BDj's Bopped until I dropped log

  • Don't read this tis embarrassing:
    weight: 92 Kg
    went to gym today to start serious trim and slim campaign, aiming for 87kg by April 9, 82 by October, and then another 2kg less by NY.
    today in arvo after just 4 hours or so sleep (idiot):
    12 minutes row, 2397 metres
    1060kg 470 470 bench press alternating with
    110kg , 12170 and 12200 leg press
    1220kg  1220 and 1020 incline chest press (free weights)
    50kg tri pulldowns then 1260 and 1470
    2*30 situps on medicine ball
    6 and 10 chest dips

  • ahh, that first workout back in the saddle, nothing like it!!

  • he he he get back to us in two days and see if you can fully explain the pain you'll be in!! ugh I hate that wait for the ache after those first workouts - second day is always the worstÂ

  • Dont be embarrassed mate, many here that would be worse!

    Never easy to begin or restart...

  • not aching yet, probably tomorrow after 4 hrs tennis in arvo:
    12 minutes row, 2571 metres
    1270, 1290, 12110 front lat pulldowns alt with
    80, 12100, 12120 leg ext
    3*(815kg each arm) bicep curls (going lightly today as shoulder is carked)
    50, 1260, 1270 (each arm) side pulldowns (or whatever the hell they are called)
    3*30 situps on swiss ball
    off to salsa with mrs bdj tonight, this could get ugly. Still 92kgs of solid jelly.

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