What is it about your first workout for a while?

  • OK, I'm still in a fair amount of discomfort two days after my workout. Its the legs mainly, and hardly surprising given the weight I put on them (see my thread).

    Now this has happened before and I know for a fact that if I went back to the gym today and did all the same sets at about 70% of weight, by tomorrow my legs would be fine.

    So workout freaks - WHY IS IT SO? The reason your muscles hurt after weights work is you're actually producing a multitude of tiny tears in the muscle, which is naturaly when placed under unnatural weight resistance. The theory is the muscle gets pissed off and when rebuilding will get bigger to prevent such tears happening next time, repeat ad lib.

    But why is it the first workout can be cured by a subsequent workout? Surely you're just tearing the little beggars even more?

  • I thought that was lactic acid building up in your muscles?

  • [quote name='Kirwan']
    I thought that was lactic acid building up in your muscles?

    You're mostly right.  You need oxeginated blood pumping through to get rid of the build up.  A light jog the next day etc usually helps.

    NTA is right too though about the little tears.

    Lactic acid build up smarts bigtime!!  I'm certainly not looking forard to saturday after Fridays squash game!

  • I have to go moderately hardout for squash, be my first bit of running since my shin problems. So it will be hard, but not a killer - hopefully

  • Right - I'll go with the lactic acid explanation as that makes sense, and might go do some squats and lunges to clear it out. Cheers.

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