Time For a New Coach

  • Can someone write a strongly worded opinion piece on this to the hawkes today (seeing we can't even call it HB today anymore after the weekend).

  • @Magpie_in_aus said in Time For a New Coach:

    Can someone write a strongly worded opinion piece on this to the hawkes today (seeing we can't even call it HB today anymore after the weekend).

    I just submitted this

    "I hope the review includes the coaching staff and management - especially whoever made the decision not to uses the new rules during club rugby. The first 3 games were examples of tactics not at all suited to the new rules, and subsequent hidings on the scoreboard resulted. Ignoring the players who missed the season through injury, there were 12 players who played Super Rugby this year, who all were available to play. A much better result than 2 wins from 4 pre season and 9 Mitre 10 cup games should be expected."

  • I tried to submit a rant but then it wouldn't log in and I lost it all. Felt the same kind of let down I did every week with the magpies

  • Magpies awards

    Rookie: Winner, Fa'alemiga Selesele. Other finalists: Tiaan Falcon, Matt Garland.
    Best forward: Winner, Geoff Cridge. Other finalists: Mark Abbott, Ben May.
    Best back: Winner, Jonah Lowe. Other finalists: Mason Emerson, Ihaia West.
    Most valuable player: Winner, Geoff Cridge. Other finalists: Mark Abbott, Jonah Lowe.
    Players' player: Winner, Geoff Cridge.

    So 3 awards for Cridge, who - I must admit - did far better this season than I expected after only seeing him briefly during the 2014 RWC, his 12 minutes in the 2014 ITM Cup (most of which he spent in the bin) and his 7 minutes for the Canes this year. Good to read in the HBT that he has - at least - one more year on his contract with the Canes.

  • And a medal to the person who drop kicks 2016 Mitre 10 cup breakdown rules into touch or down the toilet,thats were they belong and should stay..!

  • Insert my previous comment and just make it 2017 instead of 2016.

    Also can someone who is more literate than me please write a strongly worded letter to HB Today.

  • I understand the sentiment Magpie_in_aus, but letters to the editor do not change anything. Absolute waste of time.

    The Board will make a decision on the Magpies coach for 2018 next Tuesday, 7 November (I think it is; their meetings are usually first Tuesday in the month).

    Of the Board members that made the decision in 2011 to not reappoint Peter Russell for 2012, and then subsequently appoint Craig Philpott, there are only two members left - Brendon Mahony and Steve Lunn.

    Three involved in that 2011 decision departed during this year with much sympathy - Dan Druzniac, Kevin Atkinson and Simon Tremain. Now that is irony.

  • @number-10 Oh no, Mr. Mahony seems to get his way an awful lot so there is still a chance that he might get yet another contract extension. Please don't let it be so.

  • In the HBRU constitution, the Board appoints the coach.

    Craig Philpott's contract expired with the Manawatu match on 15 October.

    End of season reviews were completed before Labour weekend.

    Board had a meeting on 7 November.

    Nothing has been announced - no advertising of the job, no reappointment of Craig Philpott.

    Otago coaching position was advertised 6 November and closes 24 November.

    Southland coaching position was advertised 9 November and closes 27 November.

    If the job is advertised, then Hawke's Bay is going to get the third best available coach.

    That is a worry.

    Or has the HBRU been proactive and is bypassing advertising the position by already targetting a preferred candidate and currently negotiating with him? If not, what the hell is going on?

  • Wouldn't put it past Mr. Mahony to have simply rubber stamped yet another extension to the previous holder of the position's contract. 😧 😡

  • I don't think Philpott will be back, but wouldn't be surprised about the "bypassing advertising the position". They have done that before, I think with the Saracens coaching job. I have seen criticism from club coaches at the time, questioning where and when the job was advertised (it wasn't). I just hope that things have changed a bit with new board members coming in earlier this year, but I don't trust Mahony and Bishop. I really hope for a much better coach (stealing Coventry from Harbour, for example), but I have little faith after the last few years ...

  • New Magpies coach is 2017 assistant coach Mark Ozich, on a two-year contract.

    Craig Philpott did not seek a further term, he is moving on with a new role at NZRU which is working with Mitre 10 coaches and Schoolboy talent, as well as still being NZ Under 20 coach

    Mark Ozich was also Southland assistant coach in 2013, and then Hastings BHS head coach.

  • @number-10 said in Time For a New Coach:

    Craig Philpott did not seek a further term, he is moving on with a new role at NZRU which is working with Mitre 10 coaches and Schoolboy talent, as well as still being NZ Under 20 coach

    Marl Ozich was also Southland assistant coach in 2013, and then Hastings BHS head coach.

    PHEW - thankful for the first part. The second does have me worried if he starts bringing his attributes to all other Mitre10 Cup coaches. The follow on effects don't bear thinking about. The third part still concerns me greatly even allowing for this years result, probably more attributable to the caliber of players he had available rather than his coaching.
    In my books Mr. Ozich still has to earn his stripes given he had a number of very good players at his disposal at HBHS. It might well be he is an excellent coach (must have something going for him given his Southland appointment showed someone rated his coaching abilities) and I certainly hope he is and is the panacea to the problems we suffered these last few seasons.

  • From HBRU Facebook:

    Magpies Coach Craig Philpott is leaving Hawke’s Bay Rugby to take up a position with New Zealand Rugby in January.
    Hawke’s Bay Rugby CEO Mike Bishop has today also announced they have appointed Magpies’ Backs Coach Mark Ozich into the Head Coach role for two years from the 2018 season.
    “We are delighted for Craig that he has secured an excellent opportunity to enhance his coaching ability and to provide a much-needed link to a really key part of the development pathway in New Zealand. During his coaching tenure the Magpies won the Ranfurly Shield twice and the National Provincial Cup Championship in 2015 which are major milestones in Hawke’s Bay rugby history,” Bishop said.
    Philpott’s new role with NZR incorporates the position of Head Coach of the highly successful New Zealand Under 20 team and a position that will identify coaching talent and liaise with Secondary Schools throughout the country to assist with smoothing the transition from Secondary School rugby to the high performance requirements for the promising young talent that emerge each year.
    Philpott has been the Magpies Coach since 2012.
    “Mark has done very well in his first year with the Magpies and is highly respected by the playing group. We believe he has the ability to step into the Head Coaches role and are delighted that he is keen to take up the challenge,” Bishop said.
    Mark Ozich said: “I would like to wish Craig well in his new role with New Zealand Rugby and thank him for all his work and believing in me and my abilities as a coach. Moving forward I’m extremely proud to be the Head Coach of the Magpies and am looking forward to the future within Hawke’s Bay Rugby. I feel the province is in great shape with plenty of talent within the schools and clubs, a great community and supportive fan base and a hard-working staff here at Hawke’s Bay RFU. I’m very optimistic and positive about what the future holds here for Hawke’s Bay Rugby, and look forward to working with the players, coaches, volunteers and community.”
    The recruitment process to find a new Magpies Forwards Coach will begin as soon as possible.

  • Renowned for not mincing his words as coach of the Magpies, Philpott said his new role was another stepping stone to becoming a Super Rugby and All Blacks coach.

    Dear Lord help us all, if this eventuates!

    Philpott said during his Magpies stint he relished introducing home-grown talent as well as grooming players who went on to perform on the ABs and NZ Maori stage.

    Exactly which player has he introduced or groomed, who went on to become an All Black? None!

  • Perish the thought of the All Black Coaching personnel consisting of any combination of C Philpott, J Mitchell, M Hammett and I Foster at any time in the next one hundred years. Still with the best part of fifty players required for the five games on this tour I'm sure they can argue a corresponding increase in the number or coaches required and get all four onto the gravy train.

    Look at his player development, he has groomed Messrs Renton and Cridge out of Super Rugby contracts (admittedly injuries did not help those two a great deal).

  • They're looking for a few more coaches:

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