• Hey guys I need some help. Ive been doing a fair bit of weights and conditioning over the summer break and have gained some good strength, especially in the lower body exercises. I have also put on some extra weight alot of it extra muscle.

    My problem is, is that Ive lost a lot of flexibility. Things havent been feeling right, and I was watching the video from saturdays game and my flexibility is affecting me in my set up for scrums and line outs. While Im strong enough to get my self into a good position against some of the lesser props I am going to be found out when I prop against some of the rep boys.

    My technique has always been relatively sweet, but I really need to loosen up enough so i can lower my body a good inch or two. My question is, does any body have any exercises, or drills to help loosen my legs (particularly my hamstrings which seem to be my biggest problems).

  • email Big Brad Thorn!? and aren't you are quite tall for a prop? thought you'd mentioned your height in another thread... do you have any stretching in your current programme or is what you are doing at the moment not enough to offset the weights work? For hammies I'd check out youtube or even google for "prop stretches' it's amazing what info is around. Good idea to improve your flexibility, not only will it give you better position in set piece but you'd also reduce your chance of injury in general.

  • One of the best things to stretch hammies is that

  • Yeah Im 1.92cm tall. I do a bit of stretching before and after trainings and gyms, but looks to be no where near enough. Im looking at maybe getting back into Yoga, because that seemed to work really well for me the last time I used it. But with that only being a once a week thing Im just looking for exercises to add into my programme and do at home. Ill check out you tube when i get home from work to see if I can find anything.

  • Yoga sounds like a goer - Maybe there are some pilates exercises that could help as well?

  • I would like to give yoga a whirl to. A Les Mills Body balance gym might be another option Chubby.

  • Whats the body balance gym Red Beard?

  • [quote name='Chubby13']Whats the body balance gym Red Beard?[/QUOTE]

    Sorry I mean Body Balance gym class. Think its a mixture of yoga, pilates and stretching.

  • PILATES - Fantastic for flexibility and also rehab. I've been going for 8 yrs mainly because of chronic injuiries and I have more flexibility than I did when I joined despite the ravages of father Time.

    Studio I go to has 5 medallists from Beijing plus the likes of Terrenzo Bozzone. Also good for balance and core strength as well. Problwem with most gym Pilates classes is they restrixct themselves to Mat work (more like yoga) coz the equipment is expensive and takes up a lot of space.

    I put someone who works for me onto it. They were about to have major spinal surgery. Now has less pain and more movement than he has had for 20 years.

  • mate, I don't think you need to go to classes and stuff like that - it becomes time consuming and you will end up not going, or getting bored and pissed off with too much time wasting etc.

    SImple, just stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. While watching TV, get on the floor and stretch, after training while you are nice and warm, lots of stretching. When cold stretching though don't bounce the stretch, just extend it.

    You should be back up to pace really quickly, it does not take long to get the flexibility back.

    This coming from a bloke that has always been fortunate enough to be very flexible with no work on it. BUt when I do extra stretches, it does not take long to increase that range of motion.

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