MOTM v Manawatu

  • Pick your 3

  • For me, Goodhue, Matich and Alaimona.
    Goodhue was everywhere in the first half, throwing himseldf into everything, went quiet in the second spell.
    Matich was a machine, worked tirelessly on and off the ball, even copped a bit of a knee and kick which I assume wont be cited as the cameras missed it?
    Alaimona, looked classy at the back, has some serious gas, although a couple of times he got in the open and you thought he'd tear away, he was taken down.
    Special mentions to Pryor, very busy, but has some blood rushes and makes some poor decisions and falls off, or more bounces off some tackles, Olsen was very good also, strong all round the park (what happened to Moulds?) and Nock, seemed to play with a bit more authority than last year, hopefully this will be his season.
    Hopefully our fitness isnt an issue either, as we seemed to struggle in that final quarter, although it was the 1st quarter that lost that game, or more accurately, that try they scored off our scrum was probably the key moment.

  • I went for another 3 ( a good sign that we had players putting their hands up! )
    Olsen who will push for hooking spot with a high work rates, Nock who has improved a lot since last year - looks a complete player at this level now, Kara Pryor who made a lot of mistakes but also did a lot of things I.e. has a huge impact on the game

  • I went for the exact same 3 players as Kev.
    I thought Kara Pryor made some errors but he also looked like one of the best players out on the field. If he can tidy those up he is going to be very dominant this year.
    Sam Nock gives us a lot more time than most teams because his service is so good. Maybe it's a one off but I can see why he's so highly rated. He didn't seem that tired when came off so I don't know why he was brought off - he could be a guy that could play 80 minutes I think.
    Jordan Olsen was my third pick. He really stood out for me, was very busy and made some powerful runs. As Kev said he's going to push Moulds hard for the starting spot.
    Other standouts for me: Neville Goodhue, Matich, Alaimalo and Breen.

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