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  • Only just stumbled across this forum myself...

    I started training about 5 weeks ago.
    Height: 1.85
    Start Weight was 95.5 Kilos
    Fat ratio: 24.6%
    Goal Weight: None
    Ultimate Goal: stomach not to hang over belt, see feet again

    I've been doing weight training 3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week but probably havent been resting as much as i should (think ive had 3 rest days since i started with today being my fourth)

    My diet consists of

    Brekkie: Porridge, banana and yoghurt
    Am snack: banana, apple, orange, cheese
    Lunch: a ham, salad, humus sandwich with as much content as it can hold
    Pm snack: banana, apple, orange, cheese
    Pre Weights Workout Snack: Either a granola bar or helping of trail mix
    Pre Cardio Workout Snack: Either a granola bar or helping of trail mix
    Post Weights Workout Snack: Chicken Breast or cottage cheese and orange juice
    Post Cardio Workout Snack: Fruit
    Dinner: Half what i used to have cause I've usually just eaten my post workout snack
    Dessert: cuppa tea and some low fat digestive chocolate cookies (my daily reward)

    Cardio workout is currently 3 miles, 4 miles, then a long run or cycle in the w/e... last w/e i did a 10k run, this weekend i did cycled from tower hill to wimbledon and back again. My cardio workouts seem to be going fine although i was getting sore arches from my shoes... i bought some nike air shox which gave me blisters and subsequently had to buy more new shoes... i went to a specialist running store where they look at your feet, recommend some shoes, then get you on the treadmill and analyse your running style via video playback. ive get the flattest widest feet you ever saw so they recommended some Beasts (phwooooar!!)

    my weights workout is : triceps/chest, biceps/back, legs with abs on all 3 days. i thought the abs frequency was a bit much but they've started sticking out under the fat so thats re-assuring.

    So far I've managed to drop to 88.8 kilos although i think i need to drop the frequency of my workouts before i hurt myself...

  • biceps & back last night, managed to rack all my weights up a notch and felt much stronger than in the past
    best workout ive had so far on the bis/back, had an abundance of energy and intensity... dont know if it was the timing of my pre-workout snack (90 mins before) or australias win in the wc that gave me that extra spark
    tried using visualization to help and fark me it really did, v surprising. it feels kinda silly, but cant knock it.
    ate lotsa pork and chicken when i got home and a huge chicken & tofu salad for dinner.
    tonights cardio night, will take it easy though as saturdays 20 miler took it outta me... will try for 4 miles in under 30 mins tonite, cant see me doing it but want to try some new techniques ive learnt to see how far i can push myself... at my current rate of fitness, i should only last 10 mins so any further will be a bonus

  • well i got held back at work, got home, no clean clothes, got into some sweaty gym gear (ugh), headed out , got half way to the gym, realised id forgotten my pass, went back, then realised the bud off the end of my headphones was missing, spent 10 mins trying to find it to no avail, left in a bad mood, got to the gym only to find it shut due to flooding.

    perhaps im sposed to be fat.

  • [quote name='phoenetia']
    well i got held back at work, got home, no clean clothes, got into some sweaty gym gear (ugh), headed out , got half way to the gym, realised id forgotten my pass, went back, then realised the bud off the end of my headphones was missing, spent 10 mins trying to find it to no avail, left in a bad mood, got to the gym only to find it shut due to flooding.

    perhaps im sposed to be fat.

    Too many signs there, but good on ya for pushing on through them.  I know everyday at the end of work I look at my gym bag beside my desk and desperately try to think of reasons as to why I can't go!

    Since I started the rowing thing though, those times are becoming less and less frequent!  Even slipped in a gym session whilst all the boys headed to the pub for an early start for the Oz/Japan footy!

  • well just got back from holidays... went for a re-assessment yday, the trainer is was very surprised with my progress. been given more challenging exercises to do (actually, some of them are stock standard but ive been shown how to do them properly).

    after 2.5 weeks holidaying, Ive managed to stay at the same weight... did about 5 exercise sessions during that time and lots of swimming and walking... however, I also ate lots of pasta and desserts... happy to be where i left off !

  • went for a run yesterday, got blisters (after having bought a new pair of trainers from a specialist) and my quads are aching...
    so no gym tonite, up early to watch the abs cane the aussies and then to use my new found enthusiasm to do some weights...

  • ahh, I hear you about those aching quads.  That probably the worst thing about running for the first time in ages.  Must remember to go for a few jogs before touch starts this season, otherwise just walking becomes a challenge the next day!!

  • true dat - legs are still aching now but have decided just to grin and bear it

    after the game yday, hit the gym and did triceps and back... however the kiwis in the pub insisted that i drink beer whilst watching the game so wasnt the best workout...
    went out last night, drank magners all night though so barely a hangover .

    today, gym was shut so went for a 5 mile run at v slow pace round the thames... nice day for a run, no one around, prolly all watching wimbledon and getting ready for the wc.

  • monday did legs which still farking ache
    tuesday, biceps and chest
    today, triceps and back

    get to pick up my new bike tomorrow so should hopefully be cycling round london for cardio tmw night wooohooo

  • yday got my new bike and cycled for an hour
    today, biceps and chest

  • triceps and chest on friday
    saturday rode to wimbledon to watch the rugby, then rode back (approx 10 miles each way)
    sunday biceps and back and long walk up the thames with the missus
    monday went for a run yesterday, 30 mins jogging at medium pace, then 30 minutes interval training...
    day off today, the legs are buggered

  • wednesday was  biceps and chest day
    thursday ran 5.5 km in 30mins then 3kms on the rower in 15mins
    friday triceps and back day
    today, watched the rugby then ran 7.5km in 50 mins and cycled for 30mins.

    i was having issues with blisters on my arches ... i bought a new pair of trainers that felt awesome, got horrible blisters... went to a running specialist, another pair of shoes, more blisters...

    then i tried using wrights double layer socks... no more blisters !! i was getting them after 20 mins running, now i can run 50 and my arches are fine...

  • sunday, did biceps and chest, then rode to clapham, played touch and rode back
    monday i had a day off
    tuesday - triceps/back
    wednesday - ran for 30 minutes and was pooped, did 10 mins/2kms on the rower
    thursday, biceps and chest again
    friday - ran 7.5 km in 45 minutes, then hit the bike for 10mins...

    weighed in this morning at 85.1 which is cool although im not really looking to lose weight...

    oh and i started doing shakes and such over the last couple of weeks... these seem to be helping a hell of a lot...
    anyone looking for some advice, check this out :


  • saturday - squeezed in a back & triceps work out before the game
    afterwards, cycled to london bridge and back, then up to angel and back

    sunday - cycled to greenwich, back to tower bridge, then over to paddington via hyde park / victoria... approx 23 miles

  • Monday - back and tris
    Tuesday - ran 10km in under an hour which has been a short term goal of mine in my longer term goal of eventually running a marathon in under 4 hours
    Took wednesday off as have got the whanau in town, thursday i was lured to the pub after work
    Today im spending the day with the family again but hope to do some weights by the end of the day

  • Friday - back and tris
    Saturday - 5km run in 35mins and 10 mins at 156bpm on the bike
    Sunday - chest and biceps
    Today - 6km run in 40 mins

    body has been feeling a bit weary the last few days but think its just getting over the 10km run from tuesday still... thought i had the long run pain licked but guess not. anyhoo, the weight sessions in general had started to get a bit boring so i started upping the weights even though i had been struggling to complete the ones i was on... and strangely enough, i managed to complete nearly all of them so feeling v good bout it.

    chest workout on sunday was prolly best ive ever had, think it was cause i spent a lot of time perfecting the technique of each exercise before kicking into it. am feeling the burn all across my chest / biceps / shoulders/ forearms & it feels damn good !

  • Tuesday - Back / Tris / Abs
    Wednesday - ran 7km in 45 mins
    THursday - chest/biceps/abs
    Friday - ran 6km in 40 mins, 10 mins on cycle at 131 hbm

    Have found my heart rate is alot lower now when i run ... typically i do my runs at 9kph but doing this i find after 40 minutes my hr is hitting only 145 (tends to stay round 130 for first 20-25 then slowly climbs to 145)... ideally im sposed to be training at 156 but i've decided to stick to lower hr/fat burning with perhaps one run a week at target hr.

    watched pumping iron on wednesday - farking wow... really helped me to see how much intensity is required to get proper cut. my thursday workout, i upped my incline dumbbell flys/curls/uprights/cableflys and strangely enough still managed to finish 10 reps of each...

    also bought the encyclopedia of body building by arnie... fantastic book - although i have no inclination to get to that size, the principles are the same. arnie goes into lots of detail on each body part, what exercises will get you definition/seperation/bulk and exactly how they should be performed with photos. best book on weights ive bought yet (or as good as Strength Training Anatomy only with more content) .  Every second page has a picture of some bodybuilder pulling a "biggest shit of my life" face - really cements in how intensity is so important.

  • saturday - back/tris/abs
    sunday - ran 7km in 45 mins, then did lower abs workout - first time ive done sets specifically to hit lower abs / obliques, farking hurt afterwards but i cud all of a sudden feel muscles in my abs that i cudnt before and i swear i cud see some new definition in my midsection

    monday - bis/chest/abs - felt a bit flat going into this work out, wasnt the best but i perservered
    tuesday - didnt have any intention of doing anything to strenuous, then the fittest bird in the gym took up the machine next to me so i upped my speed rate...
    ran 8km in 44.30 mins, my best time for 8km so far... i cud prolly have gone on to do 10kms but could feel blisters starting to form so decided to call it quits

  • wednesday - did back/tris/abs, average work out
    thursday - rested, legs were killing me after tuesdays run
    today - chest/biceps/abs - average again

    havent had v much luck with my workouts this week, ive changed my diet a bit this week so im not eating too many carbs at night and im not eating a shitload of carbs during the day either... most my carbs come from brekkie & lunch, and i still  have a couple of bananas during the day but previously i was eating 2 apples / 2 bananas / 2 oranges a day... now im eating bananas and nuts...  i'll persevere a bit longer, then consider switching back to just fruits. i still have the same pre workout snack (banana and some orange juice), however after my first set of any given exercise i just go completely flat.

  • saturday - rowing for 30 mins followed by 15 mins on x trainer, then lower ab workout
    sunday - back / triceps / abs
    monday - rowing for 30 mins followed by 15 mins cycling
    tuesday - chest / biceps/ abs
    wednesday - rowing for 15 mins, cycling for 15, stepper for 15 then lower ab workout
    thursday - back / triceps / abs

    have decided to do morning workouts and if possible, squeeze in cardio after work... will see how i go...

  • Thursday Pm - Rowing for 20 minutes, cycling for 20 minutes, lower abs
    Friday - chest, biceps, shoulders, abs

    THink i'll take the day off today, had a few drinks last night and havent had a break for over a week.

  • Sunday - Cycled for 30 miles
    Monday -  back triceps abs
    Tuesday chest biceps abs
    Wednesday back triceps abs
    THursday chest biceps abs
    Friday - back, triceps, abs

    am benching 100 kg now
    morning work outs are going well
    have decided to lay off the cardio as am now 83kg dont want to lose much more weight

  • went for a sports massage on saturday, feel great now
    sunday - chest/biceps/shoulders/abs
    monday - back/triceps/abs

    went for an assessment at the gym - weighed in at 83kg, 17.8% fat... v surprised that ive dropped from 25% to 17.8 in 4 months... i reckon the measurement is wrong...

    the gym dudes shown me some new excercises and am now doing strength training... so mostly 4 sets of 6 reps... did my first one today, feel a bit sorer than usual but guess thats a good sign.

  • tuesday - new chest / biceps /shoulders / abs routine
    wednesday - legs and abs
    thursday back tris and abs
    friday chest bis and abs
    saturday back tris and abs

    new routine is going well, feels good to be lifting heavier weights. have noticed i am actually a bit stronger than i thought i was and my weights are being raised quite considerably...

    also can do close grip pull ups unassisted (finally !!) ...

  • shit, been a few weeks since i posted in here...

    anyway, still hard at the routine, taking 1 day off a week

    have reintroduced cardio albeit at a v slow rate (124 bpm) to stay in fat burning zone...

    have gained a bit of weight, dont feel any fatter so hopefully its muscle.

  • almost been a month since my last post but still been at it at the gym

    have changed my routine so weekends tuesdays & thursdays are weights, running all the other days with one day off a week depending on what i have on the calendar.

    am weighing in at 83kg, am trying to build muscle but not doing very well... i am definitely more defined and still burning fat but my arms dont seem to be responding anymore... my backs coming long nicely though, can actually flex the lats/traps properly now...

  • there is no real short cut to building muscle.  If you want to build, lift heavy weights, and i don't mean heavy curls!!

    Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat, all compound exercises that use multiple muscle groups.  Then throw in the curls and dips and what have you for your arms...

    Reason to do the Deadlift and Squats, as well as adding strenth overall, by using the bg muscle groups you stimulate muscle group all over your body, not just the ones in the area you are working.

  • hear that braah

    ive been meaning to get into deadlifts, havent been there yet though.

    ive been going hard on the bench press a while lately but have revisited my form and found me lacking in technique... a quick readjustment and the burns i wasnt getting have come back.

    had a really good run today, 8km in 50 minutes and heart rate didnt hit 140bpm for 43 mins... my heart rate was down to 99 after a 5 min cooldown which is great for me... when i first started running, id be farked for 15 mins...

  • still going hard

    have changed my routine again
    am looking to drop running for boxing style training (got bored with the running)
    got my a pair of everlast 16oz gloves, straps, looking forward to slugging it out on the punching bag/speed ball, doing some skipping etc.

    leg workouts going well, am smashing all my previous bests atm
    bit flat on the back workouts, need to mix it up a bit i think
    chest/arms going well

    weight been around 84kgs for last month or two
    im definitely toning up but not losing weight which is fine with me.

  • been a while since last post
    plateaued and didnt seem to be making any progress
    so have mixed up routine now

    am doing boxing training instead of cardio and taking more time off (2 days a week), starting to see good results and a new vigour in the gym... loving the boxing, great fun...

    my rowing was shithouse but can now do 2km in 7:30 (3 months ago i couldnt break 9 mins)... feel like i can improve a hell of a lot more too...

  • wow been 4 months since my last entry ... still at it, more maintenance now though
    went up a cup size while in tanzania, should drop off quite easily though.

  • hit a bit of a rut, wasnt getting anywhere and then dropped all red meat out of my diet, stopped drinking and limited my calorie intake... have dropped some flab round the gut which is good.
    still going strong at the gym, must say this is my longest consistent gym attendance in my life. feeling good for it too.
    cant say im getting significantly stronger, but ive toned up quite nicely and the guns are certainly bigger than they have ever been.

  • wow its been a year since i posted in here...

    i still go nearly every day, only 1 scheduled day off a week.

    i spent 2 months doing 4 sets of 12 reps for most of my exercises, am now back to pushing heavier weights and doing 5 sets of 6-7 reps.
    spent a couple of months supersetting basic with isolation exercises too which completely fucks ya but gives u one hell of a burn.
    been back on the booze wagon lately though and probably need to cut my diet down but fk it, im enjoying myself.
    am off to the oktoberfest next week, and then off to New England - when i get back from the states, im gonna go hard at the gym and strip the diet right down.
    i'll need to after all the beer / pork knuckles / chicken / clam chowder I'll be consuming.

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