Waikato v Tasman

  • Tasman

    1 Tim Perry
    2 Andrew Makalio
    3 Kane Hames
    4 Alex Ainley ( C )
    5 Quinten Strange
    6 Ethan Blackadder
    7 Vernon Fredericks
    8 Jordan Taufua
    9 Billy Guyton
    10 Mitchell Hunt
    11 James Lowe
    12 David Havili
    13 Alex Nankivell
    14 Tima Faingaanuku
    15 Will Jordan

    16 Ti’i Paulo
    17 Tom Hill
    18 Isaac Salmon
    19 Shannon Frizell
    20 Pete Samu
    21 Finlay Christie
    22 Tim O’Malley
    23 Levi Aumua

  • Better team than last week.

    I think that's the strongest back division that we can field.

    Forwards are OK, but Halanukonuka is a serious loss - the reserve props struggle at this level and Hames is a rookie tighthead. Things should be helped by Makalio being back and Paulo dropping to the bench

    Some forward cavalry on the bench with Samu, especially, and Frizell.

  • Liking the tab odds on a Tasman win

  • @SammyC Waikato haven't quite been Hawkes Bay, but if Leon's tactics incorporate some sort of 1080 equivalent, then there's definitely hope this week! πŸ™‚

  • The Waikato team has been named:

    1. Loni Uhila (Hamilton Marist)

    2. Hame Faiva (University)

    3. Sefo Kautai (Hamilton Marist)

    4. Jacob Skeen (University)

    5. James Tucker (Hamilton Marist)

    6. Luke Jacobson (Hautapu)

    7. Mitch Jacobson (Hautapu)

    8. Jordan Manihera (Hamilton Old Boys)

    9. Tawera Kerr-Barlow (Hautapu)

    10. Sam Christie (Fraser Tech)

    11. Tyler Campbell (University)

    12. Dwayne Sweeney – Captain (Morrinsville Sports)

    13. Sevu Reece (Hamilton Old Boys)

    14. Iliesa Ratuva Tavuyara (Hamilton Old Boys)

    15. Zac Guildford (Hamilton Old Boys)

    16. Samisoni Taukeiaho (Fraser Tech)

    17. Latu Talakai (Fraser Tech)

    18. Duke Nginingini (Melville)

    19. Leva Fifita (Hamilton Old Boys)

    20. Adam Burn (Hamilton Old Boys)

    21. Pele Cowley (Hamilton Old Boys)

    22. Matty Lansdown (Fraser Tech)

    23. DJ Collier (Otorohanga)

  • Another tiny crowd. Bit of a theme of this year's competition.

  • Guildford still got wheels. Great team try from Uhila.

  • That was poor defence from Waikato.

  • Wtf is up with those monologues from the female reporter during the game?

  • Sam Christie is a bit shit.

  • Was just about to write how disappointing James Lowe has been during this game and then he gets a yellow for being a dick. Well, officially it was for a deliberate knock-down, but he's been annoying all game.

  • That yellow has been very costly. Two tries.

  • Good finish.

    Sevu Reece outstanding for Waikato. Will Jordan very classy for Tasman.

  • And ... it almost cost Tasman the game.

    Great game from Guildford; Reece also among Waikato's best, TKB had a good run, too. Taufua very good for Tasman, with Jordan and Havili also among their better players today.

  • Tasman survive some suicidal impulses.

    Well in control and then they decide to run the subs bench and pull Taufua and Havili.

    Yellow card for Lowe. Hunt knocks a ball on in the backfield, then kicks it out on the full. And with 30 seconds left they decide to run some elaborate crashball play - turn it over and let Waikato go upfield for three minutes to score...

    Luckily the Waikato kicker sprays it and we sneak home.

    Crucial points!!!

  • @Chris-B. Also lucky that the ginga got away with putting the kicker off by charging the conversion early πŸ˜‰

    Was a fun game to watch for a neutral.

  • @Nepia Pah - if you're going to have a foot tap as part of your routine you'd better get on with the rest of it. πŸ™‚

  • @Chris-B. pretty annoying that the entire crowd knows you're not allowed to charge again if you've been pulled up on it but the ref doesn't.

  • @WillieTheWaiter For you guys! πŸ™‚

    I take your point, but the ref seemed to think the Tasman guys had a point that the kicker had moved his foot and hence started his approach. Might have been a bit lucky to be allowed to take the kick again.

    I was just watching the flags!

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