Hawkes Bay Schoolboy Rugby

  • Thanks for that info, I'll try and make it along as it is only about a fifteen minute walk through the tunnel from the flat to the Well Coll fields and as I won't be able to do get out to out to Jerry Collins Stadium at Porirua Park have got to at least make a tangible effort to do my patriotic duty to support the Bay guys. Are the NBHS seconds taking on the Wellington College firsts, simply in the effort to make it a fair contest!!!!!!!!!

  • @Higgins Haha, no, NBHS 2nds are playing Wellington Coll 2nds. Wellington Coll firsts are probably going to be smashed by Palmy Boys in Porirua.

  • Some bloody awesome results this weekend!

    Tranzit Coachlines 1st XV Festival

    St Pat's Silverstream 24 - 31 Napier Boys HS
    St Pat's Town 22 - 33 Hastings Boys HS
    Scots College 50 - 0 Gisborne Boys HS
    Wellington College 12 - 33 Palmerston North Boys HS

    Wellington College 2nd XV 5 - 33 Napier Boys HS
    Wellington College U15 10 - 48 Napier Boys HS

    Central North Island

    St John's College (Hastings) 29 - 17 St John's College (Hamilton)

    Haven't seen the Feilding v Lindisfarne result, yet.

  • Feilding HS 34 - 7 Lindisfarne College

  • Other results for Central North Island

    Wesley Coll 31 - 28 Whanganui Coll
    St Peter’s Cambridge 41 - 7 Rathkeale Coll
    Francis Douglas MC 10 - 15 St Paul's

  • @Stargazer I was at the NBHs 2nd XV game and can confirm the score was more like 53 - 05 to NBHS than the 33 - 05 you recorded.
    In addition the Under 15s game was even more one sided but cannot confirm the actual score but suspect it was something in the 60s to NBHS and Wellington Coll something like 15. They (Wellington COllege) only scored three tries whilst I was paying attention to that game. It was a pleasant time watching complete and absolute carnage in my favour (even though my school attendance ended sometime around about the 1978 period but my uncle will be forever remembered and honouored in the school's history as one who sacrificed their life in World War 2 on the rememberance board in the School's Library so my feeling and attachment to NBHS will be forever more).
    In reality as a rugby supporter one must be concerned about the demise of Wellington College. Their 2nd team did not contain a singe player of pacific origin in the starting lineup and they only rolled on a couple of island boys in the second half. They were completely and utterly obliterated. Most of their players were skinny little palagi boys and they were on a hiding to nothing right from the start. My NBHS guys were the normal sort of guys you would expect from a provincial Nth Island State School but they were streets ahaed of Wellington College in absolutely everything. They looked well coached and the players knew when they had to pass and timed their passes to perfection in the backline. And the forwards knew instinctively when they had to one off run and when to pick and go and when to release the ball to the backs. They looked well coached and to be blunt my players looked to have rugby foresite and correctly knew what was the proper option all the time.

    Things took a quick turn to reality when I turned up to watch my club team get steamrolled by 50 shortly afterward. In defence to that we did have six players injured in the first 20 or so minutes which did not help. Still after watching HB turn Tasman over on Wednesday and NBHS do likewise on Saturday morning I am slightly on the positive side of the scoreboard for the weekend eventhoug St Pats Silverstream got within 8 points of NBHS in the First XV clash (my guys might have givne their bench players a run to ensure everyone has had plenty of game time some the start of the Super 8 season.

  • @Higgins These scores were posted on the Napier Boys' facebook page, so I assume they are correct.

  • @Stargazer No that score is definitely not correct . It was about that at halftime and was certainly over the fifty mark for NBHS. What cannot be disputed is that it was an absolute huge victory in NBHS favour.

  • Just found these ighlights from St John's Hastings v St John's Hamilton on Facebook. That centre, Max Ireland, looks ready to be poached (if that's still possible).

  • Tomorrow, Lindisfarne plays St Paul's Collegiate at home at 11.00am. St John's College plays their 2nd CNI away against Rathkeale College (12pm).

    Apparently, there's also a 2nd XV game between Hastings BHS and Napier BHS (at HBHS, 10.45am).

    Couldn't find 1st XV games for Hastings Boys and Napier Boys.

  • Results:

    Central North Island
    Lindisfarne 19 - St Paul's Coll 21
    Rathkeale Coll 15 - St John's (Hastings) 19

    Hastings BHS 2nd XV 27 - Napier BHS 2nd XV 19
    Napier BHS U15 63 - St John's 2nd XV 3

  • The other Central North Island results:
    St John’s Hamilton 14 - Whanganui Collegiate 59
    St Peter’s Cambridge 17 - Wesley 17
    Fielding 22 - Francis Douglas 25

    One Super 8 game from round 5 (the competition officially starts next week):
    Gisborne 25 - Palmerston North 32

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  • @Stargazer Sorry, I thought it was. I'll cut and paste it into the correct thread when I find it!

  • @Higgins I've included the link in my previous post.

  • Played on Thursday, 30 May:

    Hastings Boys 1st XV 70 - Lindisfarne 1st XV 3

    Played on Friday, 31 May:

    Napier Boys 1st XV 64 - NOBM Colts 0

  • Ahhh that reminds me more of the hbhs Lindisfarne battles of my day...

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  • @Duluth Is it possible for the mods to change the name of this thread to "Hawke's Bay Schoolboy Rugby"? To take away the confusion with the general 2019 School Rugby thread?

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