Adding Weight to Dips and Pullups

  • Hi guys, as per the subject when you want to increase the weight on your dips/pullups - are there good ghetto tricks for adding 10kg or something to your bodyweight?

    I have tried holding a plate between the knees but that gets tricky when you're concentrating and i don't want to buy a weighted vest or belt attachment like they have in gyms. I work out at home so not worried about looking like moron!

  • Between the legs is better because it doesn't change your centre of balance too much. But I do dips with 20k in a backpack and that works well enough.

    If your doing dips with an emphasis on the chest rather than tris you'll want to lean forward anyway. It just feels a little awkward when you get into position but once you start doing the reps its fine.

    I'm still too weak on pull ups and haven't had to add weight on them yet..

  • if you can't add weights, reduce speed, add a pause halfway up, and gooooo sloooow.... That'll burn you something nasty!!

  • Thanks guys. Backpack good idea - I will 'borrow' my daughters kindy backpack (!) and see if I can stuff some plates in it. I have got the dip bars high up so the between knees is tricky.

    I never thought about particular muscle emphasis on dips, will try leaning forward for some chest variety! Bart - I usually start the pullups slow and get a bit quicker during set - will see tonight about adding some pauses.

  • or superset - rather than curling your legs keep them hanging straight down, chin up and like Bartman said - sloooooow descents. Add in some pushups with your arms tucked in beside your body and your Triceps will be screaming!

  • I tie a mitre ten mega bag round my belt and chuck a few weights in there. THe seam is going a bit on it actually which isn't ideal.

    Off the charts in terms of looking like a moron but like yourself theres no one around to notice. Weighted vests ? bugger that, they're actually quite expensive.

  • Yeah I gave it go with a backpack with giant ladybug on it but it held the weights ok! Was a bit optimistic with the weight on the dips and jumped right into 15kg and cranked some out but post workout started getting bad pains in elbow and back of my shoulder. Should have eased into the heavier weights like any other exericies but 15kgs didnt seem like much at the time! (It is!)

  • Yeah an extra 15kg can weigh you down a little bit which is the point I suppose !

    I've been busting out a few cheat curls lately and the crossover seems to have helped my chin up ability which is definitely cool.

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