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    No training in the last week. Bubs arrived on Thursday and we escaped the hospital on Sunday night. Our new young man is hale and healthy and mum is doing great. Big sis is starting to click that this little bundle of joy is sticking around. Aroha, ahhhs and a bit of sibling jealousy but all par for the course!!

    Frothing to get back into training but sleep is #1 priority... well after bubs and mum of course!

    Congrats bud!!

  • @JK cheers bro! Week three and he's a hungry wee bugger!

    Trained chest twice since my last update and hit legs today. Everything is trucking along nicely - weight is coming off and I'm pretty much back to 105-106kg. But I definitely swapped some muscle mass for belly fat lol. But that will sort itself as I'm actually managing some decent training. But having to fly solo as I'm at the gym in the early afternoon. Trying to catch up for one session with my bro each week.

    Have gone up to 130kg for doubles in the chest workouts but that felt mucho heavy. So no rush to see how my 1RM is sitting for a while yet.
    Legs today were great. Gone right back to basics and just heaps of form work and steady warm up sets etc. Didn't go beyond 100kg today and just focused on controlled lifting. In saying that there was a big effort difference between 100kg paused back squats and 100kg front squats. Fronts are waaay harder lol.

  • did some overhead stuff and some arms on Friday. Rolling solo again as it was an early arvo session.

    Mobility to warm up - added in some Y and Ts as they get things nicely fired up for overhead mahi. Slow and steady again though with the increases in weight. Did two sets of 5-6 reps at each of the following, bar, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg. Then moved to push press sets. Did 70kg for 5 then 3 by 3 at 80kg. That felt pretty comfortable by the last set - but my legs were still super knackered from earlier in the week.

    Did 3 sets of standing KB press (one arm at a time) in waiters carry grip. Sets of 6 at 14kg, 16kg and 18kg.
    Did a 2 supersets of of cable bicep curls (21's) and rope pull downs for triceps. nice pump to finish up.

  • Biddies. Usual warm up. Bunch of reps with the bar then 5s at 60, 80 and 100. Then 5 by 3 at 120. Felt heeeeavy. Then 60kg for 8 on incline. Then 3 sets of 6 at 80kg.

    Missing working out with my bro. Newborns really funk ya scheduling lol

  • And cruising around 104kg. 1kg off my lightest since 2000! Getting back into my fasting routine and have been really good with portion size also.

  • Leg session today. Work has been intense and life is hectic anyway with bubs. Didn't make the gym yesterday and I was salty af. Made sure I had time today.

    Legs. Tried out a new warm up. Body weight squats, a couple of hip activation movements (I think), and some more body weight squats with a band. Then I started with back squats at 60kg. Three sets of 5. Then I moved to front squats, opening with 60kg. Two sets of 60kg, then 5's at 70kg, and 80kg. Then triples at 90kg and 100kg x2. Finished up with two sets of back squats at 100kg - second set with 3 sec pauses in the hole.

    Legs felt great after that. Left knee was a bit niggly around my kneecap, but I just focused on form and let things take care of themselves... oh, and not go too heavy and break myself.

    Got a sat morning workout lined up with my bro. Can smell a big arms, back, chest monster incoming! tumeke!!

  • Trained on sat morning but holy shit I was light on sleep. Double scooped on pre-workout but I crashed hard near the end of the workout - nada in the tank at that point.

    Did some warm ups for biddies. Then into bench. Did a bunch of sets at 60kg and 80kg, then 4 working sets of 8-10 reps at 100kg. Wasn't keen to go any heavier. Ran into an old gym acquaintance and he distracted us with adding in some DB overheads and close grip pressing... as part of super sets with regular bench.

    My triceps still hurt like a fucker today. Pure fire!! It was pretty funny actually, his training approach is pure broscience and based on what got him gains. So he was giving a lot of contrary cues to what we've been doing. Breathing during a lift, narrower set up for bench, not as worried about leg position etc. So a lot of uh huh and nodding as we all pretty did our usual stuff.

    But it is cool to hear about what people have found successful.

  • Legs today. No chance of front squats as my triceps are still spicy af. Did manage to do some stretching though and did a bunch of digging yesterday so that helped too.

    Continued with limited stretching. Just my hips and a bunch of body weight squats and lunges to fire things up. Quite like the new approach, and the extra time under the bar is always good. Warm up for my working sets was 2 sets of 5 with the bar only. Then two sets of 8 at 60kg and a set of 6 at 80kg. Working sets were 5 by 5 at 105kg. Weighed in at 104.7kg so wanted to be repping body weight 🙂
    Felt like it wasn't till the 4th set that I really hit my stride. Just need to find a way to wrangle more volume. I did a strict 2min break between working sets to keep things focused. Trying to make each rep mint and keep everything activated. Zero niggles today too, so that is a good sign!

    Finished with 2 more sets at 60kg with some pause reps thrown in. Did a bunch of reps with the bar on wide grip press. Trying to open things up a bit. Then it was 2 sets of 15 goblet squats with 32kg KB.

  • Bunch of overhead stuff this afternoon.

    Y and Ts to warm up. Then a couple of sets of wide grip behind the head press with the bar. Then I was doing two sets of 5 at each weight as I got a feel for where the heavier sets would end up. So that was double sets at 30kg and 40kg.

    Then I started my push pressing with doubles at 60kg, 70kg, 80kg. Then I moved to triples (but still 2 sets of each) at 90kg and 95kg. Was well pleased with that effort. Moved nicely and felt solid overhead.

    Did 3 sets of 5 at 60kg on military press. Then 3 rounds of KB press (one armed). Sets of 8 each arm at 14kg then 16kg x2.

    Knocked that off at a decent clip. Say a 90sec rest max between sets. It was humid af so I was drenched. Nasty lol.

  • Trained chest on Monday. A rare workout with my bro which was cool.

    Standard warm up then bench first up. Two sets of 8-10 at 60kg and then 80kg. Three working sets of 100kg for 10.
    Incline bench was more about volume. Three sets of 10 at 60kg. Can feel my lats today, incline press is sneaky like that.

    Pretty much sitting on 103kg currently. Mix of fasting and caloric deficit seem to be doing the trick. I know I need to drink more water, especially when my sleep is being hammered. But the hundy is in sight!

  • Did an interesting chest workout the other day. Had 4 sets DB flies and then moved in the incline DB press - 3 sets of 10 with 10sec breaks between sets then straight in to 3 sets of 10 pressups with the same 10sec breaks. Rested for a minute then did it again, and again.

    Could farken feel it next day I tell ya!

  • @JK ooh that sounds mean! Push ups are just straight out gold. Like the combo with incline. Better than superset with flat bench I reckon

  • @Paekakboyz said in Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log:

    @JK ooh that sounds mean! Push ups are just straight out gold. Like the combo with incline. Better than superset with flat bench I reckon

    Yeah mate I thought so too. I saw it online somewhere but was done with flat bench and thought would tweak it slightly

  • @JK creme de la creme of broscience right there bro! noice ha ha

  • First workout since I got back from Tool. A bit ruined from lack of sleep but fasting has been going well. Hit 102.3kg today and have managed several 14+hour fasts this week. Need to be drinking more water but coffee is keeping my eyes open lol.

    Wanted to do front squats but my right wrist is sore af from holding junior in his preferred burp position 🙂 So after two light sets I switched to back squats. I did some banded squats with 60kg and bodyweight. Then hit some lat stretches pulling on a band to open up the lat.

    Then it was sets of 5 at 60kg, 80kg, 90kg. Then I did 5 by 3 at 105kg. With sets on the minute. That added enough spice to avoid pushing much heavier. Not sure if it's the bodyweight loss or tiredness... or both! that is impacting training. I probably trained too soon after kai today as well, so I broke my fast at 12.30 then was lifting at 2pm.

    Ah well, still got a workout done!

  • Short chest work out this afternoon. Flying solo again. Weighed in at 102.2 after a week of iffy sleep and slightly loose eating 🙂 Had also had my first meal of the day about 1.5 hours before training so quite likely I was sitting at 101.something today.

    Man, felt the lack of sleep and lighter body weight today... oh, and the impact of sporadic training of late ha ha. Binch felt heavy as! Usual warm ups but I do tend to go faster through everything when I'm training on my own. Probably had 30sec rests between most sets, with a couple of longer breaks for a quick drink.

    Opened bench with 3 sets of 8 reps at 60kg. Then 6 at 80kg (which felt heavy eek), then 3 sets of 6-8 at 100kg. With one final set of 8 at 60kg.
    Three sets of 8-10 at 60kg for incline press.
    Standing KB press. Three sets of 6 reps each arm. 14kg, 14kg and 16kg KBs.
    Also did a couple of sets of widegrip strict pressing with just the bar. Not sure if it's related to holding kids all the time but my front shoulder/delts were sore throughout.

    Latest lifestyle change is cutting down on diet/sugar free soft drinks and not drastically increasing my coffee consumption. Aiming for 3 max a day with water in between.

    If I'm knocking about at 101-102 by the weekend that's an easy 10kg lost through fasting and slightly improved eating. Giddy up!

  • oops - several workouts - including at least a couple in the gym completed since the last update.

    Since we've been on lockdown I've done 4 vidcall workouts with family and my gym bros. More bodyweight and cardio with the family sessions but I've only got 6kg DBs. Although I have ghetto styled a full BBQ gas tank into a bicep curl weapon by using a dowel through the handle. It's about 28kg which is better than nothing, even though it's a two handed curl.

    Have done more core in the last two weeks than all of 2019. Still aiming to fast everyday but our home schedule has gone to shambles. Starting to unlock the Di vinci code of our 3 year old. Otherwise known as stick as close to childcare schedule as possible!

    Aiming to come out of all this leaner and lighter. We'll all lose a bit of muscle mass unless you've got decent weights at home. Lucky buggers!!

  • @Paekakboyz said in Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log:

    Although I have ghetto styled a full BBQ gas tank into a bicep curl weapon by using a dowel through the handle.

    Need video of this 😁

  • ha ha I'll sort a pic next workout - it's my new explosive pre workout lol

  • Didn't call on the gas tank today. More of a legs workout. 5 supersets mixing up planks, press ups, squats, dips, lunges, curls with 6kg DBs. Escalated as we went through in terms of reps each round. Strict on the 30sec break between each set and 60sec between each round.

    Final round was 3x 30sec plank, 20 squats and 10 lunges each leg. Pain, a mad pump, but pain. When it's fine I've got a nice spot on the deck - only had to do one workout inside so far, that was a tad cramped.

    Have pretty much got the next three days sorted for workouts. Will do a full body workout tomorrow then do more arms, chest and shoulders on Thurs and Fri with my gym bro.

    Monday wasn't ratshit either, managed to get a fair bit done but I can see the allure of apathy ahead! at least in terms of work and pushing things along - I suspect the people element is going to be the hardest part. That's why exercise is a must, not to mention getting some sunshine!

  • Two more workouts in the last few days. Had a rest day after each one as the body was feeling all the volume!

    Yesterdays workout even had burpees. Ugh still feel a bit sick lol.

  • First day back at the gym lads! holy shit I was frothing, to the point I totally forgot to eat beforehand. Luckily I do train during my fast a wee bit. But probably not ideal for my first hoon post-lockdown.

    Did back squats, goblet squats, light overhead pressing, a couple of sets of overhead squats. Then bench press and incline press for the biddies. Threw in some superset cable curls and rope tricep pushdowns. Plus some isolated cable curls for the guns.

    Nothing really back specific aside from those overhead movements. Plus I dodged doing any core mahi. I was gassed already.

    Definitely going to hurt over the next few days. Back again on Mon or Tues I reckon. Will do mixed workouts till I feel ready to go back to split sessions.

    We back boys!!

  • back on the tin today. Similar to last week with a mix of everything. Was able to train with my bro so that was cool. Probably did as much yarning as training but all good fun.

    back squats to start - heaps of sets with the bar, then 60kg , 80kg and a couple at 90kg to finish up. No lifting shoes today which was a nice change. A good test of the ROM!! Felt way smoother than last week. But no rush to add heaps of weight.
    Set shoulders and did our usual bench press warm ups.
    Then a couple of sets with the bar and then 3-4 high rep sets at 60kg. Did a set at 80kg as well - tight across the front of my shoulders, so will need to do some stretching and a bit more overhead stuff to open things up.
    Incline bench started on 60kg. 3 sets in total.
    Then we finished with seated close grip row and BB curl supersets.

    Had preworkout which was probably overkill, but nothing like a nice stim to keep that tempo going 🙂

  • Third session back. Had a workout with my mate earlier last week which was cool. Nowhere near as much soreness and the lifts are starting to feel half decent.

    Today I tried to take advantage of not doing much bench for ages and hitting overhead squats. Kept it super light and took my time. Did some light back squats to warm up for 2 sets of OHS with the bar. Then 3 sets of 5-8 reps at 40kg. Threw in some pause reps and the weight was light enough I could move around a bit to find a solid position. Holding it, especially under more weight, is another story!
    Finished up with 3 sets of 5 at 80kg. They moved fast and smooth compared to my warm up sets. OHS really gets things opened up and firing! similar to doing front squats before back squats. Much prefer that order than moving from back squats to fronts.

    Did a couple of sets of military press at 40kg. Then 2 sets of KB goblet squats - 32kg for 15. Finished up with standing one arm KB press. Did a set of 8 each arm with a 16kg KB. Good test of grip strength when they don't have chalk on offer!

    Hitting 98-99kg at the moment with more days at 98 than 99. So the downward trend continues. Diet has gotten a bit looser of late but still going well on portion size and fasting. I don't think I'll manage enough gym time to really add muscle at any speed - which is kind of good as I want to get to 93-95kg before I start to get a bit more focused on cutting fat only rather than overall bodyweight.

    Aside from limited gym time my biggest enemy is lack of sleep. But kids gonna kid lol.

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