2016 Signings

  • Hi all,its been a lttle quiet on the forum,,so i thought i would do a little bit of digging,i can confirm a couple of signings,Erenimo Tau a winger from South Canterbury has signed a 2 year deal with the Taniwha,dont know a whole lot about this player,but just checking out some of the photo images,looks quite strapping,and i would imagine has reasonable pace,from what i have heard from round the traps,Otago first five Peter Breen has also been signed,a very competant first five who can also play fullback,is also a very good goalkicker,i have also heard some rumours that Matt Matich is also returning North as welll

  • Matt is the RDO for Northern Wairoa so would make sense, he seems to be making every post a winner at the moment too....have heard a young fella from England, Guy Wood is heading to MW this season, ex-England school boy, is a clip on youtube of him, looks handy, another outside back, add in Lawibuka who seems to be making great strides with 7s and Blues dev, should be some competition, however, we will need someone to hold up the scrum with Waa who by all accounts is looking pretty good for the Blues in pre-season.
    Speaking of the Blues dev, was Jordan Olsen, Lawibuka, Josh Goodhue and Matich (listed as Northland)

  • Great that Matt is back. On the website it referred to Jordan Hyland but Jordan Olsen makes sense.

  • Hhmmm, I wonder if I got it wrong, as I thought it was Hyland but assumed it was Olsen....but the FB page also says Hyland.

  • What about Matt Wright?

  • I would have assumed Olsen over Hyland too..
    I also note Peter Breen has been added to the Blues Development programme as well. I think this bloke is a pretty handy signing, he will bring a lot more cleverness to our pivotal play than another certain 10 we have..

  • Even though Ihaia has been given the backing of Umaga, he will need to step up this year and really claim the jersey, because there is a real lack of a decent 10 up here.
    If Breen is in the dev side, I wonder if that assisted with us getting him up here?

  • FB page shows a photo and is Jordan Hyland, no mention of Matich in this one but includes Breen.

  • Couldn't recognise the players - who did the best on the beep test?

  • I recently saw somewhere that Kurt Davies is playing club rugby in Auckland
    Also heard from a fairly reliable source that Matt Wright and Stolberg won't be playing any games for Northland as they've signed contracts with clubs in France and Japan.
    Can anybody enlighten us more?

  • Davies played in Auckland last year too didnt he?? pretty sure the rumour I heard was he was getting more value from club footy than he was from the basic ITM contract.
    Not surprised on Stolberg...gutted if Matt has gone, but not surprised, he has played rugby good enough to be in super rugby the past 2 seasons but hasnt got over the line, one of our more consistent players the past 2 seasons too, even in last years disastrous season  😞

  • Yes Matt Wright is one guy who is very unlucky. Ferris didn't select him originally, but since then he has been great value even when the team hasn't performed. Last year was just such a bad year all round that a player like him on the cusp didn't have a chance and missed out, when with my Cambridge blue eyes he offers more than Matt McGhan ( not a fan ).

  • with the murmers that the Highlanders were looking at him, I wonder if it was Faddes he lost out to, which as it has shown, turned out to be a good move, although we will never know how Wright would go.

  • Josh Goodhue - fantastic.

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