Sevens on TV in Oz

  • Has anyone worked out exactly how to know when (and which) Sevens games will be aired on Ch7 FTE in Australia?
    I assume we'll see the Oz games, and the medal games. I'd probably quite like to watch some of the others too though. Even some of the ones without Australia (I know, outrageous).
    From this, it looks like Womens Sevens starts Sunday 7 Aug ~2AM (Aust time), Quarters Monday 8 Aug 6AM, and semis/final Tues 10 Aug (3.30AM/8AM).
    Mens starts Wed 10 August ~12AM , Quarters Thurs 11 Aug ~6AM, and semis/final Friday 12 August (3.30AM/8AM).
    Alternatives to Ch7 gladly received. I'd even pay as long as it doesn't require a year's subscription to the Rupert Network.

  • Think you can pick up a Foxtel GO pack for $50 month by month.
    I've been told all the sevens games will be shown live by 7. But fuck knows...

  • You can pay to watch online, on 7's Olympics website. Think it's $20, and you get every event. There's like 33 channels or something.
    Foxtel don't have any of it.

  • Foxtel's cheapest option is $51/month for six months. $300 - nah.
    The Seven app's $20 deal sounds ok as long as it lets you play all games both live and replay.

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