Skipping workouts ( I mean workouts involving skipping, not skipping workouts )

  • I've done this on and off but in the last couple of weeks the emphasis has definitely been more on "on", ie going for a good old skip about 3 times a week. Gets the heart going and lungs bursting like nothing else. Keen readers of my forum will note I never miss a weights workout but I seriously need to up the cardio for a bit more balance and to try and get the guts looking a tiny bit closer to Barts. I occasionally cross the arms for shits and giggles but basically I try and rip through a set number without stopping as quickly as I can. I'm up to 400 in a row at a very rapid pace before collapsing in a heap. I don't have a rowing machine, hate running and swimming with a passion and I'm at the stage where walking doesn't benefit me enough....Does anyone reckon I'd get more benefit going slower for a bit longer or going hard out for a shorter period ( I personally favour the latter option cos I get bored easily and run less risk of the neighbours looking at me funny )

  • go to - they had a thing on skipping a while back - search the site you'll probably find it with their search thing...

  • Interval training is supposed to pretty effective at losing weight. You could get up to doing 20 double unders with the rope, and do some heavy weights in between in a xFit style workout and not have to plod through a 65% intensity long cardio session.

  • Yeah at the moment I am looking at the "400" sort of thing as alluded to above. It's not a gentle 400, it is going as quick and brutal as I can. Gets me rather wasted afterwards. Certainly not in the mood for heavy weights thats for sure. Pretty keen to get to 450, 500 etc, surely thats gotta help ?

  • It'll raise you metabolism which burns calories, but I'm sure Bart will tell you, if the target is to lose weight then what you eat is more important than what you do on the rower, especially for that distance.

    My downfall...

  • Yeah getting that bit sorted so all going well things should fall into place. Piss has been my major downfall but taking care of that pretty nicely if I do say so myself. I guess I want the muscles I've got to be a bit more visible, certainly not looking too far south of 95kg or anything silly like that !

  • mate just use google!

    Thats where I have been finding different exercises, like the BBThrusters (legs and shoulders still feeling it 2 days later) and on the side of that was an oldie - burpees, which TR Jnr does with me as well, 20 of those gets the heart rate going!

  • Yeah I like hearing pros and cons from real people, hard to sift through bullshit on the net sometimes.

  • Skipping eh....never really done much other than that piggin jump rope for heart shit at school.

    Alot of boxers etc do it so its gotta be good for the old fitness.

  • Can't go past the double unders and once you nail them it's pretty satisfying. the heavy deads for 10 reps and 10 DU's for 10 rounds for time - the "10x10x10" is a tough workout.

    What I like to do is something like

    25x two foot
    25x left foot only (ie hop)
    25x right foot only
    25x two foot

    Repeat 5 times for 500 skips. I do it at about 70-75% speed, so a good pace all throughout and the individual leg periods get the quads going.

  • The brutal ache in my calves convinces me that this is gonna turn into an addiction. After some careful practice I managed a few double unders ( ie two before your feet hit the ground ) doing a few of these in a row is my next goal. Seriously, even walking is aching a bit at the moment ! personally not sure on the 70-75% pace though ACT, might try later but I prefer to go quicker.

    Disappointing lack of sweat afterwards but the capital is cold and breezy at the moment.

  • Bastard, that took me months to get those.

  • Well if it's any consolation it was jump, swing, swing pause......then repeat the process. When I can do them smoothly then maybe you'll have more reason to be jealous !

  • Most I have consecutive is 30, literally only did them in two workouts and then my Achilles went "ping". So make sure you stretch your calves and warmup, it's pretty tough on your legs.

  • Yeah dude they sure are, makes me realise I am a bit of a typical guy in that I have a horrible habit of training the upper body fine but neglecting the pins too much.

  • Leaving the skipping for a few days, ankles and shins are aching a bit. I switched from the concrete to the lawn but despite the softer ground there is still a bit of an ache.

  • skipping is evil...!!

    MN - try ang get some big rubber matts - the conveyor belts they use at quarries is perfect, if you happen to know anyone in that trade,... Aska truck driver! Or alternativly, get a small sheet of flooring or ply or something, a bunch of those rubber type doormats, and then lay a floor - doormats and then flooring on top, should give you enough give to stop any damage!

    and skipping, EVIL!!! Did I already say that.

    and typical kiwi bloke eh, doing the beach muscles!

  • Lawn softer so todays workout was a great deal more effective. Blowing harder than than a two dollar whore after that !

  • I'm jumping on the those sorts of mats too, makes a big difference. Rope will last longer too.

    The other thing to do is get a one of those foam rollers and press your shins and calfs to loosen them up. I pretty much can't workout without doing that.

  • I hear ya Kirwan, have been getting a bit of cramp in the last week so I do need to be careful in my "advanced" years.

    I deal with it a shitload better than rigor though ( who also got mentioned in my last post )



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