Cool front squat technique using straps

  • I watch quite a bit of Elliot's material, he has heaps of vids on youtube and there is some great stuff there. Saw this posted today - a really cool workaround for lack of flexibility in wrists/upper back. Especially as this keeps your elbows high whereas a crossed arm stance doesn't.



    You should all be front squatting!! lol

  • Cool will watch this.

    Love my front squats but lack flexibility so have to do it arms crossed

  • And I do like his vids too. Looks easy. Have straps. Will try. Yo Elliot!

  • cool, will give that a crack!

  • Tried this out with my mate and another guy. The other dude kept trying to lift the weight using the straps - so that messed up his form. Definitely avoid that! You want a bit of tension so you are stretching your triceps but it's all about getting your elbows as high as possible. Especially at the bottom of the squat. If you are pushing your elbows up then your form should be pretty good.

    Let us know how you get on!

  • this one is pretty cool too



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