Fatbusting: Dogmeat

  • Current Weight 123Kg
    Target: Double Figures, 36" weight, able to run marathon again

    4 week target Figure there'll be a bit of early fluid loss so I'd like to see 118

    Probs - already mentioned back probs plus time.  Alarm goes off at 5.00 Usually get in from work about 7.30 then have to start cooking cleaning etc, so knackered. Means with good intentions usually eat crap once week.

    Day 1 Glass V8 (they say its worth 4 portions fruit/veg) bowl Bircher Muesli, Muesli Bar, Grilled chix 60gms, muesli bar, (pkt crisps ) 1/4 melon w parma ham, 2 slices cheese 2 crackers w pate, 3 cups decaf, 2 litres water. 1 Hr physio.

  • [quote name='dogmeat']
    (pkt crisps )

    BAD doggy. BAD!!!!

  • 1st week wasn't so bad.  In an ideal world would love to be getting exercise but considering 3 months ago couldn't climb a flight of stairs without pain I'm not too depressed.

    Pleased at the comparative lack of alcohol too.  This week only Sat and Sun is the aim.

    So overall  that I ate less and better, drank loads less, exercised more  (although not much) and gained a kilo. :tickedoff:

  • Yay me.  Weigh myself twice/wk.  Mondays for the fatbusters weigh in and Thursday at gym. Today I have lost the previously gained 1kg and down another 2kg. This in my opinion is a far more reliable scales than the bastard set at home

    Best of all the previous night I had to take someone out for dinner and we decided not to eat, just drink. Have I discovered the secret to painless weight loss? :nta

  • Forgot to weigh myself but had to bring the belt in a notch :happy:

  • Hey doggy - just to keep you going mate - I ballooned out to 130kg when the stresses of being a first-time Dad caught up with me, and managed through simple change of eating to get back to 120kg. Now I've been exercising regularly for a bit over a month and am down to 116kg while still eating pretty much whatever I want. So once you get the two going in tandem its all good mate!

  • My major problem Nick is that I first ballooned almost 20 yrs ago. While I have lost most of it on 4-5 occassions it has always come back with a vengeance. Belive me the only good thing about getting older is it beats the alternative. Actually that's not true. Young chicks still look great and some older ones that you wouldn't have even noticed when you were young can still get the sap rising.

    Have to say though that the Fatbusters is a great idea of MvJ's. Gets the old competitive juices flowing.

  • Got a stinking chest cold.  Coughing, sore throat feeling miserable and wallowing in self pity.  Supposed to be racing (yachting) tomorrow but have had to cancel  . So  self denial is at a low ebb and I have sought solace in booze. Fuck it!

  • Bed rest, a half litre of OJ every hour, and ColdnFlu tabs as prescribed. The odd tipple of rum before bed also helps get you off to nod land

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    Bed rest, a half litre of OJ every hour, and ColdnFlu tabs as prescribed. The odd tipple of rum before bed also helps get you off to nod land

    Go easy on the OJ and have some vitamin C instead, unless you want to undo the fastbusting effort.

  • OK Still fighting this friggin chest thing cough cough.  As a result have continued with the boozing, although still at lower level than normal. Off to Melbourne and Adelaide on Saturday so have basically written off last week, this and next.

    I did for a moment consider using the travel as an opportunity to do a mad fast for 8 days, coupled with lots of walking to get an instant return, but then thought I deserve a week of beer, red wine and good food.

    When I get back though I will consider taking Kirwan's pledge and giving up the booze full stop.  Reckon I can beat 13 days.

  • Weighed myselfand after 5 weeks I have lost zero kg's. Only just realised however that the belt has come in 2 notches!

    Have found out I have to go to a conference in KL in 16 weeks. Aiming for 107 for that. Sooooo booze now only 1x/wk and no beer. Cutting out crap food completely and exercise for at least 30 minutes/day.

  • the belt is a great one - both mine come in to first notch now, back from being on the last notch a few short months ago.  Next target ,having to buy a new belt  😁

    My weight though, as stopped pretty much on the 105, although i haven't weighed in since coming back from Fiji.  DOwn from 118 15 months ago.

  • Well the no beer and exercise regime lasted about 3 hrsÂ

  • Despite the best efforts of modern technology and all the help this forum can give you utilising it, there is no substitute for the necessary willpower. Find some.

  • Yes doggy - a good cup of HUYC will do the trick.

  • HUYC?

  • HARDEN UP YOU fluffybunny!!!!

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    HARDEN UP YOU FluffyBunny!!!!

    Back to the gym today or the first time in 4 weeks (cold and holiday). Felt crap as I now have put my back out, but turned up and managed my hardest and longest cardio session in years - still nothing but all relative. Comments were passed on how much better I looked and when I weighed myself had lost 3 kgs! 👼 😁  Think I'll leave early and go to the pub to cele....  :nta

    Was also able to climb up 19 metres on a building site yesterday which from 6 mths ago is amazing improvement. Ain't life grand.

  • It sure is mate. I'm down to 113kg from just over 120kg at the new year, and shit feels good

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