AB's pushing some tin

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    Some fair effort going on there!!

  • Brad Thorn is just a beast isn't he?

  • [quote name='Kirwan']Brad Thorn is just a beast isn't he?[/QUOTE]

    indeed, curiously enough the less popular Thorn(e) was also a beast in the gym, the heaviest bencher on the team too.

  • saw that via facebook - very cool, some good weights there for in season training!

  • My three year old son saw that vid and given that he likes coming out to watch me lift a few weights in the garage he said "Like you Daddy!"

    He had the good grace to not notice ( or mention ) that Brad may have had a bit more weight on his bar :knuppel:

  • !There is even a Toeava debate on there!!

    Jeez there are some numpties commenting on it though!!

  • Was that 145? Messam would do that one-handed wouldn't he...

  • [quote name='Bones']Was that 145? Messam would do that one-handed wouldn't he...[/QUOTE]

    He could reverse bicep curl it with one hand I reckon.

  • Franks brothers and BBT were working out today. Watched Ben Franks squatting a fair amount - barely looked difficult for him! BBT was working on clean and jerk - cranked up to around 110 or so, fair few reps too! He is a beast, far more cut that I expected. Just a massive slab of a man. He ended with jumping squats and Nick Gill had hooked up a measurement device to track the speed of the bar - pretty tech!

    Dagg cruised in a bit later on, he has far more of a strut going on than the other ABs I've seen. Had his 'phones on so I didn't get beyond the ol eyebrow raise!

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