• I've added a few in to my training over the years and some of them worked really well for me, especially for squats. Much more regular time under and bar and focused. All the mobility work included in it really helped too. I will go back and have a look and see which one I would recommend.

    Something like 5x5 can work well but very beginner focused and I suspect you could be a bit beyond that which means that it would be harder to progressed. What have they got you doing now? Some sort of linear or non-linear periodisation I presume?

  • Just had a quick look and I liked the one I did early last year. Was from http://www.ptcgoldcoast.com/ and I can probably dig it out to share if anyone wants.

    Started it 9th Jan and logged --> http://www.thesilverfern.com/topic/248/jk-vs-2018-building-bigred/2653
    Last week is around http://www.thesilverfern.com/topic/248/jk-vs-2018-building-bigred/2775

    Programme started very easy but had some brutal days in it

  • I'd check your grip and set up on bench as a starter. Are you going wide grip, or for a narrower hand position? I've learnt quite recently that there is a huge difference!

    Mobility will help with squats, to get you moving better and stay stronger through the lift. I'd be looking at 5*5 for squats for sure. But maybe a few days where you hit higher volume and drop the weight a bit. Goblet squats and front squats are great accessories. If you don't have any you could give lifting shoes a hoon. They are amazing, you feel way more stable and the higher heel can help with any ankle mobility issues.

    I had more success with deads doing volume at 60-70% then a max of 3 rep sets once it got to 80%+ Heavy deads fry your CNS so it's good to see how you can balance the heavy doubles and singles, against that light stuff.

    Your deadlift and standing press are tracking really well already. Are you doing high or low bar on squats? or experimenting? 🙂 if you haven't already finding out which of those suits you is worthwhile.

    If you are at a powerlifting gym I'm sure all of the above is already on the menu. Look forward to hearing how it goes bro!

  • Hey team,

    Just about to start week 4 which is kind of the end of high volume first few weeks have been 4-5x 8-10 depending on the lift and the week.

    This 12 weeks they are focusing on low bar squats which im not loving as my mobility isny great and generally just find it awkward. Also the main DL is snatch grip (last 12 week block before I started was everything just traditional think this is just to give people some variety and shock the body). Yeah bench technique is my biggest work on its more getting time under the bar with some weight so have been ignoring the programming a bit as found 50-60% sets too easy and doesn't challenge me to get the technique aspect right (higher means I have to focus it on it more). Its a more bench focused 12 weeks with 3 different variations each week (one main heavy day and 2 with pauses and narrow grip/explosive).

    Imagining the next 4 week block will be 5x5 which should be good and then 2/3's leading up to retesting. Probably going to go back to traditional deadlifts in the next 4 weeks as I find the wide grip stuff a bit shit to be honest just because of the load you pretty much have to use straps on the bar and I want to work on my grip strength and just on the normal deadlift technique.

    Will keep this posted with the progress and will check out those links @JK .

    See if I can hit my goals (based on nothing) of
    Bench: 125
    Squat: 160
    Dead: 190

    Then can aim to hit 500kg combined after the next block!

    Cheers everyone.

  • Squats day today.

    4x8 @75% (105kg) then 5th set to failure.

    Didn't have a spotter but went 15 reps may have had 16 or 17 in me but pretty happy with that. Was with a belt though just using it to remind me to keep core switched on (struggling with some of the cues).

  • Bench day today before next week deloading week.

    4x sets of 75% (78kg). and 5th set AMRAP.

    My misses got 19....obviously I went to 20. Probably could have pushed couple more out but wasn't going to improve anything really for next 4 weeks %. All it said was basically thats a bit light now son!

    Using a 1rm calculator (only useful up to 10RM but anyways) said 130kg was my 1rm but think that would be a bridge too far even 120 atm. Goal is still 125 in 8 more weeks.

  • Push press yesterday 5x 8 with the last one meant to be AMRAP. Didn't AMRAP it as arms/shoulders were fucked from the day before probably could have done 20 anyway and weight was based off strict press.

    Snatch grip deadlifts 4x8 then 1x18 @97kg then bench 4x8 @ 84kg and some light front squats.

    Body is fucking tired.

  • Weekend off then?

    I did heavy deads this morning and worked up to decent doubles which I hadnt done for a while. Feeling pretty drained!

  • Yup going to watch the rugby tonight then gorge myself in a leather recliner at the New Star Wars movie.

    See how the body holds up for pick up b ball tomorrow!

  • Weekend off (apart from basketball). Today is a deload week. Was 3x2 at 80% of 1rm with pause at the bottom squats so about 120kg plus some warm up sets. Snatach grip high pulls and good mornings. Meant to do split squats but I don't have exchanged for box jumps.

    Feeling good after doing 120 as 140 was my 1RM just over 4 weeks ago. 120 Felt really easy.

  • Start of week 6 of 12 week block.
    Last week was a bit of a deload (3x2's on new predicted 1RM's)

    Previous 1RMs were 105kg bench, 140kg squat, 170kg dead. We did snatch grip deads so haven't changed predicted.

    Technique is coming along and becoming a bit more natural which is helping with the lifts.

    Last night squats : 2sets of 1 with 2 second pause @120kg then 5x5 @120kg. Good depth, no belt or anything.
    Did some Ecc deads, box jumps (i do instead of bulgerian split squats), snatch grip high pulls

    This morning: 5x5 Bench with a pause on the first rep of each set @100kg then 105kg for my last set which was my previous 1RM.
    Dips,pullups (banded for me) and was a couple of other exercises I ran out of time with.

  • Strict press: 4x5 @60kg 1x5 @65kg
    Front Squats (not main squat for the week): 3x5 @60 1x5@70kg
    Bicep curls: 3x20kg DB (missed it on tuesdays workout
    Muscle Snatch: 4x6 @40kg
    Kneeling (one knee on the ground) single arm shoulder press DB: 3x10 @15kg (left arm is shit house).
    Some shoulder stability exercises and core to finish.

    Deads tomorrow.

  • 5x5 deads @136 not an issue
    bench 4x10 @76kg
    bent over rows 4x8
    closed grip bench 4x8 @73
    Found all pretty easy. Time to raise above the % next week i reckon

  • 5 sets of 4 squats@85% . Still working on getting my cues right under heavier weight. did 130kg previous 1rm is 140kg
    Also did few slow Deadlifts
    box jumps
    snatch high pulls

  • 5x4 Bench @105kg which was my 1rm 6 weeks ago. Which is exciting.
    Also did some dips and pulls ups but didn't do a full workout as played 2 games of basketball last night as well.

  • @magpie_in_aus said in 1RM's:

    5x4 Bench @105kg which was my 1rm 6 weeks ago. Which is exciting.
    Also did some dips and pulls ups but didn't do a full workout as played 2 games of basketball last night as well.

    Nothing beats repping a weight you used to bust a blood vessel on just to lift once. Well done fella!

  • So last week was a deload week. I needed it. I am now repping my 1RM for bench, knocked my 1rm for squat out with a pause with some ease, and did 5kg increase on deadlift with not much struggle.

    Then went to NZ for a 3 day bucks weekend and have to hit the gym tonight. Fairly worried I will shit myself with squats tonight and possibly die. The 3 day hang over is real....

  • Good luck!! Maybe a tactical dump before squatting 😂

  • 5 sets of 3 @85% for squats so 127kg. I survived and was pleasantly surprised. Should be back in the game the rest of the week with a good sleep

  • 2 games of basketball on Wednesday (lost by one in both).
    Thursday: 3x3 @65kg strict press 1x3 @70kg (old 1RM)
    4x5 front squats @80kg (just accessory exercise)
    4x6 muscle snatches @ 40kg I think
    Some other rehab/core ex's

    Got deads today I think

    Excited a few more weeks before retesting.
    Hoping to get 190kg(170) dead 160kg(140) squat 120kg bench(105 current)

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