World Series Poker and other events

  • I put this in sport as it is an ESPN sport! 🙂

    I keep getting things appear on my facebook video follows. Man there are some good hands played and even better laydowns.

    Nothing better than seeing some mouthy tosser get beat though.

    Who plays? I like to play socially but in tournaments I find it hard to take it so seriously and end up boozing with a mate and sometimes make final table and sometimes not.

    I don't play online.

    Gambling is good!

  • I enjoy the WSOP on ESPN but haven't managed to see it more recently. It can become addictive to watch. The pros are fun to watch but so are the amateurs and celebrities in the tournament.

    I get together and play Texas hold 'em with a group of friends a few times a year.

  • I use to play a lot at uni with friends and online then played a bit in aussie for awhile then stopped and it got banned here anyway. There is one site you can play on but its a bit annoying with big minimum cash out limits like $1500.

    Played on a phone app PPPoker during lockdown with mates and used zoom to have beers and poker which was fun.

    Plan on one day bucket listing the WSOP. One of my friends did a $1500 event in Vegas and won $5k which was pretty cool.

    Check out Brad Owen on youtube his channel its pretty entertaining and a good little insight. His mate does a vlog to.

  • @Magpie_in_aus said in World Series Poker and other events:

    Plan on one day bucket listing the WSOP.

    alt text

    Worth it just to get a look at Kara Scott

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