2015/16 NBL Thread

  • For the very few of us who follow it (until it looks like the breakers might win again, then the numbers will grow...)
    just wanted to follow up this comment from ACTC
    I'm really wanting to support the Taipans, but a team that has both Worthington and Loughton, NO WAY. Happy for Starks though. Thought both he and Craig played awesome. Big fan of both Tragardh and Glindon also. Cam is an efficient offensive player and Glindon can play both ends. Loving the NBL this season. Have watched every game. The quality has gone up a few notches.

    Worthington i can understand, he's a fluffybunny (but now he's our fluffybunny. Which is strange as he was the most heckled player at any Cairns game) but what did Al do to get your ire?
    For Cairns it looks like last year was our window. Wilbekin was a big loss, Starks in no way replaces him, and also our older guys just aren't doing it this year (big Matty Burston aside). This brutal 5-game road trip has us behind the running, but that win in Adelaide on Saturday helped a lot. Looks like another year where away wins are gold. 
    Melbourne the runaway leaders. I fucking hate Chris Goulding. I can handle getting towelled up by a 6-foot-10 black guy, but a speccy-looking whit fluffybunny with a fluffy mo and a fucking headband? not so much. He's getting heaps of support too.
    Breakers are a different team now that Webster is back. Illawarra are tough to beat, and Penney is still racking up the points. Perth still around the top of the ladder, same as every year.

  • It was Loughton's time at the Wildcats. I think he was the most booed player during 07-08. He was niggly as. Don't mind the physicality but he was a cheap shot merchant.
    Agree on "CG43", can't stand him. I've got a few stories of his days at the Gold Coast.....
    Looking forward to Sunday's game Breakers and United. Could be a massive shootout between Goulding and Webster.

  • Oooh do tell

  • United are a tough team to defend. Their 3pt shooting ability is unreal. Last night even when the Kings made some stops and got a little run going, United go back to the bread and butter of a high pick with Kickett, Kickett does an upfake and finds a teammate for the corner 3. Kings scrambling but no where near for the close out.
    Holt is an excellent player.
    Good win to the Breakers without Mika against a good 36ers side. Good to see Webster go on a little burst. Jackson can't play D against good post players but he is effective on offence in being in the right spots to get the pass.
    With both teams winning it sets up nicely for Sunday.

  • The Breakers-36ers game was close until the 4th quarter.  Then Webster got hot and the 36ers couldn't buy a basket.  The big upside in this game was the performance of Charles Jackson.  Almost all of his points came from dunks but he was active in the paint, and didn't foul out.  When I saw him live in the preseason vs Sydney he looked tentative and soft.
    What about the elbow by Conklin on Martin?  That looked deliberate.  Tonight's rematch will be war.

  • What about the elbow by Conklin on Martin? That looked deliberate. Tonight's rematch will be war.

    I don't know. Conklin is all arms and legs in the way he plays normally whether it's under the basket or out on the perimeter.
    I watched it live and then replayed it a few times after I was surprised to hear some saying 6,8,10 weeks. To me Martin comes in right at the wrong time. Conklin overplays the foul and Martin gets when arms go flying.

  • Melbourne the runaway leaders. I fucking hate Chris Goulding. I can handle getting towelled up by a 6-foot-10 black guy, but a speccy-looking whit fluffybunny with a fluffy mo and a fucking headband? not so much. He's getting heaps of support too.

    Agree on "CG43", can't stand him. I've got a few stories of his days at the Gold Coast.....

    So how are you guys liking him right now???  Man the Breakers got screwed yesterday.  Was so gutted for them.

  • Avoided the Internet and the result yesterday as I didn't get to see until this morning. Man I was pretty upset at the end there. More gutted than when the ABs lose! Cedric Jackson made his views known post-game as well. Handled poorly by the refs.
    I do like what the United coach said after the match though.

  • Vindicated...... Refs stood down and rule changehttp://www.theage.com.au/sport/basketball/nbl-make-immediate-rule-change-stand-down-referees-after-disputed-finish-20151109-gkuq2d.html?skin=text-only

  • Vindicated...... Refs stood down and rule changehttp://www.theage.com.au/sport/basketball/nbl-make-immediate-rule-change-stand-down-referees-after-disputed-finish-20151109-gkuq2d.html?skin=text-onlyFuckers should give us some points. Those refs shouldn't even ref age group ball

  • Fine, but they still haven't addressed the fact that the foul was not a fcking foul in the first place - he doesn't even push off, his arm never extends, it's ludicrous. 
    It should have been a foul on Majok, plus a flopping call on Goulding.  That would have led to an instant ejectection for Goulding (because he's a dick) and 12 free throws for the Breakers.  Or something.

  • Flopping is bullshit and the doush should have been charged with a foul

  • Fuck your unbeaten record!

  • Good return match by the Breakers. C-Webb tearing it up for 39 points. Some of those shots with a hand in his face were sweet as. Some poor defence by United going under those screens on him at times.
    Loving the work of Charles Jackson. He's active and his offence is provided us much needed points with some of our injuries of late. Cedric on the hand is putting up some bricks from the outside and foul line. Still doing the business going to the basket though.
    United on a 3 game losing streak. That loss to the Crocs was awesome.
    Another close finish in the second game last night with it coming down to the last few seconds and Frater knocking down a foul shot to beat the Taipans by 1.
    Bit disappointed in Illawarra. They can score and Penny still has it, but they can't play D to save their lives.

  • Another close finish in the second game last night with it coming down to the last few seconds and Frater knocking down a foul shot to beat the Taipans by 1.

    The Taipans' last possession cost them this game with poor clock management.  The comp looks much more even this year.  As you say, the bottom team (Crocs) upset the top team (United) on the road.
    The Breakers are looking much better now.  Mika is back from injury and the recent wins have been without Wesley, who provides the offence for the second unit.

  • Matty Burston winds back the clock and it's still not enough to get us home. Gutting loss. That little shit from Perth made one shot all night night, and it was a bit 3 at the death. Fucker. At least Marks is starting to come good. 
    Crocs win on Friday was great stuff, they had that game won with 3 minutes to go, and then completely shat the bed, and it turned into a nail-biter, with Steindl's clutch free-throws getting them home.
    Melbourne are fucking lethal from 3 point range, but then have no inside game at all, and that's why they can be stopped, and have been stopped, firstly by us, then the Crocs' zone, and then the Breakers, who are starting to look ominous again.
    Good season this one, it's going to be a fight all the way in. Some records (mainly ours and Melbourne's) are distorted by their home/away split so far. The Taipans have only played 3 at home, the 2nd half of the season we are at home 9 games out of the last 14.

  • The first coaching change with Damian Cotter being fired by the Sydney Kings. 
    A big game for the Breakers this Wed.  Hopefully Wesley is back to provide some much needed inside presence.

  • Just reading the Crocs have sacked last seasons MVP Conklin. Ridiculous!!

  • The Breakers ran over Perth in the 4th Q to remain undefeated at home and win the important tiebreaker.  99-78.
    I'm warming to Charles Jackson.  I like his energy.

  • Just reading the Crocs have sacked last seasons MVP Conklin. Ridiculous!!

    And last night the Crocs came out and totally outplayed the Taipans. Jett must've got the memo that he could be next and pulled out his best performance of the season.

  • Did you watch it? It was embarrassing. We sucked, and the Crocs were good. Fat Milli Vanilli carved us up.
    Aaron Fearne fucking pisses me off. He's a shit game-day coach, and he's all about structure and process. Loves role players, and grinding, so in a free-scoring league like this year we are in trouble. We can't drag teams into a shit fight any more. So we have 2 imports who can score if allowed to play (as Craig shows regularly, and Marks showed at the start of the 2nd half last night) but they aren't allowed to. if they break from the structure, they get sat down. So we get situations like Friday night, in a shoot-out with Adelaide, at home, in a high scorer, it's tight in the 4th, and Shaun Bruce is fucking playing, while Craig and Starks watch from the bench.
    We got the Crocs last night after the sacking of an import, and tomorrow we have the Kings first game after sacking the coach. Awesome. 
    Season isn't dead yet though, as i said above, we've played 8 of our 14 away games aleady, and now go on a run of 4 home games and 1 away game until the new year. And then it's 1 away, and another 3 at home in a row. Need to make hay over the next 7 weeks

  • Yeah I watched it and Jett was extremely aggressive offensively in that first 5 minutes. First I've really seen him vocal demanding the ball.
    And to the Crocs credit, every time the Taipans made a mini run, they responded with a big shot/play.
    Feel sorry for the Kings coach. Unfortunately he has little say in who makes the team and whilst the Al Harrington brought publicity, it didn't mean they played any better. Watch out Childress will put 40 on your mob....

  • Melbourne came to town last night and shot the shit out of us. We'd been on a really good home run, smacking the shit teams, and beating the good ones. But our style is to drag teams in to a shit fight, and beat them with experience. It doesn't work when the other team catches and shoots, and drops 14 of 27 3-pointers. It was close until quarter time...
    I fucking hate Melbourne, specky white fluffybunnies. Fuck Goulding, and fuck Tomlinson.
    The Taipans are so shit this year. Tragardh and Loughton have fallen off a cliff form-wise, Weigh is out, Starks isn't good enough, Gliddon is a shadow of last year, Bruce is a battler who gets faaar too much game time. Thank fuck for Wortho who was massive in his 300th, and Tory Craig, who is genuinely one of the best players in the league. I'm sick of Aaron Fearne's game plan, rigid structure, and bullshit selection/rotation as well. As the league gets stronger, and more money coming in to it, the southern teams will leave us further and further behind.

  • It's a strange NBL season as no one team is really dominating.  Melbourne and Perth might be at the top but are both beatable.  I hate Perth more than Melbourne although Goulding is an annoying prick.
    The Breakers are in a funk and have a huge game tonight against the Hawks, who have owned them in the 2 previous games.  These back-to-back games vs Illawarra will define the Breakers' season.  Success in the play-offs might come down to the match-ups.  Lucky for Perth they won't have to meet the Crocs.

  • Perth don't seem to play well in Qld.
    Finals will all be pretty close, and i can still see Adelaide sneaking in to grab one of the 4 spots. 
    We're very gone, 2 road losses to the Kings who have only won 5 times all year are just killers. In fact our only win on the road was that one we pinched off Adelaide.

  • Yeah not a fan of Fearne's offensive structure. However Wortho tends to have a licence on offence and does a lot of stuff himself which doesn't help either (albeit he played well individually last night).
    United hasn't had a big 3 point shooting game for a while but last night were on fire. If they learn to consistently play D and start to rebound, they will be tough.
    We need to get out of this funk. Our lulls in games are costing us. We can always make a run, we have the best scoring guard in the league, we have a point guard who can get to the basket, but our front court guys other than Tai Wesley are very inconsistent. And man Te Rangi can't hit the side of a barn door. Opposition teams are giving him open 3's and he's lost all confidence. Time to step it up Rueben.

  • I was giving Te Rangi heaps up here on New Years, he went on this little run where all he did was foul, turn it over, or throw up terrible shots. Then he got sat down. I love having good seats at the basketball. 
    I think Fearne is scared of Wortho, as he's the only guy given leeway. I have seen guys score and get chewed out for getting out of the plan.

  • More of the same for the Breakers unfortunately.  That was an ugly 2 quarter.  I switched the TV off at HT.
    The Breakers need to solve their problems with the Hawks as Sunday's game is a must-win.  Making your shots and controlling the tempo would be a good start!

  • The Breakers found a way to lose to the Hawks.  If Vukona makes even one FT they win, and I can't believe they didn't intentionally foul at the end of regulation when up by 3.  Dumb play.
    I think the 36ers will overtake the Breakers as the 4th qualifier.  It will be a season of what ifs for the Breakers.

  • At least you didn't cop 3 absolute hidings in the space of 3 days from the same club. We're officially mathematically fucked now, so apparently the coach is playing development players. 
    Telling quote from Fearne, he was happy when we were disruptive, and now we're not. His entire philosophy in one line. Play to drag the opposition in to a shit fight. It's a scorers league now.

  • Oh, and Breakers fans, i would feel for you, but you've won what, three in a row? and 4 of the last 5? boo hoo.

  • The Breakers will have a new coach and CEO/General Manager next season.  Henare and Boucher's promotions are part of a succession plan according to the article below.

  • The Breakers look a shadow of their former selves, getting pumped by Townsville

  • Think they are in a rut

  • On paper they still look a good team but they are playing sloppy right now. Not sure if they've tuned Vickerman out, the timing of the announcement for new coach next season felt odd

  • The Crocs were supposedly the easier of these 2 games.  I can't see the Breakers beating M4L's mob either.

  • um, in case you haven't noticed, we're a bit shit at the moment (and by moment, i mean this season). We're certainly not going to win by blowing you away and scoring 85.

  • um, in case you haven't noticed, we're a bit shit at the moment (and by moment, i mean this season). We're certainly not going to win by blowing you away and scoring 85.The way we're playing it sounds like its going to be a cripple fight

  • Breakers are doing their best to choke their current game away. They are just not playing smart at the moment and their foul shooting is appalling

  • Another choking display by the Breakers.  Up 25 at the start of the 4th quarter needing to win by 15 to win the season tie breaker vs Adelaide, which could be crucial in deciding who  makes the playoffs, 4 minutes to go and they've pissed away most of it to lead by only 11 with 4 minutes to go.  Typical of their late season form

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