Low sugar soft drinks

  • Hey guys, am currently looking to cut back on high GI/empty calories and accordingly am trying to eliminate refined sugars.

    I find diet colas fine but haven't found an acceptable diet tonic water (mixed with gin or vodka normally ...). Any suggestions?

  • schweppes diet tonic - I don't notice the difference with the normal.

  • Geez put enough gin or vodka in and it'll all taste the same anyway

  • Not a soft drink, but something new on the market if you dont like plain water. Vita Quench water boosters. Little sachets that you add to 750 mls of water, 5 or 6 flavours. Got all the vitamin bits and peices but only 0.1g of sugar and 1.1g of carbs. (A 750ml Mizone has 21g of sugar). Recommended to me by some bodybuilders at my sister's gym who say its great.

  • [quote name='BartMan']schweppes diet tonic - I don't notice the difference with the normal.[/QUOTE]

    Maybe you have a better blend in NZ? I normally don't mind diet drinks but this tasted like a nasty lemonade.

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