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  • So after several years playing at 120-125kg, this year I've been maintaining my weight around 115kg through caring a bit more about my eating habits and the odd bit of exercise. It is the lowest I've been probably since I got married (bar the odd gastric upset ) and is fairly easy to maintain.

    I got to this point by following a few practices in The Spartan Diet which was interesting reading just from a commonsense point of view. Basically took on the running, a few of the body weight exercises, and some of the simpler diet tips. Being a married man I don't have a lot of control over what goes into the meals around here, but I'm working on it and cutting portions where necessary.

    So I've got a preliminary goal: lose 5kg in two months. If I could get to 110kg before November that would be staggeringly awesome in my books as I haven't been that weight since Uni. If the loss was all body fat, that would be even better.

    Standing in my way: questionable willpower in the face of snacks, and an inflamed disc which means no running until that clears up. Also the weather has been utterly shit for exercise, which is a pretty weak excuse but I'm hard enough to motivate without adding cold weather and long wet periods here in Sydney.

    [B]The plan[/B]

    To make this possible I need to approach it from two different angles: walking and basic weights.

    The walking component is a 5km walk a minimum of 3 times per week - preferably 5 times. I was doing 3km runs during lunch at work twice a week, but with the bad back that has broken down. 5km walk is possible after work, and at a brisk pace is in fairly decent fat burning territory without aggravating my back. I'll look like a cock doing it, but I look like a cock being overweight anyway. Once the back settles down I can look at returning to running.

    Basic weights takes the form of a few things in the garage/backyard:

    []I made my own chinup bar using 2 inch pipe. I can bang out about three in one hit which is good when you have an arse my size. Would like to get to 5 and then 10.
    ]Decline pushups
    []Standing military press
    ]Bicep curls
    []Bent rows
    ]Abs using two targeted exercises from the Spartan Diet book
    [*]Neck (an area often ignored)
    Try to get to this three times a week, regardless of whether I've been doing walking on the same day. The squats and deads in particular won't be with very heavy weights, because the back won't support it at the moment and I'm more after generating some muscle tone to a basic level rather than actual strength building. I'll look at a gym membership later in the year (work has a gym for about $300 annually) when things are at a suitable building block level.

    The diet component I'm going to leave where it is for now, as I'm comfortable I can maintain it. My issue is once I start exercising my appetite can get out of control so I need to monitor it but not be too harsh with myself. I do need to drink more water though I think, and perhaps cut back a bit on the coffees at work.

    So here goes. Again!

  • Great job NTA. Everyone around here know's that I am a Tabata convert, check them out and incorporate them into your workout regime. If possible get a few sessions with a Personal Trainer, as this has helped me with my 'will power' issues. Good luck with the journey

  • Read something similar in research done by the CSIRO scientists - a routine where you go flat out for 12 seconds, then low pace at 8 seconds, and repeat for routines of up to 20 minutes. Interesting.

    Also forgot to mention - I'm going to get into more aggressive stretching. I tried to sit with feet together, legs straight in front of me, and reach my toes. It was bloody difficult! So I'm resolved to throw in long stretches to help with my lack of flexibility.

    And with my routines I'm going to occasionally break it up a bit with alternatives e.g. sprint sessions once I get the back in order. Basic idea is to have markers at 10m, 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m. Sprint to each marker in turn, walk slowly back to start, and immediately take off for the next one. Do three sets. That is bloody hard speaking from experience, but good for the burst speed and to give the body something to think about anaerobically.

  • sprints are fun in a nutty sort of way! And walking is sweet as a nut - 45 minutes each day is my regime at the moment (of cardio, but walking does best to bring out the muscles in my legs, the odd cycle thrown in for shits and giggles), and does the job. As we all know though, but try to deny, weight loss is 90% of what goes in the gob, a 10% exercise!! or maybe 80/20. As the results come it'll be easier to avoid the snacks! And as you've said on other threads NTA, plan ahead and plan wisely and then the world is your oyster.

    A saying on one of my tee shirts - "You can't out-train your diet". Although Sunday week I'm going to out diet my training big time...!!

    You'll find your back problems and any other aches and pains vanish in proportion to your weight loss too NTA, I sure as hell did, from 120 kg to the 90 odd I am in the off season. Two different people!

  • Bart - do I get any credit for that T-shirt......

    One of the studies I read was a 24s/36s split of high intensity/rest. It's a 1:1.5 ratio but the length of time was important as these scientists found that the exertion levels would begin to wane around the 20s mark at a 90-95% max intensity. So the notion behind intervals say over 15mins is that go around 80-85% intensity for the 24s and then go to snails pace for 36s would allow sufficient recovery to get back up to that intensity level after.

  • is THAT where I first heard it?! Our trainer loves it!

  • I have that mantra stuck in my head whenever I get tempted to snack (You can't out-train your diet).

    If you want easier results NTA, attack the diet first. Once you get over the change, it becomes easy to maintain and you won't feel hungry. I'm an Oats convert thanks to these guys, eating something like that has stopped me from getting hungry during the morning and I'm full of energy.

    Do the one day a week treat day thing, and the rest of it eat cleaner with lots of water. Then do the exercise you enjoy three times a week.

  • yeah, treat thing very important. Roll on end of BB season!! And Oats, now my breakfast of choice, in and or out of season. Added into oats now too K, try blending a couple of egg whites and folding them in at the end with the protein powder and cinnamon, breakfast of champions (I hope it will be anyway)!!!!

  • oh, and on my wife's phone - 'nothing tastes as good as lean and mean feels'. personally, I call bullshit on that one!!

  • [quote name='BartMan']yeah, treat thing very important. Roll on end of BB season!! And Oats, now my breakfast of choice, in and or out of season. Added into oats now too K, try blending a couple of egg whites and folding them in at the end with the protein powder and cinnamon, breakfast of champions (I hope it will be anyway)!!!![/QUOTE]

    Gee, protein plus! I'm blending in the cinnamon and protein powder and chucking on a banana, bloody lovely. I'm actually craving it in the mornings now.

  • it's the most asked question at home, "is it breakfast time yet"...!!!?

  • Whilst Bart has posted about diet appoximately 21367 times on the fitness forums he speaks the truth. Why after some oustanding binge drinking efforts last friday I have wound up a week later after deciding not to touch A DROP all week a kg and a half lighter. Pretty happy with that and it should be easier to maintain with no big piss ups on the horizon ( although a trip to the Mt for a week next month with the bro in law might change that, I may have to make a trip across the way for Bart to give me a slap in the chops :knuppel: )

  • I can't stand oats unfortunately, and I've tried many times. Think it was Dad's porridge habit that put me off it as a kid...

  • #21368

    Don't cook 'em. Have 'em COLD. If you like them soggy, soak overnight. Otherwise throw them all in the bowl in the morning, scoop of protein powder, water, mix and into it. Add a banana or kiwi fruit. and that sir, is the breakfast of the gods. Or lesser deities of some sort...

  • oh, and whole grain rolled oats.

  • Have to back up what the others are saying here about diet, TBH NTA i think youre setting yourself up to fail. If you want to be strong by all means lift weights. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less. I have lost about 18kg in the last 18 months, 10kg of that this year. The majority of that 10 was during 2 2 weeks "binge diets" where i controlled my daily intake to between 6000 and 8000 kilojoules. If i have a moderate calorie controlled diet (aim for 8000kj a day but no more than 10000) i might slowly lose a little weight but i might not, even with 3 weights and 2 BJJ sessions a week. Certainly with a moderate exercise regime the extra calories burned are negligible compared to the excess most people consume. I would think (this bit is a guess) that you have to do upwards of an hour of cardio a day to have a decent weight loss with no modification to diet. On the plus side you could easily drop 5kgs in 2 weeks if you maintained a strict diet.

  • I understand the points about diet. I'm only at 115 because I have used a measure of control in the diet. Otherwise I'd still be over 120!

    The problem I have with eating restrictions is rebound. I can go hard for a week or two on the eating, but it affects my physical output and I end up making little overall progress. In addition I'm not always in charge of the meal prep so it comes down to portion control regardless.

    I'd rather have a decent diet, and build into the cardio and light weights as I go. Makes it easier to sustain IMHO. And I'm not doing weights for strength, studies have shown that cardio by itself is not as effective as weights plus cardio.

    I guess in a couple of weeks we'll be able to see if I'm right.

    Raw oats? A man's not a horse...

  • Appreciate where youre coming from, and at the end of the day its up to you. Also dont want to come across as negative as any effort to get fit and lose weight gets a big thumbs up from me. Read my trainig log, im going through all aswell. That said, still feel skeptical about your diet, things like "affects my physical output" and "im not always in charge of meal prep" sound like excuses. They may both be true, but if youre motivated to do the business you wont let it stop you. If youre 115kg then i guarantee that your body can function on significantly less than what youre putting in at the moment and if the other people who are doing food prep for you wont alter their own diet to help you then thats pretty shit.

    But like i said, dont want to be negative, just want to throw some stuff out there. Good luck mate, look forward to hearing your progress.

  • NTA,

    Will agree with the others if you have to cheat, cheat on the exercise never the diet. I found when doing it tracking it really motivated me. Grab yourself a set of digital scales weigh yourself each morning, naked before you have eaten anything, and use either an online website to track your average weight like The hackers diet ([URL="https://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/HackDiet/"]https://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/HackDiet/)[/URL] or the physics diet ([URL]http://physicsdiet.com/[/URL]). Even if you dont prescribe to the diets themselves the tools to track will show you how much you are burning more then you require. Those websites are both free as well if you have an android phone you can use an app called Libra it uses the Hackers diet equations but is more convenient then logging in every morning. I use the free version but there is a pay for one as well.

    Ohh and post your graphs, before after pics etc.. So we can cheer you on.


  • [quote name='mooshld']Ohh and post your graphs, [b]before after pics[/b] etc.. So we can cheer you on.[/QUOTE]

    I'll post pics of the scale readout, but that's it.

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