v Manawatu

  • Hopefully our recent history in Palmy North changes this week, we haven't beaten them there since 2009. Our last victory was in 2010 with that 77-8 mauling at Okara Park.

    This match, and the following Wednesdays against Otago are crucial in my opinion, as these are the two sides that are following us closely on the table. We need to keep ahead of them to set ourselves up, not only for a semi final, but a home one at that.

    Not fully sure what's happening on the injury front, but it sounds like there's concerns with Douglas and Bond. Other than that we sound ok, hopefully blokes like Tua, Waa, Kara Pryor and Josh Goodhue are good to go.

    Time to get one over the boys in green and white. It's been a few years!!

  • @J77 shit was it that long ago?

    I thought we won one a few years later in Palmy and Payne and Ranger scored, or maybe time has moved on so rapidly it was prior to 2010? Sheesh how long has Payne been gone?

  • @taniwharugby sure was bro, time flies.

    I think Payne left around 2011.

  • Northland

    1 Ross Wright
    2 Matt Moulds (c)
    3 Ropate Rinakama
    4 Josh Larsen
    5 Joshua Goodhue
    6 Jack Ram
    7 Dan Pryor
    8 Jaycob Matiu
    9 Sam Nock
    10 Dan Hawkins
    11 Jone Macilai
    12 Blake Hohaia
    13 Jack Goodhue
    14 Jordan Hyland
    15 Solomon Alaimalo

    16 Jordan Olsen
    17 Howard Sililoto
    18 Phil Kite
    19 Murray Douglas
    20 Kara Pryor
    21 Matty Markwick
    22 Peter Breen
    23 Rene Ranger


  • Look at that bench! That could be the difference between the two sides I reckon.

    Seems to be a wee bit of rotation going on here (Ranger, Douglas)?? Strong lineup nonetheless. Obviously Tua, Waa and Matich are still not right, I wonder if we'll see them during the week back at home.

    Get up boys, let's get all ruthless again!!

  • @j77 Matt Wright obviously still not right either...

    Yeah that is a strong bench alright, hopefully the starting 15 get it done so the bench can come on to finish it rather than chase...

  • @taniwharugby I think with the form our back three are showing Wright maybe struggling to get a place this week. Could be wrong, but that's what it looks like.

  • @j77 possibly although they seemed keen to get him back in last week before he fell ill, but Hyland deserves his starts and he is the one to make way.

  • @taniwharugby Hyland has been bloody impressive, he's nailed that 14 jersey in my opinion..

  • 15 Kurt Baker, 14 Newton Tudreu, 13 Lewis Marshall, 12 Jason Emery, 11 Ambrose Curtis, 10 Jade Te Rure, 9 Jamie Booth, 8 Brice Henderson, 7 Antonio Kiri Kiri, 6 Heiden Bedwell-Curtis, 5 Jackson Hemopo, 4 Tom Parsons, 3 Michael Alaalatoa, 2 Tim Cadwallader, 1 Fraser Armstrong.

    Reserves: 16 Tom Crozier, 17 Tuki Raimona, 18 Sean Paranihi, 19 Liam Mitchell, 20 Harrison Brewer, 21 Sam Malcolm, 22 Otere Black, Hamish Northcott

  • Handy looking side!

  • @j77 The pleasing thing this year has been that regardless of who plays their has been no drop in standards. We have been physical and fit. The Poo are a combative side and we will need to be on our game. This team has the ability and the heart to go all the way if we don't get ahead of ourselves and turnup. No Canterbury vs Wellington for us. Come on guys

  • @kev that's the key, not to get too far ahead of ourselves. From what I'm seeing this year the mindset is very levelheaded, so I reckon the guys will be on point and ready to meet fire with fire. The poo love playing at home and are always tough there, but I think we have the goods to top them. They're just 15 blokes in puke green shirts, no big deal!

  • A bit of good news just before kickoff,Tim Bond likely to be available for either the Otago game or the Counties Manukau game...a little nervous about this game,been a while since we have got past the Turbos..sure we can do it if we play at the same as the Harbour game.bench could be the difference,good start import

  • Ref bottled his call for that try...he Clearly saw it and called advantage decided it was over....

    We need to get some points soon

  • Has to be forward

  • WTF was that blindside defence up to from that collapsed scrum?


  • @taniwharugby at least a metre

  • Some untidy shit still...we making most of the play but making erros

  • Injury already....

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