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    @sammyc sumner really. Why do you think that. I’ve always had great dealings with sumner. I think what they do is fantastic. They have no feeder schools yet seem to have a competitive team most years. Only a burnside man would say that. What club are you.

    Sydenham mate.... my comment about sumner mainly relates to their bogan fans. They cheer every mistake from the opposition with so much vigour and never acknowledge good play.

    And they stack their first team with imports, and don’t field a div 2 side.

    What are the rules around having a Div 1 side and not fielding a Div 2 side? It must be ok but doesn't make a lot of sense. I thought there was another club who wasnt able to do the same thing though??

  • @shark they only defaulted twice. They had a horrendous run of injuries. They just don’t have the depth of other clubs. Hence why they recruit players from elsewhere. But their “full of imports “people say. Aren’t kiwis the best rugby players in the world. So why would you care if they had player from inferior countries like Japan and England. I don’t get it. Is it sustainable, I don’t think so. They’ve been in div 1 for 8 years though and seem to be getting stronger. Lincoln were the worst team 8 years ago and look at them now.

  • The Lincoln Uni dynasty could last forever. Don't know if it's great for club rugby with everyone else playing for second, but Canterbury won't do anything about it as long as LU operates as a second academy.

  • @shark I’ll call it now , they won’t win it next year. I believe Brett Cameron , ere enari will be super rugby and won’t play much. Connor garden bachop, Sam Gilbert and Cullen grace will potentially be nz20s and miss half of the season. Jack Stratton is gone. Rameka Poihipi is out with ACL rehab. Ngane punivai could be super rugby and John Borland has gone to Spain. Not much in their colts this year either. Their coaches haven’t signed up for next year either. Without Cameron and Poihipi there is no 1st 5 of any quality. Sydenham for me , unless they choke again.

  • @chchfanatic Won't they just go out and scholarship their way to acquiring another championship winning squad?

  • @chchfanatic What about the mighty New Brighton haha. Surely they can't keep being LUs bridesmaids hahah

  • @higgins can’t scholarship ready made div 1 players.

  • @african-monkey surely that was azza’s last year. This year showed the depth isn’t there at Brighton when you get a few injuries. Case in point the 60-70 point loss to sumner

  • @chchfanatic Haha I'm suprised they got so far from what I saw of them this year with their non-existant set piece and an average backline. Super rugby callups have hurt their set piece to be fair, and yes I'm sure he'll go around another year. They still have Brett Mather there with Marcel Cummings-Toone and Tupuailei making the odd appearances haha which proves your point on lack of depth.

  • Good read here on English sides sending their youngsters down here for a year to experience NZ rugby.

  • @trooa sumner has had a great relationship with Saracens. Pretty sure Justin Marshall set it up. Had the likes of James short , Sam Stanley , Nathan Earle , Zach kiribridge and quite a few others come down.

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