NPC draw

  • This is about the best draw we could hope for. Start at home, one trip to the South Island, two other trips south (Palmerston and Wellington) spaced 2 or 3 weeks apart. For the other seven games we do not go south of Pukekohe.

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  • One of the biggest problems with the cross over games is that certain teams keep making the same pick

    So yet again Auckland vs Northland is at Eden Park

  • Isn't that a good thing?

  • @Hooroo

    Variety is good.. Auckland at Okara hasn't happened for years (5 or 6?)

    Plus I would like an excuse to have a beer in Whangarei with old school mates.

  • OK, I understand. It's not the who vs who but the location. That makes sense.

  • Northland v Auckland always appeals, especially up here, the rivalry is more one sided as its been a fair while since we beat Auckland, but the way I understand how the crossovers work is Auckland selected us for a home game, one day we'll make them pay for seeing us as an easy 5 points...surely!

    @Duluth I am pretty sure it has been 4 straight years at EP, and prior to that I think we may have missed 2 seasons of playing Auckland at all, so 5 or 6 sounds about right, as we musta been at Okara since the game in Kerikeri which was about 2009 I think, but certainly seems a long time.

    edit - had a look at the ITM site, and looks like the Kerikeri game was the last 'home' game we played Auckland....

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