007

    Started doing Weight Watchers. I feel like I'm handing in my balls every time I walk in, but I need something regimented in order to lose the kilos (or pounds). I've been trying to make a push into the Super League team for my club (that's the top Marakin club league) but am quite obviously being held back by the enormous stomach I have to lug around for 80 mins. Fortunately I'm still young, so if I can make some changes, it should be very handy. I actually get fairly regular exercise, since I still play, but I need to ramp up the gym sessions in intensity in order to pack on more muscle and burn more fat. Food's the biggest issue. I grew up in a family of cooks so I love to eat and eat well. Not really the McDonald's or pies type, but all can be said in what I had on Sunday to celebrate St David's Day: Stuffed pork tenderloin, a leek pie, and fresh baked bread with a bottle of ale. Tremendous meal, but not exactly low in fat.

    Anyway, so today's my first day of posting a journal on the Fern. Had a 50-minute gym session this afternoon with a 2 mile walk home, carrying the gym bag. Had weetabix and a cuppa for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, some leftovers in the afternoon (BAD), and another sandwich for dinner. The Subway kind, so it wasn't bad for me.

    Here goes..

  • Nothing wrong with Weight Watchers Fester - a mate of mine did it and dropped from 85kg to 69kg in a few months with a healthy complement of exercise. I think he's a bit skinny to be honest, but the man has boundless energy.

  • Good on you FTM; welcome aboard. And there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers. One of the hopes for this forum is that it will present a diversity of health and fitness options, not a consensus. The more things people try, the more options or ideas it hopefully gives others.

    Also to be remembered is that people are not necessarily looking for some sort of objective "optimum" way to lose weight or exercise or do both. First of all, as has previously been discussed, methods and results are going to vary between people perhaps very widely. So there most probably isn't a magic formula which is one size fits all.

    Secondly, everyone is looking for something different in terms of results anyway, building up various parts, slimming down others, sleeping better, throwing further, looking trimmer etc. etc.

    Thirdly, and finally, even if there was a magic formula which was the "best" way to lose weight, that wouldn't itself suit everyone, or indeed anyone. Everybody is trying to find the compromise for them which best suits them as individuals, balancing things like trying to undertake fitness activities they enjoy (or least hate) and eating foods they can stomach (or even enjoy). They are also balancing many other factors such as the desire for regimentation (in your case) or the desire for flexibility in exercise and fitness routines (in other peoples cases) and so on.Â

    The goal for most of us, I guess, and if you'll excuse me being presumptuous, is to make fatbusting fun, or at least something more fun that it would be if we were on our own. But the method you choose to fatbust, or the variety of those methods, is up to you. The more variety the merrier. As long as it works for you.

    For example, if you picked up at Weight Watchers, MvJ would be signing up immediately and Barnyard too. Not that we could fit through the door at the same timeÂ

    I look forward to seeing your reports on progress, and thanks for joining in the fun.

  • Hi fellas. Haven't been eating as well as I could the last two days, but ending the skid with a good supper of salad with whole-wheat pasta.

    Completely quit drinking, which kinda sucks, but the fact is beer kills your metabolism like nothing else, so bye-bye. Might have the odd pint of Guinness (low-carbs) after a match, but other than that, drinking is no more. Going to try to hit up the gym before my class tomorrow. My university classes don't start until slightly later, so I've really got to make those 2-3 hours count with some big time gym work.

    Any fellas got some ideas for reducing burnout? I'm feeling oddly burnt out about rugby. I guess it's due to the poorer physical condition I'm in, but I just can't be bothered a lot of the time. I'm fine during a match, but during the week I'm finding it hard to put in the effort. Anybody have some tips to gee me up?

    If I can put in some good work the next few days and really eat right, I could lose a pound or even two before my meeting on Monday, which would really make me feel better about all this.

  • Get into the weights and aerobic training and your metabolism will pick up. Avoid foods high in sugars or you'll crash hard shortly afterwards as your insulin clamps down on the sugar rush.

  • I can only say what works for me, but small targets for the week motivates me. Say like go x number of times, and once there beat your last time on the rowing machine, etc. And keep track of your results so you can see progress.

    Depends if you are a competitive sort or not I guess.

  • Had weetabix and a banana for breakfast.

    Had a big sandwich for lunch. Pancetta and proscuitto with a bit of fontina. Not really what you want to do when you lose weight, but I think it's more than doable with a light dinner.

    Had training after that. I basically hate rugby at the moment, but it was good to have a tackling drill tonight...

    Dinner was salmon with a baked potato and some cauliflower. Bit of low-fat sour cream on the potato for flavour, nothing too bad. Not bad I think. Haven't had a fizzy drink or alcohol since I started.

    Will try to get in some gym work before class tomorrow, if not, then I'll do it after.

  • Hi fellas. Thought I had a good week this week. Ate more responsibly, worked out more, so I think I lost some weight going into the weigh in tomorrow.

    One of the few good things about getting fuckin' clocked during a game is it kept me off the post-match piss and burgers, ended up having a slice of pizza (very light on the cheese, which is the source of the fat and the way I like it anyway) and water instead. Feel a bit thinner too.

  • Two weeks in, and now I weigh 126.2 kgs. Really good start so far.

  • 👏 Keep it up Fester. Don't forget to give yourself a day off every now and then.

    And when you get down to about 115kg, go find that guy that hit you from behind the ruck the shit right out of him when the opportunity presents itself

  • Another week, another KG and change off. 125.3 kg now.

    Oh, and Once were Warriors is on TV.

  • good work fester.  We'll have a pretty handy TSF frontrow fit and ready to battle soon!!  How the clothing gage going, pants fitting better etc...?

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    good work fester.  We'll have a pretty handy TSF frontrow fit and ready to battle soon!!  How the clothing gage going, pants fitting better etc...?
    Hard to tell. Yeah, I guess so. Wore an XXL shirt today..was fairly loose on the old tyre.

    God, Once Were Warriors is farkin depressing (never seen it before). I need a drink!!!

  • and some eggs....Â

  • And some speed work :whistle:

  • Pants were really loose yesterday. I liked it!

    Had two cheat days in a row here. Understandable when you lose half a stone so quickly, since I think the back of your mind tells you that you can eat more and still lose weight, but time to get back on the wagon tomorrow with more disciplined meals.

    I have a threeday weekend so I'm going to try to get the gym at least twice.

  • Just played about forty minutes of football. Ran all over the pitch, so good cardio workout there.

    I was pretty good at setting up goals as well, which probably says a lot about the standard of football being played of a 120 kg man could play midfield general.

  • that is one advantage about being a big bloke, having your own gravitational field, so the ball naturally starts orbitibg you, and eveyone else just thinks its great ball control!!

  • Got back on the saddle today with my first match since the broken nose.

    Did pretty well. Didn't have many carries or tackles but really hit the rucks well and wheeled the opposition scrum constantly. Unfortunately they had the best maul I've ever played against and fought out an outstanding draw - 36-36.

    Even drank light beer during the post-match. Ooh er.

  • Back.



    Spent two out of the past four days in the gym with punishing workouts. Today's was particularly needed since work sucked bigtime and I needed to work out the stress, and I feel mellow as a hippy now. Can feel the biceps bulging. Still a ways off my goal weight but on the right track again.

    Watched a pretty interesting thing about metabolisms tonight and all the shit we put in ourselves that hurts it. Think it may have put me off having a breakfast during the Aussie-SA match at the pub - may go eat muesli at home instead, toss in some almonds and be set for several hours.

    Not giving up my Guinness though...

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