Flintoff - Bulimia

  • So he’s opened up about being bulimic.

    BBC documentary on it tonight. It’s very personal and he speaks to a lot of different people. Sufferers, parents, doctors etc. it’s once again, after a long period of very heavy criticism, the BBC at its absolute best.

    Makes you think and also question yourself. I challenge any middle aged bloke to watch it and not find something you relate to.

    And further proof that the UK print media is the most toxic thing in this country.

  • @MajorRage big of him to come out and discuss it

  • Always liked him, a bit overrated as a player but then again could rise to the occasion sometimes. Huge respect for having that pro boxing fight some years back too !

  • @MajorRage I watched and agree it was v good. I hope he decides to get treatment.

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