The Bay v Manawatu

  • God I love this competition. No game is guaranteed and most teams can test most other teams on their day. The TAB must be counting the cost of their predictions !! There's been so many upsets this year that no team can be taken lightly and that is certainly the case against Manawatu...given their performance against Canterbury as an example. Sure, on paper The Bay should triumph but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

    The fight for the all important top of the table (and home semi and possibly home final) between The Bay and The ex Bay is truly fascinating as its so close ! Two wins by BOP would put them on 39. Hawkes Bay should possibly beat Counties (although given their Saturdays performance that is not a certainty) but Tasman may be more challenging. If Tasman rest their top players in preparation for the finals, then Hawkes Bay may have a sniff. A win over Counties and a bonus point loss to Tasman will also put Hawkes Bay on 39 also. Theres so many permutations and bonus points will become seriously important.

  • Yes this is a potential banana skin so we need to approach it with the same level of intensity. We should aim for top spot and hopefully win the semi to get a home final.

    Manawatu can still make the semis so they won't be on the beach.

    What I've really liked about this season is the quality of the players coming through from the academy. We've had young players come through who are outstanding before (Larimer, Cane, Harris) but has been despite the system rather than because of it.

  • Bay of Plenty Steamers

    1. Aidan Ross (C) (32)

    2. Kurt Eklund (8)

    3. Ross Geldenhuys (16)

    4. Baden Wardlaw (16)

    5. Alex Ainley (6)

    6. Aaron Carroll (17)

    7. Hugh Blake (32)

    8. Hoani Matenga (16)

    9. Richard Judd (25)

    10. Kaleb Trask (12)

    11. Joe Ravouvou (6)

    12. Chase Tiatia (43)

    13. Mathew Skipwith-Garland (15)

    14. Emoni Narawa (9)

    15. Pryor Collier (3)

    16. Nathan Vella (5)

    17. Tevita Mafileo (7)

    18. Chris Eves* (0)

    19. Stan van den Hoven* (0)

    20. Abraham Papali’i (4)

    21. Joe Johnson* (0)

    22. Leroy Carter (7)

    23. Jason Robertson (11)

    Would have to be one of the weakest benches we've had for a while.

  • Looks a bit makeshift. In the finals now so making sure all players are fresh?

  • Maybe Chase Tiatia's best position is 2nd 5/8 indeed. He does not get exposed under the high ball nor gets lost on the field because of his poor positioning at times. His qualities (explosiveness, acceleration, stunning side steps) can be positively exploited there in midfield.

  • It's hard to know what's going on injury-wise. I'm glad Karpik is getting a break. Though it would be nice to know who is out of contention and when such players could return. Anyone know if the semifinal draw has been announced, e.g championship 1 vs championship 4 at..... time?

  • @cgrant he was a weapon last week. Ngani will test him this weekend

  • The 'Poo going at better than a point a minute so far. Three nil to them after a couple of minutes

  • Good to see a Hawkes Bay ref assigned to this game. I am sure he knows what is expected of him...

  • Sky Go has ads on repeat. It won't let me watch the game. 😠

  • @Stockcar86 A little hard to interpret what you mean as we have no love for either team. Perhaps a drawn fixture that is called off early after an all in brawl and the NZRFU declare no points from the game for either team as the punishment?

  • @Higgins Look at the Championship table and you have your answer.
    Go Manawatu 🤢

  • @Stargazer said in The Bay v Manawatu:

    @Higgins Look at the Championship table and you have your answer.
    Go Manawatu 🤢


  • @Stockcar86 said in The Bay v Manawatu:

    Good to see a Hawkes Bay ref assigned to this game. I am sure he knows what is expected of him...

    He is also a BoP player as well for a couple of seasons about ten years back it must be observed.

  • Fifteen three to The Steamers at halftime. Bad rain fade here in Wellington's Eastern Suburbs has has stopped the coverage for about the last twenty minutes so has given me the chance to watch Nephew Higgins crap team playing in the Australian NPC (but as I type that they fluke their second try to tie things up against Canberra!)

  • Manawatu will be kicking themselves ,the prop Sione runs a couple metres 2 far before drawing and passing ,instead passed far too late and forward ..and then Brayden Iose ignores a support runner on the inside..,and then to rub salt,Steamers go 90 metres back the other’s a cruel game..

  • That looks like a brocken jaw for Trask

  • @Steven-Harris Poor lad has had a lot of injuries already. Sad to see him leaving the field like that.

  • @Stargazer never good to see, he’s had his share of injuries in the last 2 soon as I saw blood, I knew it was’nt good.

  • Hard to see the Turbos coming back now, famous last words..difference being one team knowing how to take their chances ..

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