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  • Moana Pasifika v Drua

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    I actually really looking forward to this, although I picked Drua, there was a bit to like about MP last week.

  • Highlanders v Blues

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    From the Herald -
    Lining up against Tele’a and Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens adds another layer to Ioane’s comeback.

    “He knows I’m coming for him. I already texted him this morning,” Ioane said of Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens. “He played awesome last week so did Tanielu. They’re our brothers off the field but on that field there will be a lot of laughs and trying to get under each other’s skin. That’s the way the game goes and maybe after have a cold beer.”

  • Rebels v Force

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    Referee: Nic Berry

    Assistant Referees: Brendon Pickerill, James Doleman

  • Crusaders v Waratahs

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    Referee: Angus Mabey

    Assistant Referees: Brendon Pickerill, Dan Waenga

  • Chiefs v Brumbies

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    Referee: Jordan Way

    Assistant Referees: Mike Winter, Dan Waenga

  • Reds vs Hurricanes

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    Referee: James Doleman

    Assistant Referees: Nic Berry, Damon Murphy

  • 6N Scotland v England

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    @Billy-Webb said in 6N Scotland v England:

    @Dodge said in 6N Scotland v England:

    I am so so sick of us being shit and physically unable to actually play rugby - passing and catching seems to be beyond most of them.

    Saw a tweet from Healey that summed it up for me, with all the time they’ve spent together why do they play like strangers, why is the timing so off? More simply though, why do they look as though they’re concentrating too hard to remember every action of a specific script rather than see a chance and play for it? These guys were presumably the best players at their school, the best players at their clubs, why can’t they pass and catch?!

    I get the frustration. I completely empathise with it.
    Life as a rugby fan eh?!

    Depends on your timeline, but as a Bok fan I fear England in the next RWC.
    Given the playing personnel, and importantly the coaching personnel which now includes Felix (bloomin genius) I believe England will be a real force. It will just take a bit of time to move on from Jones and learn new playing structures.
    Patience... from fans especially, and you may well get rewards.

    [Disclaimer: I hope I am utterly delusional and England sucks at RWC 2027] 😛

    Dunno about this. They will always have players, I think they are lacking real leadership.

    And I don't see the leadership coming through. That RWC winning team was chock full of them. Where is the next Johnson, Wilkinson, Greenwood or Dallaglio?

    I'm just not seeing it.

  • 6N France v Italy

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    @African-Monkey said in 6N France v Italy:

    So what's going on with France?

    Their Sevens team seem to be improving

  • 6N 2024 : Ireland v Wales

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    @Daffy-Jaffy I really can't stand that Irish commentator. Not sure why, but he really grates me. No doubt, he's a massive Ireland fan and commentates exactly as one, but I don't have a problem with other countries commentators who do this (Oz, England, Safa).

    I think he just commentates like Ireland are better at absolutely everything and the opposition should almost feel honoured to be allowed to play them.

    Maybe it's just me.

  • Chiefs v Crusaders

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    @cgrant said in Chiefs v Crusaders:

    I wonder why Parker warmed the bench for such a long time. He came in at the 75th minute. It's very odd since the Chiefs forwards needed more fresh legs in the second spell.

    Yeah, he should be come on with 20 to go. I thought that McMillan was very conservative with his subs.

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    I love how he sells this dummy so well Broughton gets double teamed, compete stitch up!

  • Blues v Drua

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  • Reds v Waratahs

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  • Force v Hurricanes

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    I forgot about Cameron and how well he played last year. Must be in the AB frame. He is a traditional pivot who controls the game well. Just what the Canes need to compliment all the flash Harrys.

  • Rebels v Brumbies

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    @Duluth said in Rebels v Brumbies:

    5:05 in that video - wtf? Yes it's an easy three points, but you're down big and it's a free shot at 7 ffs. Doesn't exactly seem like their hearts are in it.

  • Preseason - Blues v Chiefs

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    I guess NZR is trying to be "different" but what I will generously call the "jocular" commentary combined with the sub standard production made the entire thing look like an amateur shambles.

    "Cringe" is what I think the hip young youth of today call it...

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    @Dan54 @Bovidae Good to see I'm not the only one who's a fan of Laban. A fantastic caller who knows how to pronounce Pacific Island names properly, always has a background knowledge of every player, and genuinely has a passion for the game from the top all the way down to the grassroots.

  • 6N - Scotland v France

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    @MajorRage said in 6N - Scotland v France:

    @voodoo said in 6N - Scotland v France:

    @NTA said in 6N - Scotland v France:

    Scotland should have won that game twice over in the first half but didn't take advantage of a France looking very Old French without Dupont and Ntamack.

    Yeah the last decision is going to be talked about, but don't put it in the ref's hands.

    Christ I hate that line of thinking. The old “the ref didn’t cost us, we should have have put it away earlier”. It makes no sense. They did what they had to do to be in a position to win the game and the TMO screwed them. Both teams made mistakes prior to then, it’s called “sport”

    No, this is a good point which is on the players.

    Same point applies to lions 3 in 2017, and from a personal point of view, missing out my marathon time by 23 seconds.

    Re TMO. His call was correct following protocols. He has to overturn the ref. Evidence wasn’t 100% conclusive.

    Thanks, but you’re wrong on both counts

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    I am visiting Mum's so the game was 20 minutes up the road. Went along, never seen so may cars in Methven.
    Hard to get anything from the game but Billy Harmon is a brick shithouse and he influences the game whenever he is involved. He has looked AB material to me for a few seasons now.

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    I was at the game, first time at Ashton Gate. Really nice 27k seat stadium. Nice steep stands so really good views, good facilities and really clean.

    It had been raining most of the morning but there was heavy drizzle from 10mins before kick off until about 5mins into the first half. First half handling reflected this (sometimes quite comically).

    Scrums very solid although bristols scrum isnt particularly strong without Genge (although Sinkler played). First half was just played slow. Virtually no one ran onto the ball not helped by slow arrival to rucks by Heinz with a matching slow pass. Heinz decision making was good and experience on D was also good but the ball would go to a standing still Rehana who would pass to any of 5 players around him who would remain stationary until they got the ball.
    Rush defence was rescued by some good wide scramble (Rova and Fihaki did well there) so a bit of work to do there.
    Fihaki remains a bit of a 'not sure' player for me. Good kicker, good athlete but hands and decision making still let him down too often for a guy whose been there or there-abouts for a few years now, would have liked to see more improvement in those areas by now.
    For conditions that would be ideal for someone with the size +speed of Manassa out wide I think he only got the ball once.
    I had no idea someone got a yellow card.
    Bristol used a lot of short chip kicks in the first half which was good to get go forward for them in the slippery conditions.
    Big screen and announcements of who was replacing who was poor (and not helped that I didnt recognise so many of the players names) but the second half was a different game.
    Pace really picked up. Hothams passing was lightyears away from Heinz, really quick and long and a really nice dummy and blind side run from a scrum but not tested as much defensively. So still inexperienced but with game changing skills. It got some movement forward so some momentum.
    Overall it was a game where there was a lot of dropped ball that meant a score for either side was on the cards at any point.
    Cant say I felt that we 'dominated the second half' as the stuff writer said but for a second pre-season game with new coach and systems they will be better for the experience.