• Anyone know some good exercises to target the muscles around these?

    I did mine playing rugby a few moons back, and it has never quite been right since.

    Now and again (and doing certain exercises) it is uncomfortable, a little pain, but nothing major.

    I havent relly taken much notice, but as I said it is intermittant so wonder if when I do certain exercises it helps it meaning no discomfort, while others aggravate it (although not always)

  • Try this:

    1. A cup
    2. Some concrete
    3. Harden up

    On a serious note - what sort of recovery work did you do after the initial injury? Have you seen anyone since about it? Have you started any exercises that have aggravated it?

    Maybe you need some physio to realign it and give you some hands-on correction for your situation.

  • Fark it was ages ago! I stopped playing rugby, had physio, all the usual pussy stuff

    U/h pull ups dont seem to agree with it for some reason, so I wont be doing those anymore, but as I said, I hadnt taken a great deal of notice as it wasnt a major pain or discomfort, but last night doing u/h pull ups, was the worst I can recall in some time (but maybe something I did recently had slightly aggravated...) although it is fine today.

  • Slow rotational shit round the shoulder with pussy weights ( seriously 5kg dumbbells are pushing it ) that helps them strengthen and rehabilitate the joints.

  • Lay on your side. Have a light dumbbell in the upper arm. Keep your elbow pinned to your side and have your arm parallel to floor. Rotate your arm up/outward as far as you can. That's one rep! Can do the same thing standing like MN5 mentioned. Hard to tell how much to do though, they fatigue really quick. Good luck, having problems with stabiliser muscles sucks.

  • Hey Taniwah. I have been to hell and back with shoulder issues and the reality is that I will have to do certain excercises for the rest of my life.

    The key is to progress slowly and not overdo it. I overdid it for two years and it just got worse to a point of constant pain.

    (General: Don't do rotational standing up with weights all you are doing is working the bicep. Unless you do it with a cable, set up vertically, rotating externally. Don't start with anything that requires you to work above shoulder level. No pull-ups no shoulder press. )

    Start real simple:

    1. External rotation with cable. Super light, work to point of pain and stop. Do three sets. Point of pain should come earlier each time else increase the weight a little bit. If you don't have a cable, lie on your side with your head supported with the other hand. Shove a folded towel under your armpit else your arms collapses forward and you don't use the stabilisers.
    2. Can you get your hands on a theraband? There's bunch of excercises that really work well and you can do them at home. Tie a knot in the theraband that leaves about 60cm each side of the knot. Trap the knot in a doorway at chest height. Stand facing the doorway with your elbows at 45 degrees holding each end of the theraband with your hands in front of you at chest height like you are riding a motorbike. Rotate backwards until your hands are level with your shoulders.

    Do these two excercises every day for a week. In week two, add a third. Do the same with the theraband but turn around and face away from the door. Starting position is elbows at 45 degrees, hands at shoulder height, rotate forward (away from door) and back. As you feel stronger chnage the angle between your body and elbow until your elbow / arm is at 90 degrees i.e. horizontal.

    (If this is not making sense because of my pigeon English let me know and I can take a photo or two that will explain it

    Next step up is to take these excercises to the cable where they are harder.

    You keep building up. I'm doing a bunch of shit now that 3 months ago I could not handle. I bounce a medicine ball with my elbow at 90% against the wall until fatigue and all sorts of other crap like split pushups with a medicine ball which isolates one shoulder. The stupid looking stuff seems to work best.

    Another tip that applies to all of these exercises. Pull your shoulder blades lightly back and down but do not clench. Think of it as 20% effort. You're not straining. Just engaging.

    The key is patience.

    Hope it helps.

  • All makes sense...dont have a cable set up in my garage, but I happened to be looking at some of those bands on the weekend, so may need to go back.

    It feels normal again today anyway, but will still work on it to avoid any ongoing issues.

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