Gavynz's fatbusting log

  • Right,

    I'm 82kg's which is about 7 kgs over my target weight of 75kgs.

    Goal is to lose the developing beer belly(I have given up beer as of last week) and basically get fitter than I am.

    I have a programme at the local gym which consist of the following, 4 days a week.

    2 X 12 Lunges
    2 X 15 SB Squats
    2 X 12 Machine Press
    2 X 12 Seated Row
    2 X 10 Cable Curl
    2 X 15 Rope Pull Down
    2 X 12 SB Crunch

    And 30 mins a session cardio(Bike or TMill)

    I have finished my 3rd session and am not dead yet.....any comments, tips?

    One thing I'm struggling with is what to eat.

  • Muesli, honey and yoghurt for brekkie with a glass of juice
    Chicken breast and boiled egg for mid morning snack
    Turkey Salad Sandwich for lunch
    Cashews & Almonds for afternoon snack

    Dinner for me is always meat and 2 veg, be it fish, chicken, beef, lamb pork.
    Veggies i usually go for lots of greens
    I steer clear of carb rich foods but if i must have noodles, rice, pasta or spuds, i resist the temptation to build a mountain of the stuff.

    Dessert is yoghurt and a banana

    oh and in between all that, i'll scoff down apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and if available, the best fruit in the world - nashi pears


  • Another one down,  managed 50 on the cardio this session too.  😁

    My diet is still not quite right but getting there!

    Definitly feeling the effects of the weights, need a good recovery period obviously as has been quite sore the last couple of sessions.

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